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Moodie ; Needlework, Eliza Foulis and G. Macdonald ;
Pianoforte, Misses M'Callum and Oatt ; Drawing,
David Forsyth, M.A. ; Janitor, J. Cunningliam.
71 Greeniiead Street.
Founded under the wills of the late William Logan,
and his spouse, Mrs. Jean Johnston or Logan, for
the education, upbringing, and assisting in life of
poor or destitute step-children or orphans of Scottish
extraction, those bearing the names of Logan or John-
ston always to be preferred. Oue hundred and
twenty girls receive a plain English education, in-
cluding reading, writing, and arithmetic, and also
sewing and knitting. Each child receives one suit of
clothing and two pairs of shoes and stockings yearly,
and is provided with some refreshment in the fore-
noon of each day when attending school.
Directors from the Town Council, the Hon. the
Lord Provost, Bailies Morrison, Collins, and Young ;
from the Merchants' House, the Lord Dean of Guild,
Patrick Playfair, and Thos. Watson ; from the Trades'
House, the Deacon-Convener, Deacons John Z. Kay,
M'Onie, and Robt. Murdoch; visitors, M. Connal, T.
Warren, J. B. M'Brayne, W. Smith, and Jn. Craig ;
lady superintendent, Miss M. Grant ; secretary and
treasurer, Mr. Henry Bruce, 77 Eenfield Street.
157 Canning Street.
Wm. Holms, Esq., M.P., D. Laidlaw, Esq, J.
Clachan, Esq., trustees ; J. Anderson, Esq., president ;
J. Watt, treasurer ; John Taylor, seci'etary ; Alex.
Mair, T. Fitzgerald, J. Scott, J. M'Cartney, Wm.
M'Kinnon, P. Connell, J. Bryan, J. Nelson, J. Suther-
land, D. Miller, W. Brown, W. Howat, directors; L.
Maxton, superintendent ; MissM. Thomson, librarian.
The object of the institution is to afford facilities
to working men for social intercourse, mutual im-
provement, instruction, and rational recreation. It
is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The library
contains 2000 volumes, including a number of re-
cently issued works. The reading room is supplied
with all the leading newspapers and magazines.
The large halls are allotted for games, including
billiards, bagatelle, summer ice, draughts, and chess.
Annual subscription, 6s. ; half-yearly subscription,
2s. 6d. ; monthly ticket, 6d. ; visitors. Id. ; library.
Is. per annum.
The Managing Committee. — W. Connal, chairman,
James King, Lord Dean of Guild, Bailie Macdonald,
A. Birrell, H. Brown, J. Campbell, J. Carmichael, T.
C. Christie, Wm. Cockey, J. Fulton, R. D. Douglas,
T. Ferguson, G. Gibson, W. Holms, M. P., A. Kay,
Rev. J. M. Lang, D.D., Rev. D. Menzies, Dr. W.
MacGill, C. C. Maokirdy, Alex. Miller, J. M'Laren,
A. D. Rutherfurd, J. Scott, A. Symington, T. Watson,
E. Walker, D. Wallace, J. B. Wingate, G. Younger ;
and representing Murdoch's Trust : — Bailie Craig,
Bailie Bannerman, Rev. Dr. Burns, Rev. F. L. Robert-
son, Rev. Thos. Somerville, Rev. David Miller.
Bouse Committee for Rottenroio. — J. Campbell,
of Tulliechewan, convener.
House Committee for idossbanlc. — A. D. Ruther-
furd, convener; E. Simpson Macharg, 7 Royal Bank
Place, treasurer and secretary.
Number in training, December 31, 1875 : boys,
450 ; girls, 239. Total, G89.
This school was established in 1808, and affords
a five years' course of instruction in the English and
commercial branches, together with music and scrip-
ture knowledge, to 108 boys and 108 girls, the sons
and daughters of freemen of any of the incorpora-
tions ; and the girls are also taught sewing and
Jas. Galloway, head master; J. S. Cook, second
master ; Miss Maggie M'Donald, industrial depart-
ment ; J. Robson, music master ; W. Stewart, draw-
ing master.
Head of North Portland Street.
Medical Officers.— Dr. J. G. Wilson, professor of
Midwifery in Ander.son's University, consulting phy-
sician ; Dr. G. Buchanan, Professor of Clinical Sur-
gery in Glasgow University, consulting surgeon ; Dr.
R. D. Tannahill and Dr. Hugh Miller, physicians-
accoucheur; Dr. Samuel Sloan and Dr. J. W. Ander-
son, asssistant physicians-accoucheur; Dr. E. T.
Patou, Dr. G. Millar, Dr. M. Hunter, Dr. R. S.
Wallace, out-door accoucheurs; Mrs. Warden, matron;
Jas. Hannan, hon. treasurer ; T. Dickie, cashier ;
Arthur Forbes, secretary ; W. Montgomerie, collector.
The hospital contains 24 beds for the patients.
The number of women who derived the benefit of
this institution during the past year was 1231.
Life subscribers of £5 5s., or annual subscribers
of 10s. 6d., are entitled to recommend each one
patients annually for admission to the hospital.
Founded 1861, and Incorporated under Royal Sign
Manual, with the Royal College of Veterinary
Patrons — His Grace the Duke of Argyll, His Grace
the Duke of Hamilton, the Hon. the Lord Provost
and Magistrates of the city of Glasgow, the professors
of the University of Glasgow, the Highland and
Agricultural Society of Scotland, &c., &c. Prin-
cipal, Professor M'Call.
Professors — Veterinary Medicine and Surgery,
Jas. M'Call, M.E.C.V.S. ; veterinary materia medica,
T. D. Moffat, L R.C.P.E.; veterinary anatomy, Wm.
Fordie, M.R.C.V.S.; chemistry, Stephen Cooke, F.C.S.;
physiologj', David N. Knox, M.A., M.B. ; botany,
Stephen Cooke, F.C.S.; hospital practice and general
clinical instruction, James M'Call, M.R.C.V.S.; Jas.
W. Dawson, 85 Buccleuch street, secretary to the

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