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UNIVERSITY— Founded 1450.
Chancellor— Sir WiWiam Stirling-Maxwell, Bart, M.P., Elected 1875
Principal and Vice- Chancellor — John Caird, D.D., 1873
Hector — Right Hon. Benjamin Disraeli, M.P., 1871
Dean of Faculties— Archiba.\d Orr Ewing, Esq., M.P., 1872
<r Nominated by Chancellor — Robert Jamieson, D.D., 1874:
" " iJecto;-— James Alex. Campbell, LL,D., 1872
" " General Council — Anderson Kirkwood, LL.D., , 1871
" " /S'^ate— Professor John B. Cowan, M.D., 1875
Divinity, 1640 William P. Dickson, D.D., 1873 1873
Natural Philosophy, 1577 Sir William Thomson, LL.D., D.C.L., 1846
Moral Philosophy, 1577 Edward Caird, M.A., 1866
Logic, 15T7 John Veitch, LL.D., 1864
Greek, 1581 Richard C. Jebb, M.A., 1875
Humanity 1637 George G. Ramsay, M.A., 1863
Mathematics, 1691 Hugh Blackburn, M.A., 1849
Oriental Languages, 1709 Rev. Duncan H. Weir, D.D., 1850
Civil Law, 1713 Robert Berry, M. A., Advocate, 1867
Practice of Medicine, 1713 William T. Gairdner, M.D., 1862
Anatomy, 1718 Allen Thomson, M.D., LL.D., 1848
Church History, 1720 William Lee, D.D., 1874
Practical Astronomy, 1760 Robert Grant, LL.D., 1859
Natural History, 1807 John Young, M.D., 1866
Surgery, 1815 George H. B. Macleod, M.D., 1869
Midwifery, 1815 William Leishman, M.D 1868
Chemistry, 1817 John Ferguson, MA., 1874
Botany, 1818 Alexander Dickson, M.D., 1868
Materia Medica, 1831 John B. Cowan, M.D., 1865
Institutes of Medicine, 1839 Andrew Buchanan, M.D., 1839
Forensic Medicine, 1839 Pierce A. Simpson, M.D. , 1872
Civil Engineering, 1840 James Thomson, LL.D., 1873
Conveyancing, 1801 James Roberton, LL.D., 1867
English Language and Literature 1862 John Nichol, LL.D., 1862
Biblical Criticism, 1862 Rev. William Stewart, D.D., 1873
Clinical Surgery, 1874 George Buchanan, M.A., M.D., 1874
Clinical Medicine, 1874 Thomas M Call Anderson, M.D., 1874
Waltonian Lecturer — Structure, Functions, and Diseases of the Eye, Thomas Keid, M.D.
Assistants to Professors.
Assistant to Professor of Humanity, Alexander R. MacEwen, B.A.
" " Greek, Alexander Murdoch.
" " Natural Philosophy, Donald M'Farlane.
" " Mathematics, James Arthur, M.A.
" " Anatomy, David N. Knox, M.A. , M.B.
Chemistrv (William Ramsay,
onemistry, |j^j^^ Hutchison.
" " Materia Medica, Gavin P. Tennent, M.D.
" " Forensic Medicine, Donald Munro.
" " Institutes of Medicine, William J. Fleming, M.B.
" ■ " Practice of Medicine, Samson Gemmell, M.B.
W. P. Dickson, D.D., curator of Library; Robert B. Spears, librarian; John Young, M.D., keeper cf
the Museum; Hill, Davidson, and Hoggan, factors of the College; Rev. Duncan H. Weir, D.D., Clerk
of the University ; Thomas Moir, registrar; Lauchlan M'Pherson, janitor ; Alexander Taylor, chamberlain.
HuNTEEiAN Museum. — Collection not yet arranged in the new buildings.
Young, under-keeper.
Dr. Young, keeper; John
(Instituted 1860.)
These Scholarships are six in number, of the value
of £80 each, tenable for two years, three of which
are competed for in Glasgow during the month of
October annually ; one in classics, one in mathematics,
and one in mental philosopiiy.
Eliieank Place — Established 1846.
President, W. G. Blackie, Ph.D.; rector, D.
Morrison, M.A., LL.D.
Classical— Head master, J. Moir, M.A.; assistants,
R. Lyon, M.A,, H. Wilson, M.A., and Robt. Brown.
French — J. Amours, B.A. German — C. Schlomka,

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