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/ c Acrehill, foot of Garngad road. 3.
Gf Adam's Court, 36 Rose street, south. 11.
F e Adam's Ct. Lane, 185 Argyle st. to Howard st. 7.
H b Adamswell Street, Springburn.
E d Adelaide Place, f. 202 Bath St. to Pitt st. 7.
Adelaide Place, New Cathcart.
Iff Adelphi St. Bridgeton, south end of Reid st. 1.
Ff Adelphi St., Hutchesontown, fronting river, east
of Crown st. 11. West of Do. 12.
Adelphi Place, 4 Adelphi street. 11.
Gf Adelphi Terrace, Adelphi street, south. 11.
C ' f Afton Crescent and Terrace, Clifford street.
Agnes Street, off Kelvinside Avenue. 18.
F d Agnew Place, 60 Hill street, Garnethill. 9.
Agnew Place, Albert road, Crossbill. 17.
Ailsa Ter., f. Byars' rd. to Kersland st. 16.
G e Aird's Lane, off Goosedubs, Bridgegate. 7.
Airlie Ter., St. Andrew's rd., Pollokshields. 15.
Aitchison's Ct., 113 Main st., Bridgeton. 1.
Ee Aitken Place, cor. of Douglas and Argyle sts. 7.
F ff Aitkenhead Road, from 293 Cathcart road to
County Boundary. 11.
E d Albany PL, 502 Sauchiehali st, West end. 9.
D b Albany Street, off Percy street. 16.
If Albany Street, off Baltic street. 1.
E d Albany Terrace, 286 Renfrew street. 9.
Gf Albert. Bridge, North half, 5 ;
South half, East side do. 11. West side. 12.
E h Albert Drive, off Victoria street, Crossbill. 17.
F e Albert Place, Milton st. and Maitland st. 8.
F d Albert Place, 40 Hill street, Garnethill. 9.
E f Albert Place, Dundas street, south side, 13.
£> d Albert Place, Dover st. and St. Vincent st. 9.
Albert Place, Caledonia road, east end. 11.
D i Albert Road, Langside.
F h Albert Road and Villas, Crossbill. 17.
Albert Road, Hillhead. 16.
D ff Albert Road, off Shields rd., Pollokshields. 14.
G d Albert Street, off Glebe street. 6.
F h Albert Street, Possil road. 8.
E d Albert Street, Govan. 15.
E ff Albert Street, off Shields rd., Pollokshields.
Albert Terrace, Dowanhill gardens. 16.
Co Albert Terrace, Ruthven St., Kelvinside. 16.
F a Albert Terrace, 177 to 199 Renfrew st. 9.
Albert Terrace, Caledonia road. 11.
Albert View, Caledonia road. 11.
G e Albion Buildings, 116 George street. 5.
G e* Albion Court, 41 North Albion street. 5.
C b Albion Crescent, Dowanhill. 16.
Ff Albion Place, Buchan street, South side. 12.
G e Albion St. (South), f. Bell st.to Canon st. 5.
G e Albion St. (North), f. Canon st. to George st. 5.
Gf Albyn Street, east from Adelphi street. 11.
Albyn Terrace, east from Mathieson street. 1 1 .
/ d Alexandra Parade to Alexandra Rail. Station.
Alexandra Place, 85 to 97 Shields road. 14.
Alexandra Place, Albert road, Crosshill. 17.
11/ Alexandra Terrace, Greenhead street. 1.
Alexander Row, off Cathcart road. 11.
Alexander Street, off Dumbarton Road. 9.
Alfred Place, St. Vincent street, West-end. 9
Alfred Terrace, Gt. Western rd., Hillhead. 16
F li Alice Place, Cathcart road, Govanhill. 12.
D e Allan Place, M'Lean street, Paisley road. 15.
E d Allan Place, Douglas street, near Argyle st. 7.
I g Allan Street, off Dalrnarnock road.
F a Allander St., f. Carbeth st. to Ashfield st. 18.
