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G g Caledonia Ed., fr. Cathcart rd. to Crown st. 12.
Do., from east side of Crown st. to Rutherglen
road. 11.
Fg Callander Place, Cathcart rd., Govanhill. 12.
H e Calton Entry, f. Gallowgate to New st. Calt. 4.
H e Calton Mouth, f. Gallowg. to King st., Calt. 4.
F c Cambridge Lane, f. Cambridge st. to Cowcad. 7.
F c Cambridge Street, off Sauchiehall street 7.
F f Camden St.,f. Cumberl'd. st. to Caledonia rd. 11.
E d Cameron's Court, 126 Main st., Anderston. 10.
E d Cameron's Place, 27 North street. 10.
E b Cameron Street, off Well road. 9.
Camlachie, east end of Gallowgate, Parkhead. 2.
G e Campbell's Court, 40 Candleriggs. 5.
F c Campbell's Place, corner of Maitland street and
Stewart street. 8.
F d Campbell St. (W.), Argyle st. to Sauchie. st. 7.
G e Campbell St. (East), f. Gallowg. to Grseme st. 5.
i" e Campbellfield Street, off Gallowgate. 2.
Camperdown Street, off Garscube road. 9.
Ef Camphill Avenue, Langside.
Campside Terrace, Millbrae rd., Langside. 17.
G c Canal Basin, Port Dundas. 8.
F c Canal Street, f. Dobbie's loan to Canal bank. 6.
Ef Canal Street, off Eglinton street. 13.
G e Candleriggs, from Trongate to Ingram street.
East side, 5 ; west side, 7.
G e Candleriggs Court, 63 Candleriggs. 7.
G d Canning Place, off 85 and 91 Stirling road. 6.
Hf Canning St. f. G. Hamilton st. to Bridgeton cr. 4.
E d Canning St., f. Nth. st., And., to School wyud. 10.
G e Canon Street, f. Candleriggs to N. Albion st. 5.
E d Canonbury Ter., 74 to 94 Hill st., Garneth. 9.
Caprera Place, Paisley Road. 14.
F a Carbeth St. , f. Lennox st. to Bardowie st., Possil. 18
F h Carfin Street, Govanhill, off Cathcart road ; east
side, 11 ; west, 12.
G b Carlisle Street, Keppochhill. 8.
F e Carlton Court, f. Bridge st. to S. Portland st. 12.
F e Carlton PI., fr. Nicholson st. to Bridge st. 12.
D b Carlton Terrace, Kelvinside, north. 16.
H a Carlyle PI., end of Sprinburn rd., Springburn.
H a Carlyle Street, Springburn. 9.
B e Carmichael Street, off Govan road, Govan. 15.
E c Carnarvon Street, off St. George's road. 9.
Carntyne Place, Great Eastern road. 2.
he Carntyne Rd. (Lower). East end of Duke st. 2.
E e Carrick Street, f. Argyle st. to Broomielaw. 7.
Carrickarden Street, off Raeberry street.
E c Carrington Street, Great Western road. 9.
CarswelPs Court, 26 George street. 5.
Cartcraig's Street, Pollokshaws.
II d Castle Street, from Kirk st. to Springburn rd.
East side of do. 3 ; West side of do., fr. Kirk
st. to Mason st. 5 ; West side do., f. Mason
street to Springburn road. 6.
Castle Street, Rutherglen.
B c Castlebank Street, Partick. 16.
Castlemilk, near Rutherglen.
F f Castlemilk Place, 136 Hospital street. 12.
Castlemilk PL, 335 Dumbarton rd., Partk. 16.
G e Castlepen's Closes, 136 and 148 High street. 5.
F g Cathcart Road (South), fr. head of Crown st. to
County bound. East side, 11; west side, 12.
Cathcart Road, Rutherglen.
F d Cathcart PL, f. Buchanan st. to Sauchieh. st. 7.
