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C c Athole Gardens, Roxburgh St., Kelvinside. 16. F h
E d Athole Place, 179 Bath street. 7.
Athole Ter., Victoria rd., Crossbill, Nos. 1 & 2.
13. Remainder. 17.
II b Auehentoshan Terrace, 194 Springburn road. 3. F f
H a Avenue Road, off 534 Springburn road.
If Avenue St., f. Fordneuk st. to Crowupoint st. 2. Ff
F d Avon House, 194 Renfrew street. S b
D f Avon St., from Watt st. to Shields road. 14.
Avonbank Terrace, 182 Scotland street. 14.
Of Avondale Place, Paisley road, west. 15. \ D d
Avondale Terrace, Paisley road. 15. \ D c
B b Aylesford Terrace, Dowanhill. 16. D c
E c Ayr Place, Carnarvon street. 9. 'Ed
G e Ayton Court, 62 Old Vennel. 5. \ F d
G e Ayton Place, 52 Old Vennel. 5. \Cb
G e Ayton Street, off Blackfriar's street. 5, \ G e
D g Aytoun Road, Pollokshields. 14. 77 g
B \Fh
j Fh
K e Back Causeway, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2. I e
G e Back Wynd, 109 Trongate to Bridgegate. 7. I e
F c Bain's Court, 66 Ann street, Port Dundas. 8. He
E e Bain's Court, 46 Clyde street, Auderston. 10.
II e Bain Street, off Gallowgate. 4. He
G c Baird Street, off Glebe street. 6. C a
Baird Street, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2.
Balgray Bank St., of Avenue road, Springburn. D b
77 a Balgray Brae, Springburn. 6. D b
B a Balgray Road, North, off Gt Western rd. 16.
F h Ballochmyle Place, Allison Street, Govanhiil. Kg
Ballochmyle Ter., Montgomery St., Kelvinside.
G e Balmano Place, from George st. to Shuttle st. 5.
G d Balmano St., fr. George st. to Rottenrow. 5.
Ff Balmoral PI., Caledonia rd. and Hospital st. 12. Fe
E c Balmoral Place, 188 St. George's road. 9. D d
F d Balmore Street, off Saracen st., Possilpark. 18. D d
I e Baltic Street, off Oswald street, Bridgeton. 1.
Bank Place, Govan. 15.
D c Bank Street, Hillhead. 16.
F c Bank Street, off Forth st, Port Dundas. 6. I c
II e Bankier St., fr. Claythorn St. to Green st. 4. G g
II e Barclay's Court, 14 Main street, Calton. 4. II f
F a Bardowie Street, off Carbeth street, Possil. 18. H f
Fa Barloch Street, off Bardowie street. 18.
lb Barnhill Poorhouse, off 216 Springburn rd. 3. Fc
Barony Glebe, Townhead. 6. Ed
I b Barony Poor House, Barnhill. F c
G d Barony St. and PI., east end of Stirling rd. 6. G d
Barr Street, off Garscube road. 8. D e
He Barrack Street, from Gallowgate to Duke street. II f
East side. 3. West side. 5. G d
C d Barracks, Infantry, Maryhill. F e
D c Barrington Street, off Great Western road. 9. j Hf
le Barrowfield Street, off Avenue st., Bridgeton. 2. F d
Ig Bartholomew Street, off Dalmarnock road. 1. Hb
E d Bath Crescent, Bath street, near West end. 9. K c
F d Bath La. (East), Bath st. to Sauchiehall st, 7.
E d Bath Street, fr. 221 Buchanan st. to North st.
Both sides to Pitt st. 7. fr. Pitt st. to North I c
street. 9. D c
F d Bath St. La., f. W. Nile st. to Blythswood sq. 7.
F g Batson Street, off Aitkenhead road. E d
F i Battlefield, Mount Florida. 17. E d
Battlefield Crescent, Mount Florida. 17. I e
G e Bazaar, 72 Candleriggs. 5.
