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Younger, Thomas, 2 Bothwell ter
Adam, John, Larchgrove
Alexander, Archibald P. Eastmuir
Alexander, J. farmer, Eoughazie
Alexander, R. farmer, Eoughazie
Anderson, James, farmer, Sandy-
Anderson, Jn. farmer, Wellhouse
Anderson, Robert, (nf Mackay &
Anderson), Shettleston
Baird, Jas. spirit dealer. Middle-
Baird, John, farmer, Cartsheugh
Barrie, Peter, Caledonian Railway,
302 Buchanan st. Glasgow ; ho.
William pi. Shettleston
Begg, Andrew (of A. & T. Begg,
Wrights, 14i Clyde st. Calton,
Glasgow); ho. 122 Main st
Begg, Thomas, (of A. & T. Begg,
Wrights, 14;^- Clyde st. C.dton,
Glasgow)'; ho. 122 Main st
Begg, Thomas, house factor and
valuator, 16 Bellgiove st ; ho.
216 Main st
Boyd, John (of J. & T. Boyd),
Shettleston Iron Works; ho.
Boyd, John (at Richardson, Find-
lay, & Co.'s), ho. Springfield cot
Boyd, Johnstone, house and ship
pamter and decorator, 80 Car-
rick St.; ho. 277 Main st
Boyd, Thos. A. (of J. & T. Boyd),
Shettleston Iron Works ; ho.
Boyd, J. & T. engiaeers, iron
founders, and macniae makers,
Shettleston Iron Works
Boyd, R. H. (of J. & T. Boyd),
Shettleston Iron Works
Brechin, Archibald, contractor,
72 Keppochhill road; ho. Easter
Queensly farm
Brown, Malcolm, wine and spirit
merchant, Sandyhills ; house,
Ann Bank cot. Foxly, Tollcross
Biuce, M. M. accountant, house
factor, and brick builder, 68
Bath St. Glisgow; house, Old
Sandyhills House
Buchanan, Andrew, Greenfield
Buchanan, J. spir. deal. Cai-ntyne
Campbell, James, boot and shoe-
maker and postmaster
Cassels, Mrs. Elizabeth, Lodge
Chivers, James, (of Mason, M'Call,
Clyde, John, shoe furnisher, last,
and boot-tree maker, 78 Pr.nce's
St. ; house, Sandyhills
Connor, Robt. flesher, 215 Main st
Connor, Robt. grocer, 57 Main st
Crawford, And. farmer, Craigeod
Dallas, Wm. Tramway Company,
29 Cambridge street, Glasgow ;
house, Shettleston
Deans, EfBingham, spirit mercht.
639 Gallowgate^ and 39 Main
St.; ho. 33 do.
Donaldson, Thos. wholesale tweed
and tailors' trimming warehouse-
men, 148 Trongate; ho. Mainst
Downie, Jas. (of Jas. Downie &
Co.), Bertrohill house
Frame, And. flesher, 466 Gallog.;
ho. Lonewell cottage
Frame, John, farmer, Greenfield
Frazer, Miss, milliner, 82 Canning
street, Calton; ho. Barlanark
Gairdner, Chas. manager, f nion
Bank of Scotland, Ingram at.;
house. Mount Vernon
Gardner, Wm. carter, Crownhall
Garrand, Andrew S.(at Rutherford
Brothers), ho. 5 Hill st
Garrand, Andrew, registrar of
births, &c. 5 Hill st
Gilchrist, Wm. Milncroft house
Gilchrist, Mrs. Milncroft house
Gilmour, J. grain dealer
Goldie, Wm. spirit dealer
Goodwin, Robt. flesher, 48 Main
St.; ho. 58 do.
Gossland, Archd. & Co. dyers and
printers, Milncroft dyeworks; ho.
4 Comely Park st
Gow, Alexander (of Stark & Gow,
clothiers, 27 Gordon st), ho.
Eastmuir st.
