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General Carriers forimrd Goods to all parts of England and Scotland.
Atlas Parcel Deliveet: Company, Carriers to all p^rts of the City and Suburbs, 18 South Hanover st.
and 16 Eenfield street; daily, 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Atlas Parcel Express to all Parts of the World, 18 South Hanover street and 16 Renfield st.
British and Foreign Parcel Express, 82 Mitchell street; parcels forwarded to all parts of the world.
Caledonian Railway Carting Department. Head Office, 80 Hope street; Goods Receiving and
Inquiry Offices, 78 and 82 Hope street, 16i Trongate, Orr street, Bridgeton Cross, and Buchanan street,
Eglinton street South Side, General Terminus and Bridgeton Stations. John Wilson, district carting
Cameron, J. & P., General Carriers, Contractors, and Railway Agents, forward Goods to most parts of
Scotland, England, and Ireland ; Agents for the North British Railway in connection with the Forth and
Clyde, Highland, Great North of Scotland, and Caledonian Railways. Head Office, 68 Hope street;
Goods Receiving Offices, 70 Hope street, 10 North Queen street, 45 Brunswick street, 70 Howard street,
Garngad road, and Railway Station, Sighthill.
City Carriers, Parcel Delivery Company; Head Office, 17 Renfield street; Branch Office, 17 Miller
street ; to all parts of the City Daily at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Cowan & Co., General Carriers and Contractors; Agents for North British Railway Coy., Glasgow and
Paisley, and Glasgow, Barrhead, and Kilmarnock Joint Railways ; also for the Belfast Royal Mail
Steamers. Head Office, 10 North Queen street; Goods Receiving Offices, 3 and 6 Jackson street, 48
Robertson street, 23 King street, Tradeston, 228 London road, and 8 North Queen st.
Davis & Co.'s Parcel Express to all parts of the United Kingdom ; 82 Mitchell street.
j Glasgow Parcel Delivery Company; Head Office, 17 Eenfield street; Branch Office, 17 Miller st.
Glasgow & South Western Railway ; Carting Department Head Office, 108 Ingram street; Goods
Receiving Office, 15 South Frederick street; Eglinton street and College Stations; Matthew Templeton,
Globe Parcel Express to all parts of the World ; Head Office, 17 Renfield street ; Branch
Office, 17 Miller street.
Metz & Co.'s Parcel Express, 82 Mitchell street; parcels despatched to all parts of the world.
Metz & Co., Daily Parcel Express and Forwarding Agents to all parts of the world ; 82 Mitchell street.
Paton & Co.'s Parcel Delivery ; Chief Office, 37 Mitchell street.
Wokdie & Co., General Carriers and Contractors, and Agents for the Caledonian, Highland, and Great
North of Scotland Railway Companies, forward Goods to nearly all places in England and Scotland.
Head Office, 66 Renfield street; Goods Receiving Offices, 11 Ann street, off Jamaica street, 12 Cochran
street, 8 Paul street, 14 Jackson street, 62 AVest street, Tradeston, 38 Oak st., Anderston, 12 Canning
street, Bridgeton. Stables, 8 and 11 Paul street, and 100 Stirling road, 62 West street, Tradeston, 38
Oak street, Anderston, and 12 Canning street, Bridgeton.
from whence. name — WHERE LODGED. DEPARTURE.
Aberfoyle, . . M'Farlane, 16 St. Andrew's street, Wednesday, 2 p.m.
Airdrie, . . . Cochrane, 30 Adam's Court lane, & 9 W. Howard St., Daily, 3.30 and 5 p.m.
Do. . . . Cochrane, 44 Brunswick street. Daily, 4 p.m.
Do. . ... Cuthill, John, 99 Stockwell street. Daily, 4 p.m.
Aitkenhead & Annochside, Cowans, 11 Kent street, Monday and Thursday?!, 3 p.m.
Alexandria, . . Jamieson, Railway arch, 40 Dunlop st., Daily, 3.30 imd 5 p.m.
Do. . . . James Wilson, 29 St. Enoch square. Daily, 5 p.m.
Do. . . . Wilson, Queen street station. Daily, 5 p ra.
Do. . . . .Jamieson, Queen street station. Daily, 5 p.m.
Auchinleck, . . Vallance, 10 St. Andrew's street, Wednesday, Fiiday, 4 p.m.
Baillieston, . . Baird, 16 St. Andrew's street. Daily, 3 p.m.

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