B c Beaconsfield St., off Hyndland st., Partick. 16. Ef
B b Beaconsfield Terrace, Dowanhill. 16.
Beaufort Gardens, Allison st., Govanhiil.
Beaufort Place and Terrace, Govanhiil.
Beauly Terrace, Montgomerie St., Kelvinside.
Beaver Court, 45 King street, Tradeston. 13.
Bedford Lane, from Main st. to Surrey st. 12.
Bedford PL, 158 to 172 Renfrew St., Garnethl. 7.
Bedford Street, fr. Surrey st. to Eglinton st. 12.
Bedlay Street, Springburn road. 3.
Belch Place, corner of Elderslie street. 10.
Belfort Street, off Gairbraid street. 18.
Belgrave Place, top of Finnieston street. 10.
Belgrave Place, Wilson street, Hillhead. 16.
Belgrave Ter., Gt. Western rd., Hillhead. 16.
Belgrave St., fr. St. Vincent st. to Kent rd. 9.
Belhaven Place, fr. Scotia pi. to Newton st. 9.
Belhaven Ter., Gt. Western rd., Kelvinside. 16.
Bell Street, from Candleriggs to High street. 5.
Bell Street, Bridgeton, off Ann street. 1.
Bell St., Calton, f. Stevenson st. to Millroad st, 4.
Belleisle Gardens, Dixon's avenue, Govanhiil.
Belleisle Terrace, Annette street, Govanhiil.
Bellfield Place, Thomson st., off Duke st. 3.
Bellfield Street, off Gallowgate. 3.
Bellfield Terrace, 348 to 354 Duke street. 3.
Bellgrove Place, 51 to 69 Bellgrove street. 3.
Bellgrove Street, fr. Gallowgate to Duke st. 3.
Bellshaugh Road.
Belmar Ten-ace, Pollokshields.
Belmont Crescent, Hillhead. 16.
Belmont Street, Hillhead. 16.
Belmont Ter., Gt. Western road, Hillhead. 16.
Belvedere, London road. 1.
Bellevue Place, 202 Garngad hill. 3.
Bellevue Ter., off Balgray Brae, Springburn.
Bengal Street, Pollokshaws.
Bennie's Court, 285 Argyle street. 7.
Bentinek Street, off Kelvingrove street. 9.
Berkeley Street, off North street. 9.
Berkeley Terrace, Berkeley st., off North st. 9.
Berlin Place, Pollokshields.
Berlin Terrace, Leven street, Pollokshields.
Bernard St., off Queen Mary St., Bridgeton. 1.
Bilboa Street, off Rutherglen road. 11.
Bilsland Open, 56 Kirk street, Calton. 4.
Binnie PI., f. Monteith row to G. Hamilton st. 4.
Birnam Terrace, off Albert drive, Crossbill. 17.
Bishop PI., no. end of Bishop St., P. Dundas. 6.
Bishop St., Main st., And., to Greenhill st. 1U.
Bishop Street, Port Dundas. 6.
Black Street, off Parliamentary road. 6.
Blackburn Street, off Paisley road. 15.
Blackfauld's Place, off Canning st., Calton. 4.
Blackie Street, off Old Dumbarton rd. 10.
Blair's Court, 23 Jamaica street. 7.
Blair's St., from Tobago st. to Cumberland st. 4.
Blenheim Place, Campbell street, west. 7.
Blenheim Street, off 500 Springburn road.
Blochairn, east from Garngadhill. 3.
Bloomfield Place, Hillhead. 16.
Bloomfield Place, Govan. 15.
Bluevale St., fr. Whitevale to Drygate toll. 2.
Blythswood Drive, off So. Woodside road. 9.
Blythswood Place, 140 to 172 St. Vincent st. 7.
Blythswood Sq., west end of W. George st. 7.
Blythswood Ter., 102 to 138 Bothwell street. 7.
Boden Street, off London road. 1.
Bolton Drive, Mount Florida.
Bolton St., fr. Houston st. to Ardgowan st. 14.
Bonnington Gardens, Dixon avenue, Govanhiil.

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