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J. Stodai-t, president ; R. Frame, vice-president ;
J. Alexander, treasurer ; W. L. Nicol, vice- treasurer;
A. M'Lean, R. Bi-ownlee, T. Menzies, T. A. Anderson,
J. Bruce, W. Phillips, J. B. Anderson, C. B. Aikman,
T. Duncan, T. T. Brown, D. Duncan, W. Gillespie,
directors; James Hutton Watkins, writer, 227 West
George Street, secretary; R. Mackenzie, 7 Surrey
Street, officer.
This society was instituted in 1785, and now
possesses a capital of £1668 14s. 9id. Its members,
who must be parties connected by birth, parentage,
or marriage with one of the Upper Ward of Lanark-
shire parishes, or have resided therein for ten years,
are entitled to 8s. per week when confined to bed ;
5s. per week when unable to attend their employ-
ment ; and 3s. per week when superannuated. After
being on the roll of members for seven years, these
amounts are increased to 10s. 6d., 7s. 6d., and 3s. 6d.
weekly respectively; and the money so bestowed last
year amounted to £139 23. 4d. The entry-money is
10s. 6d,, and the quarterly payments range from
2s. Id. at 15, to 4s. 6d. at 60 years of age.
Has under its care about 900 blind people,
resident in Glasgow and neiglibourliood, Greenock,
Fort-Glasgow, and the counties of Lanark and Ayr.
These blind persons are sought out, visited at their
own houses, taught to read, and provided with books
in raised type. And many of them being in extreme
destitution, means are much needed to relieve their
pressing wants, and to aid them in procuring em-
President, Sir Jas. Watson, 40 St. Vincent Place;
lion, treasurer, Avchd. Arrol, 16 Dixon Street ; lion,
secretary, James Miller, 5 South Hanover Street;
superintendent, A. Barnhill, Religious Institution
Rooms, 172 Buchanan Street.
Entry-money, £1 Is. ; present capital, £365, the
interest of which is apportioned amongst decayed
members. Visitor Franc Gibb Dongall, chairman ;
Deacon W. Caldwell, treasurer ; Deacon John Mair,
late chairman ; Deacon A. M'Onie, late treasurer ;
directors. Deacons W. Smith, R. Craig, T. Menzies,
R. A. Bogue, M. Paterson, W. Searcy, R. Mason, J.
Clark, W. King, J. M'Farlane, and D. M'Fadzean ;
Deacon H. Bruce, clerk, 77 Renfield Street.
For visitation of the destitute sick, and others in
extreme poverty.
Sir James Watson, president ; J. MitclielJ, A. Mac-
george, and J. A. Campbell, vice-presidents ; Rev. J.
Renfrew, Councillor W. Taylor, R. A. Bogue, W.
Logan, J. M'Callum, A. Macgeorge, J. Miller, J.
Gourlay, R. Gow, W. Walker, R. Westlands, A.
Sclanders, and James Miller, acting committee; R.
A. Bogue, 113 Ingram Street, treasurer ; John Gour-
lay and John M'Callum, secretaries, Religious Insti-
tution Rooms, 172 Buchanan Street; W. Crawford,
1 1 West Nile Street, collector.
The principal object of this society, the qualifica-
tion for membership of which consists of a small sum
of entry-money, is to afford relief to persons in indi-
gent circumstances, natives, or widows of natives of
Perthshire, and their children resident in Glasgow
and the neighbourhood, or passing through the city,
unexpectedly falling into distress.
.1. C. Burns, Esq., patron; ^Y. M'Onie, Esq.,
president; J. Stewart, Esq., late president; Prof.
Ramsay, J. M'Laren, D. Robertson, J. Dunbar, G.
M. Grierson, Wm. Easton, J. Blair, J. Hutchison,
R. M. Buchanan, W. M'Culloch, A. M. Robertson,
and J. Menzies, directors ; G. Gray, writer, 72
Hutcheson Street, secretary and treasurer.
Office — 68 Bath Street.
His Grace the Duke of Argyll, patron ; the Right
Hon. the Earl of Glasgow, president ; James Cleland
Burns, Esq., chairman ; W. J. Davidson, Esq., And.
Fergus, Esq., M.D., James Dunlop, Esq., vice-chair-
men ; James C. Wenley, Esq., treasurer; John S.
Robertson, Esq., secretary.
The general objects of this association are to in-
vestigate thoroughly the cases of all poor persons in
the city who may bo brought under its notice, with a
view to forwarding them to the proper quarter for
relief; to bring existing charities into co-operation
with one another and with the Poor-law authorities,
to repress mendicity; and by these agencies, and the
granting of loans in necessitous cases, to improve the
condition of the poor.
Instituted 1851.
President, J. M. Hall, Esq., of Tangy ; treasurer,
Colin Campbell, 8 Bothwell Street; ordinary directors,
A. Galbraith, N. Hill, D. Macdougall, L. M'Tavisb,
D. Macmaster, D. M 'Arthur, A. Macarthur, D.
B. M'Leod, and T. Train; secretary, Geo. William
Campbell, G8 Bath Street.
The objects of the society are : — To offer pecuniary
relief to its ordinary members and their families, and
other persons connected with the county of Argyll by
birth, marriage, or otherwise, who may be in neces-
sitous circumstances; and also to give assistance, in
such ways as may be considered proper, in the pro-
motion and extension of education among poor chil-
dren connected with Argyllshire, whether resident in
Glasgow or Argyllshire. The contribution payable by
each ordinary member is £3 3s.
Founded by Dr. James Black, sometime surgeon in
Jamaica, afterwards residing in Glasgow, and who
died in 1834. The funds are to be given to faithful
domestic servants settled in Glasgow or neighbour-
hood, who have been ten years or upwards in one
situation. Amount, £2 10s. per annum. There are
about 200 pensioners. Factors, Mitchells, Cowan
and Johnston, 160 AVest George Street.

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