Cathcart Street (South), f. Pollokshaws rd. to
Crown street. 12.
I i Cathcart Street, off Main Street, Rutherglen.
E f Cathcart St., f. Houston st. to Scotland St. 14.
F d Cathedral Street, fr. Buchanan st. to Stirling
road ; North side, 6 ; South side, 7.
E d Catherine La., f. Richard st. to Bothwellst. 10.
G d Catherine Lane, f. Rottenrow to Stirling rd. 5.
E d Catherine Place, off Catherine street, And. 10.
Catherine PL, Montgomerie st., Kelvinside. 16.
G d Catherine Street, off Parliamentary road. 6.
Hf Catherine Street, Tobago street, Calton. 4.
E d Catherine St., Cranston st. to Stobcross st. 10.
Cathkin Terrace, Mount Florida.
H e Cattle Market, Graham square, Duke st. 3.
F f Cavendish Place, off Cavendish street. 12.
Ff Cavendish St., from Pollokshaws rd. to Eglinton
street. 12.
Cf Cecil Place, Paisley road. 15.
Cecil Street, Hillhead. 16.
Cf Cecil Street, south side Paisley rd. west of Park-
house toll bar. 15.
E c Cedar Place, off Cedar street. 8.
E c Cedar St., fr. St. George's rd. to Garscube rd
East side, 8 ; west side, 9.
Ff Centre Street, from Clyde pi. to Cook st. 13.
H d Centre Street, Springburn. 6.
C e Cessnock Road, off Govan road. 15.
Cf Cessnock Street, Paisley road, Govan. 15.
H e Chalmers Street, Claythorn street. 4.
Ff Chapel Close, 85 Main street, Gorbals. 12.
Chapel Street and Terrace, Parkhead. 2.
li Chapel Street, Main street, Rutherglen.
E d Charing Cross, Sauchiehall st., west from North
street. 9.
Jlf Charles Street, from Orr st. to Summer st. 2.
// c Charles Street, off Castle street, St. Rollox. 3.
Hf Charlie's Close, 163 Canning street. 4.
G e Charlotte Lane, from So. St. Mungo st. to St
Andrew's lane. 5.
Ff Charlotte Place, off Bedford street. 12.
G e Charlotte St., f. Gallowgate to Low Green st. 5.
Fc fharlotte St., Port Dundas, fr. Dobbie's loan to
Canal bank. 6.
G d Chatham Place, off Stirling road. 6.
I e Chatworth Place, 49 to 55 Whitevale street. 2.
E e Cheapside St., from Stobcross st. to Anderston
quay. 10.
B b Chelmsford Terrace, Dowanhill. 16.
D d Chesham Place, Claremont st. and Kent rd. 9.
Church Place, off Garscube road. 8.
E e Church Place, 68 Main street, Anderston. 10.
C c Church St., from Dumbarton rd. to Byar's road,
Partick. 16.
Church Street, Maryhill. 18.
H d Circus Drive, fr. Ark lane to Craigpark st. 8.
G e City Buildings, 49 Ingram street. 7.
G e City Hall, 90 Candleriggs. 5.
G d Clanricarde Place, corner of Hopetoun pi. and
Stirling road. 5.
D d Claremont Gardens, fr. India st. to Clifton st. 9.
D d Claremont St., f. Royal ter. to Dumbarton rd. 9.
D d Claremont Ter., west end of Woodside ter. 9.
D c Claremont Terrace Lane, off India st, W. 9.
F d Clarence Place, Sauchiehall st. and Mains st. 7.
Ef Clarence St., f. Gloucester st. to Morrison st. 13.
E c Clarendon Place, Great Western road. 9.
E c Clarendon St., New City rd. to Windsor ter. 9.
Cc Clarendon St., fr. Hyndland st. to Victoria St.,
Partick. 16.
Clarinda Terrace, Prince's street, Pollokshields.
Clark's Buildings, 167 Upper Main street. 12

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