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Sommerville, Hugh, EastSeld
Sproul, Robert, brickbuilder, Light-
Stirling, J. wright, Gateside
Stirliug, James W. Walton bank
Taylor, Alexander, plumber
Taylor, C. smith, Gateside
Tennent, Hugh, jun. Wellshot bre.
Todd, John, Helenslee
Turnbull, Ju. surgeon, Sauchiebog
TurnbuU, M. B. M.D. Broomknowe
Wallace, Edward, Palermo cottage
Wallace, John, Strathearn cottage
Wellshot Brewery, H, Tennent, jun.
Wellshot & Kirkburn Quarry Co.
Wands, Geo. grocer, Sauchiebog
White, John, shoemaker, Main
White, Wm. shoemaker. Main st
Willet, Thos. Lilybank buildings
Williamson, John, quarrymaster,
Wilson, John, china merchant,
Morriston buildings
Wilson, John, baker and grocer.
Main st
Wright, C. G. Glenhead villa
Youngj Jas. Jessie vale
Young, Robert, W. Greenlees
Young, Robert, Lightburn
Adam, Stephen, 4 Cathkin ter
Aitken, James, brickmaker and
builder, Mallsmire red brick
works, Hangingshaw
Alton, Alex. H. writer. Home vil
Aiton, Wm. Home villa
Allan, David, Linn saw mill
Allan, F. W. merchant, 120 Bu-
chanan street; ho. The Manse
Alston, Rev. Andw. Bellview villa
Alston, Thos. 6 Wendover crescent
Anderson, George, 12 Grange ter
Anderson, John, Laurel villa,
Andrew, George, 6 Hampden ter
Armour, John, tailor, N. Cathcart
Armour, William, 1 Lome place
Bain, Alexander, 8 Hampden place
Baird, Ales. 4 Wendover crescent
Baird, David, farmer, Aikenhead
Baird, William, 7 Hampden ter
Bannatyne, W. engineer, Netherlee
Barbour, Matthew (of Barbour
Bros.), 30 lona place
Barr, Albany P. 9 Montgom. ter
Bates, Daniel, 12 Lome place
Ballardie, Dugald, 2 Grange ter
Beith, Wm. 1 9 Montgomery ter
Berry, Thos. 21 Grange terrace
Bisset, Wm. Cathcart
Black, James, 3 Cobden place
Blackwood, Mrs. coal retailer, New
Blair, Ogilvie H. (of Okell & Co.),
17 Montgomery terrace
Boyd, Richard, boot manufacturer,
4 Victoria buildings
Boyd, Wm. 16 Valeview terrace
Brace, Edmund, Braehead cottage
Brackenridge, James, wright, 1, 2
Polmadie st
Bremner, John, Braehead cottage
Brodie, Julius, 11 Grange terrace
Brock, John, Victoria buildings,
Prospect hill
Brown, Alex. 1 Staumore ter
Brown, Archd.M.B.C.M.physician,
Victoria buildings
Brown, Charles, 2 Battlefield ores.
Brown, Francis, quarrier, William-
wood; residence. Prospect bank
Brown, James, 7 Hampden ter
Brown, John W. 10 May terrace
Bruce, J. John, Victoria buildings
Bruce, William, Victoria buildings
Bruce, Wm. Jas. 12 Lome place
Bruce, Mrs. James
Bryce, David, dining rooms, 5
- Dean place, Govanhill street
Bullard, James, baker and con-
fectioner, 12 lona place
Bunten, James, Netherlee Works
Butters, M. W. 3 Wendover ores
Cadden, John, 3 Wendover ores
Calder, D. Graham, 4 Victoria
Calder, John, 12 Lome place
Cameron, B. house factor and in-
surance agent, 7 Grange terrace
Cameron, D. H. commission mer.
13 Hampden terrace
Cameron, J. A. & Co. 13 Hamp-
den terrace
Cameron, W, flesher, N. Cathcart
Campbell, Allan, 13 Lome place
Campbell, John, flour merchant,
Lindall cottage
Campbell, John, stationer & conf.
New Cathcart Post Office
Campbell, John, oils and colours
and tobacconist, New Cathcart
Cansh, Mrs. Thos. Prospect bank
Camduff, A. registrar and session
clerk ; resid. Schoolhouse, Old
Carswell, John, 3 Hampden ter
Cathcart Co-operative Society,
grocers and provision merchts.
Chambers, John D. 25 Kilmailing
Chambers, Geo. 13 Lome place
Chambers, Mrs. Louisa F. D. 25
Kilmailing terrace
Chalmers, Wm. 1 Wendover ter
Chisholm, John, 5 Cathkin ter
Christie, James C. schoolmaster,
4 Kilmailing terrace
Christie, Thomas, Broomvale,
Clark, Matthew, 3 May terrace
Clark, Wm. farmer, Netherlee
Conachie, Wm. 6 Wendover ores
Connochie, Margaret, teacher, 4
Wendover crescent
Couper, Jas. (of R. & J. Couper),
resid. Holmwood house
Couper, Robert (of R. & J. Couper),
resid. Sunnyside house
Couper, R. & J. papermakers, Mill-
Cowan, Jas. jun. 5 Hampden ter
Craig, Allan, 12 May terrace
Craig, David, 2 Hayfield terrace
Craighead, P. gardener, Castle
Crawford, A. grocer, Lome place
Crawford, David, 7 Hampden ter
Crawford, James, 11 Lome place
Crawford, John, colour maker
Crawford, Robert, 6 Hampden ter
Crawford, W. B. 4 May terrace
Crichton, Jas. Muirend house
Crockett, D. J. lithographer. Old
Crookston, George & Son, Aiken-
head Colliery ; residence, II
Lome place
Crosby, Alex. Kilmailing villas
Crum, Lillias, 1 Stanmore terrace
Culbert, Robert, butcher, 10 Lome
Cunningham, David, 12 Valeview
Cunningham, J. B. 7 Grange ter
Curr, W. & J. farmers, Merrylee
Cuthbert, John, Carse cottage. Old
Dalziel, David, 6 Battlefield cres
Davidson, James, 8 Hampden ter
Davidson, Robert, Hope cottage,
Prospect hill
Dewar, George, grindstone maker.
New Cathcart
Dick, Mrs. John, spirit dealer.
New Cathcart
Dickie, James, 7 Hampden place
Dobbie, Thomas, 4 Hampden ter
Dobson, Thomas Gibson, Inland
Revenue, 15 lona place
Doig, James, 3 Wendover crescent
Donald, Alex. 4 Cathkin ter
Donald, Jas. A. 7 Montgomery ter
Donald, James, jun. Prospect hill
Donaldson, Alex. surg. 5 May ter
Douglas, Jn. builder, Polmadie st
Downs, Henry, Home villa, Battle-
Dow, Walter, 2 May terrace
Drybnrgh, J. land steward, Aiken-
Dryburgh, James, bank clerk,
Drj^sdale, James T. 6 Hampden ter
Duncan, Peter, grocer, Polmadie st
Dunn, Peter, 7 Battlefield cres
Eadie, A. 3 Hampden place
Eadie, Geo. wright, &c. Hampden
Park villa
Eadie, Leslie, 4 Wendover cres
East, Alfred, 13 Valeview terrace
Edgar, Robert, dyer, Whitehall ter
Edgar, Rev. John, 7 Hampden ter
Ewing, Archd. 8 Montgomery ter
Fenwick, Jas. Huntingtower cot.
Ferguson, Pet. Post Office, Mount

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