Graham, James, cartwright, 427
Gallowgate ; ho. Middle quarter
Hamilton, John, grocer and spirit
merchant, Eastmuir
Hamilton, T. farmer, Hollowglen
Henderson, J. farmer, Sandyhills
Hill, Wm. H. writer (of Hill,
Davidson, & Hoggan, 106
Ingram st. Glasgow) house,
Jaap, Thomas, spirit merchant,
63 Main st
Johnston, James (of Ingram &
Johnston, 38 Queen St.), ho.
Johnston, John (of Buchanan &
Johnston, 61 Jamaica street,
Glasgow, and 40 Cathcart St.
Greenock) ; house, Hawthorne
Johnston, Rev. Gilbert
Johnston, John, farmer, Blackfalls
Key, Thomas, shrioker, Spring-
field ; ho. Lome Villa
Leckie, Robt. grocer, Sandyhills
Livey, Wm. grocer and spirit deal.
M'Brearty, Rev. George, Catholic
clergyman; house, St. Paul's,
M'Bride, Hunter M. (of William
M'Bride&Co.), Greenfield wor lis
M'Bride, Wm. & Co. powerloom
cloth manufacturers, 16 South
Frederick St.; works, Greenfield ;
house, 20 Monteith row
M'Causland, Alex. Gartcraig ho.
M'Causland, James, Gartcraig ho.
and New Club, Glasgow
M'Dougal, Duncan, boot and shoe
manufacturer, Wellshot pL; ho.
64 Main street
M'Gee, Henry, builder. Eglantine
villa, Bertrohill
M'Gregor, B. W. grocer, Eastmuir
M'Gregor, Duuc. (at Jonas Brook
Bros.), ho. Park place
M'Intyre, John, fruit merchant,
146, 148 Queen st. Glasgow ;
ho. Craigend House
Mackie, Jas. quarrier, Gartocher
Quarry, 113 Eastmuir St.; ho.
133 Eastmuir st
M'Nair, George, & Co. coalmasters,
Greenfield & Tollcross Collieries
M'Nellie, Jas. grocer & spirit mer.
Cardowan ; ho. Blackfaulds
Martin, Malcolm, spirit merchant,
4 Eastmuir street
Mather, Alex. Wellshot house
Mather, RestoD, Provanhall
Mather, Robert, Cranhill
Millar, Wm. smith, Roughazie
Murdoch, Alex, farmer, Gartcraig
Murdoch, Jas. farmer, Carntyne
Niven, Andrew M. (of Jas. Daly,
Son, & Niven, 32 Argyle street,
Glasgow), house, Fembank
Orr, John, wholesale and retail
wine and spirit mercht. 439
Gallowgate; ho. Wellhouse
Orr, Wm. wine mercht. Wellhouse
Page, Ales, slater and plasterer,.
17 Chalmers' st. east; house,
46 Eastmuir street
Paterson, John G. house factor and
insurance agent, Firpark pi
Patersou, Robert B. Commercial
Bank ; ho. Manscroft cottage
Perratt, Miss, dressmaker, East-
muir street
Picken, Jas. grocer and provisioa
merch. 63 Main st ; ho. 64 do
Pinkerton, John S. chemist and
druggist, 248 London rd ; ho.
Hill View teirace
Pollock, Macnab, & Highgate,
engineers and makers of fuel
economisers. Main st
Rae, R. agent for Carntyne estate,
Westmuir coal office
Rankin, Alex, coalmaster, Light-
burn colliery; ho. High Carntyne
Reid, Hugh, builder, 60 Main St.;
ho. Meadowbank, Tollcross
Reid, Robert, spirit dealer, Bar-
Reid, Wm. spirit dealer. Middle-
Richardson, J. grocer and spirit
Robertson, Henry, clefk of Gart-
craig Coal and Fire Clay Co.
(Limited), resid. Gartcraig
Roger, Duncan, teacher, East-
muir ; house, 24 SaudyhilU

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