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Turnbull, Peter, hill clerk, ho. 18
Millar ter
Veitch, Alex, (of Veitch, Bolden,
& Co.), ho. Burnbrae
Wallace, Hugh E. carriage hirer,
80 KiDg street ; house, 82 do.
Wallace, James, agent, Na. Bank
of Scot. 86 Main St.; ho. 88 do
Wallace, James, agent for the Im-
perial Fire Insu. Co. and col. of
Statute Labour Roads Assess-
ments, 86 Main st. ; ho. 88 do
Wallace,John (of J.& W.Wallace),
ho. Stonelaw
Warnock, D. flesher, 33 Main St.;
house, 31 do
Watson, Wra. baker, 22 Main st
Watson, AVm. watchmaker and
jeweller, 245 Main street
Watt, Alexander, 135 Buchanan st
city; ho. Stonelaw Tower
Wek, Aj'chibald, wrigUt, 7 Chapel
street ; house, 92 King street
White, John & James, chemical
manufacturers, Shawfield works
White, J. (of J. & J. White), ho.
Shawfield, and Ardarroeh, Gare-
White, J. (of J. & J. White), ho.
Overtown, Dumbarton
White, John (at Arthur & Co.'s,
78 Queen st. city), house, 18
Smith's terrace, Farme
White, Walter, Bankhead
Wilson, John, 23 Chapel street
IrYilson, Jn. rope and twine manu-
facturer, Easifield; ho. at works
Wilson, W. T. (of Stewart, Wilson,
& Co.), 4 Westbourne terrace.
Great Western road, Glasgow
Winning, John, stationer, 13 Gal-
lowflat place
Wright, W. C. (of Clyde Paper
Co.), house, Easifield
Wylie, And. grocer, 5 Cathcart
St.; house, 3 do
Young, Adam D. grocer and proy
vision merchant, 19 Union pi. ;
house, 18 do
Adam, Alex. Carey pi
Adam, Thomas, Fyfe place
Alexander, Jno. 4 Darnley ter
Alexander, Wm. Newton place
Allison, James
Anderson, John, mining engineer ;
ho. Elgin villas
Biggar, Jas. East Park cottage
Binnie, Alex. H Haggs view
Brown, Hugh, Lansdowne place
Brown, John, Manse villa
Brown, W. S. Briar bank
Buchanan, Neil, 3 Darnley ter
Cameron, Wm. Glen Morven cot.
Trefoil avenue
Campbell, David, Buxton villa,
Pollok road
Campbell, William, Ivy cottage
Campbell, Mrs. East Shaw villa
Carmicliael, J. S. 2 Darnley ter
Cassel?, L. T. Lansdowne place
Chisholm, Robert, 1 Darnley ter
Copland, Wm. 7 Elgin villas
Cowan, John, Ashton villa
Cowan, Robert G. Ashton villa,
Follok rd
Crichton, James, 2 Bothwell ter
Dietrichsen, Fred. C. Daily Mail
office, Crookston cottage
Dietrichsen, James, Crookston cot
Dick, W. R. com. mer. Albany cot.
