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1. Carnages not to be Licensed till Inspected.
No License sliiill be granted, or afterwards re-
newed, unless the Carnage, Horse, and Harness shall
have been examined by the Chief Constable, Inspec-
tor of Hackney Carriages, or other person appointed
by the Magisti-ates' Committee, and reported in
â– writing, to the Magistrates' Committee, to have all
the requisites and to be in a fit state to be licensed.
No carriage will be licensed unless it be provided with
Lamps, and have Roof, Springs, Wheels, Cushions,
Linings, Pannels, Doors, and Windows, clean and in
good Kepair, and the Steps of entry safe and conven-
ient, and that Skin, Rope, or Coir Mats, or other
matting equally comfortable, are provided for Passen-
gers' feet.
2. Owner'' s Name to he Painted on Carriage.
The name of the Owner of each Carriage shall be
painted in a straight line on the outside of each door,
immediately under the window, in Roman Letters not
less than one incli in height, and of proportionate
breadth, in a colour conspicuously different from that of
the Carriage, and be continued legible during all the
time the Carriage shall ply or be used for hire.
3. Number of License to he Painted or Affixed
on Outside of Carriage.
The number of the License for each Carriage shall
be painted on the Carriage, in a line with or under
the name, on each door, immediately below the
window, but so as not to conceal any part of the
Owner's name, and to be distinctly visible from the
outside, and in figures not less than one inch in
Iwight, and of proportionate breadth, and be kept
legible during all the time the Carriage shall ply or
be used for hire.
4. Number of License, <fc., Inside the Carriage.
The number of the License, witli the name of the
Owner, on an Enamelled Iron Plate, of the pattern to
be seen in the office of the Registrar, shall be placed
conspicuously inside the Carriage ; and there shall
also be painted on such plate, under the number, as
follows: — "Driver to tender the Hirer a Reference
Ticket when entering the Carriage, and to produce
when demanded Bye-laws and Table of Fares. No
charge for luggage, unless it exceeds 112 lbs. where
one or two persons are conveyed ; 84 lbs. where three
persons, and 66 lbs. where four persons. And in no
case the charge to exceed Sixpence. Not compulsory
to carry over 112 lbs. of luggage."
5. Licenses to be numbered Consecutiveli/, and
Duplicate signed by the Registrar.
The Licenses shall be numbered consecutively, in
the order in which the same shall have been regis-
tered ; and each Owner, at the time of receiving his
License, shall be furnished with a Duplicate of such
License, signed by the Registrar.
6. When Carriages cease to ply.
Whenever a Licensed Carriage ceases to ply, the
Proprietor thereof shall give intimation immediately
to the Registrar, Central Police Buildings, and shall
return the License to him, provided the repairs are
not finished within one week. Whenever a Licensed
Carriage is sold by the Proprietor in whose name the
License has been granted, or otherwise ceases to be
his property, the License will lapse and become null
and void.
7. Carriages to be in readiness.
The Owner of each Licensed Cuiriasje shall have
the same ready for hire a*, one of the Public Stands
from Nine o'clock in the morning until Eleven o'clock
at night, unless when engaged. And when within
their respective yards, coach-houses, or stables, shall
turn out for hire as soon as practicable, or can be
done without injury to his servants or horses, after
being called upon, between Eleven o'clock at night
and Nine in the morning.
8. Carriages to be furnished with a Chech-
String, (fc.
Every Carriage shall be provided with a proper
Check-string (which, when driving, shall be held by
the Driver), as well as a Board, or other Signal,
bearing the word "Engaged" or "Disengaged," and
which shall at all times be exhibited outside the Car-
riage when either engaged or disengaged, as the cas3
may be. Tlie Board, or other Signal, to be of such
pattern and placed in such position as the Magistrates'
Committee shall direct.
9. No Proprietor of a Licensed Hackney Carriage
shall knowingly suffer or permit any person not duly
licensed by the Magistrates' Committee to drive or
take chargfe of any such Carriage while plying for hire
or upon any of the Stands.
10. The following places are appointed public
Stands by the Board of Police of Glasgow, in terms of
"The Glasgow Police Act, 1866," under reservation
of all rights of private or leasehold property, viz. : —
1. North British Railway Terminus, including St.
Vincent Place ; Two Cabs in front of Royal Ex-
change ; not exceeding Ten Cabs on the South Side
of George Square, Six on the East Side, Six on the
North Side of the Square, and Twenty-six in the
Centre of Cochran Street, No Cabs permitted to
stand on the West Side of George Square, and those
on the North Side of the Square and in Cochran
Street are only allowed to stand from 6 A.M. to
11 P.M.
2. Caledonian Railway, Buchanan Street.
3. Glasgow, Paisley, and South-Western Railway,
Arrival and Departure Terminus, including Clyde
Place and Commerce Street.
4. Caledonian and Barrhead Railway Station,
Upper Main Street, Gorbals, including North Side of
Cumberland Street, from Main Street to Surrey Street.
5. Paisley Road, near Kinning Place.
6. Broomielaw tipper Wharf, including West Side
of York Street.
7. St. Enoch Square.
8. Gordon Street, West End, and Hope Street ;
restricted to Three in each, street. Centre of St.
Vincent Street, from Hope Street to Renfield Street.
9. Cambridge Street and West Campbell Street;
and Four Cabs in Hope Street, between Bath Street
and Sauchiehall Lane.
10. Berkeley Street and Kent Road, and not mora
than Three Carriages top of North Street, neal
Sauchiehall Street ; and One Cab in Newton Street.
11. Dumbarton Road, opposite Kelvingrove Street.
12. Great Western Road, near Bridge; and Four
Cabs in Park Road, opposite St. Silas' Church.
13. St. George's Road, North End.
14. Normal School, New City Road.
15. Monkland Street, Townhead, near St. Rollo'
Police Station

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