F h Allanton Ter., Langside rd., Govanhill. 12.
Fh Allison Street, Victoria road, Govanhill. East
of Victoria road. 12. West of do. 13.
Alma Place, Cranston street and Port street,
Cranstonhill. 10.
Alma Place, 246 to 280 Paisley road. 14.
Alma Place, off Govan road, Govan. 15.
B e Alma Street, Govan. 15.
H f Alston Lane, off Risk street. 4.
C c Alton Street, Dowanhill. 16.
Alva Terrace, Allison street, Govanhill.
Amberley PI., 192 to 214 N. Woodside rd. 9.
America Court, 24 Adelphi street. 12.
Anderson's Court, 145 Main st., Bridgeton. 1.
B e Anderson Street, off Gallowgate. 4.
Df Anderson St., off W. Scotland street, Kinning
Park. 14.
B c Anderson St., off Dumbarton rd., Partick. 16.
E e Anderston Quay, M'Alpine st. to Lancefield. 10.
H d Ann PI., east end Parliament, rd. north side. 6.
II c/ Ann Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 1.
F e Ann Street, f. Jamaica st. to Oswald st. 7.
F c Ann St., f. Cowcaddens to Port Dundas. 8.
D b Ann St., Hillh., f. G. W. rd. toSaugbfield rd. 16.
F h Annette Street, off Allison st., Govanhill. 12.
I e Annfield Place, 295 Duke street. 3.
II e Annfield Street, f. Duke st. to Gallowgate. 3.
E b Annfield Terrace, Annfield road, Partick. 16.
F. h Anson Place, Allison street, Govanhill. 12.
G e Antigua Place, 33 Nelson street. 5.
Ff Apsley Place, head of Warwick street. 12.
Apsley Place, Great Western road, east end, 9.
Arden Street, off Gairbraid street. 18.
F e Arden Street, f. Dunlop to Maxwell street. 7.
Ef Ardgowan St., Crookston st. to Shields rd. 14.
Ardine Terrace, Langside rd., Govanhill, Nos. 1
to 9. 12. Remainder. 17.
Fa Ardoch St„ f. Bardowie st. to Allander st. 18.
Fe Argyle Arcade, 100 Argyle st. & 30 Buchanan
street. 7.
E e Argyle Bids., c. of M Alpine st. & Argyle st. 7.
Fe Argyle Court, 90 Argyle street. 7.
Argyll Place, Springburn road, Springburn.
B c Argyll Place, off Hyndland st., Partick. 16.
Argyll Place, New Cathcart.
F e Argyle Street, from Stockwell st. to Anderston.
Both sides of do. fr. Ghtssford street and Stock-
well st. to M'Alpine st. and Pitt st. 7.
Both sides of do. from M'Alpine street and
Pitt street to Main street, Anderston. 10.
Argyll Street, Marybill.
F h Argyll Terrace, Albert road, Crosshill. 17.
Ee Ark Lane, Duke street. 3.
Arlington Place, 100 AVoodlands road. 9.
E c Arlington Street, off Woodlands road. 9.
/ e Armadale St., f. Duke st. to Alexandra par. 3.
H e Armour St., from Barrack st. to Moore st. 3.
Arthur Place, Govan. 15.
Iff Arthur Street, foot of Swanston street. 1.
C d Arthur St., Overnewton, off Old Dumb. rd. 10.
Iff Arthur Street, Bridgeton.
F d Ashburton Place, 135 Renfrew street. 7.
D c Ashfield Place, Smith street, Hillhead. 16.
Ashfield St., f. Allander st. rail., Possilpark. 18.
D c Ashfield Ter., Gibson street, Hillhead.
Ashgrove Terrace, Paisley road Toll. 14.
C c Ashton Place, Byars' road. 1&.
C c Ashton Terrace, Parkville rd. Dowanhill. 16.
E c Ashton Vale, west end of Buccleuch street 9.
H a Ashvale Row, off Cowlairs road. 6.

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