Pollok rd
Dobbie, Mrs. Merrylee pi. Trefoil
Donald, Geo. Merrylee place
Dow, S. wine and spirit merchant
Drummond, James, ^^Maybank,
Trefoil avenue
Drysdale, Alex. Alma place
DuncansoD, William (of Duncan-
son & Forbes), Eastpark place
Ferguson, Hume, 1 Bothwell ter
Fraser, Alex. S. Merrj'lee place
Galloway, William, Bothwell ter
Gardiner, Rev. Wm. B. Acadia villa
Gemmell, Wm. 2 East Park buildgs
Gentle, Wm. 2 Darnley terrace
Govan, Geo. E. 5 Darnley terrace
Govan, John, jun. 4 Darnley ter
Govan, Wm. 1 Fyfe place
Gowans, Chas. Ciutba bank
Greenlees, Wm. 5 Darnley terrace
Guy, John, writer and notary
public, 4 Elgin villas
Hamilton, David (of J. D. Hamil-
ton), Firbank cottage
Hamilton, James, Buxton villa,
Pollok road
Handley, John, Sylvan cottage
Hay, James, 2 Darnley terrace
Hector, Wm. writer, Pollokshaws;
house, Shawlands house
Henderson, Jas. 1 Darnley terrace
Hogg, Alex. Largo villa '
Hopkins, Archd. Darnley cottage
James, David, Ashbank
Johnstme, Robt. 1 Bothwell ter
Johnstone, Thomas, Helensor villa
Kennedy, Hugh, Cromdale villa
Kennedy, Janet, Forrest villa
Lang, John, 2 Elgin villas
Langley, E. J. Melrose lodge,
Rosendale road
Law, Wm. 3 Darnley cottage
Leckie, David W. Laurel Bank
Lemon, Alex. 4 Darnley ter
Lowry, Joseph, 4 Darnley terrace
Luther, W. H. Lansdowne pi
Macadam, William, E. Pk. builds
M'Auslin, Malcolm; ho. Victoria pi
Macdonald, D. Lansdowne place
M'Glashan, John, Ea?t Park pi
M'Jannet, Robt. 1 Bothwell ter
M'Houl, David, Buchanan villa
MacKay, George, Pollok road
M'Kenzie, M. L. Bothwell ter
M'Kittrick, Wm. L. Oakbank
M'Lean, Jas. A. 2 Bothwell ter
M'Leod, Kenneth, Merrylee place.
Trefoil Avenue
Macphail, Stewart, 2 Bothwell ter
M'Queen, Colin, 4 Darnley ter
M'Taggart, Rev. D. D.L. Westfil.
Martin, Alex. Fowlerfield
Martin, James, 3 Darnley ter
Mitchell, Alex. Meadowbank cot
Millar, Archibald, teacher ; house,
Fjfe place
Miller, George, Darnley ter
Milne, George, Rozelle villa
Morrison, J. 5 East Park Buildgs
Murdoch, J. 2 Darnley terrace
Murray, J. F. 6 East Park Buildgs
Murray, Richard, Lansdowne pi
Nicol, Alexander S. Trefoil house
Nicol, R. D. Trefoil avenue
Pate, Robert, 5 Darnley ter
Paterscn, Robt. 4 Pollok villas
Paterson, Wm. Shawlands villa
Pearson, Patrick, 5 Darnley ter
Pentland, D. (of Swan & Pent-
land), ho. Victoria pi
Porter, James, Ash bank
Porter, Robt. Alma place
Pridie, George, 2 Darnley ter
Reddoch, Mrs. Laurelbank villa
Eeid, John, 2 Carey pi
Reid, Robert, 2 Carey pi
Remmers, B. Victoria place
Riddel], Wm. Lansdowne place
Robertson, A. Laurel Bank place
Robson, John, 2 Rock cottage
Ross, J. W. Trefoil avenue
Ross, Eobert, Victoria place
Ross, Thomas, 9 Elgin Villas
Eowiey, Charles, 2 Darnley ter
Rowley, Thomas, 2 Darnley ter
Russell, G. Fowlerfield
Scott, A. G. Salem villa
Seaton, James, Ardgowan cottage
Seaton, John, Ardgowan cottage
Sim, Andrew, Westfield cottage
Sim, Robert, Westfield cottage
Smart, Wm. Ferndean
Smith, Alex. Laurel Bank pi
Smith, Charles, Pollok rd
Smith, Mrs. milliner, Pollok rd
Stevenson, John, Rowan Bank,
Tiefoil avenue
Stewart, R. H. 5 Darnley ter
Stewart, Thos. Armadale cot
Stewart, W. 12 Pollok road
Stewart, Wra. 2 Bothwell terrace'
Stirling, R. G. Sweethope
Taylor, Alex. ho. Shawlands *
Taylor, Wm. Southbank
Thomson, W. S. 2 Darnley ter
Urquhart,Alex. builder,Sweethope
Wallace, James, surgeon dentist,
Westfield villa
Wardhaugh, W. 1 Darnley terrace
Watt, J. & R. Nancy villa
Wilson, Hugh, provision mercht.
Newton pi
Wilson, John, Laurel Bank pi
Younger, John, 2 Bella Villa

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