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Office, 217 West George Street, Glasgow.
James Arthur, Esq., of Barshaw, president; D.
Mitchell, 72 Virginia Street, vice-president; Robert
Gourlay, treasurer ; J. C. Reid, C.A., 217 West George
Street, secretary and deputy-treasurer; T. Marr,
A.I.A., 39 St. Vincent Place, actuary ; Professor W.
Leishman, M.D., 11 Woodside Crescent, surgeon;
Professor D. Maclagan, M.D., 28 Heriot Row, surgeon
for Edinburgh ; Messrs. George Hodge, Geo. M'Leod,
F. J. Cruikshank, A. S. Cooper, G. Innes, A. Mellish,
Arch. H. Robertson, Jervis Coats, jun., J. Irons,
J. L. M'Call, R. Brown, J. Smith, directors; M'Grigor,
Donald, & Co., law agents.
A member of this society who has been 12 months
enrolled, ou being incapacitated by disease, accident,
or infirmity, from following his usual avocation, is
entitled to receive £1 per week. On the death of a
member ^ho has been 12 months enrolled, the so-
ciety pays £10 to the nearest of kin, or other
person taking charge of his funeral. Annual meeting
in Glasgow on the fourth Friday of January. The
directors meet on the first Tuesday of each month.
Number of members, 1,343; annual contributions
of members, 2,792 13s. 9d. ; total annual income,
£4,214 5s. lOd.; amount of funds invested or in bank,
£33,023 17s. ; benefits paid since the formation of
the society, £27,567 4s. 7d. Forms of application
and other information may be had of the secretary.
The objects of the club are, the social and rational
enjoyment of the members; the relief and support of
decayed and indigent individuals, or families, who
have either been born, or are descendants of parents
born, in Kintyre; and the encouragement of learning
and industry in that district by educating poor chil-
dren, distributing prizes annually to the various
schools, and awarding bursaries to deserving students.
The preses, directors, treasurer, and secretary, for the
time being, are the patrons of the " Kintyre bur-
sary," founded by Robert Ker of Auchinraith in 1862.
The entry money of ordinary members is £3 Ss., and
honorary members £2 2s. Thomas J. Smillie, writer,
175 West George Street, secretary.
Patron, Charles Tennent, Esq., The Glen, Peeble-
sliire ; president, A. Cochrane, jun., Esq., Fernie-
knowe, Galashiels ; directors, W. Forsyth, Cobden
Hotel, chairman ; W. Forsytb, 1 Clayton Terrace,
Dennistoun, vice-chairman ; T. Yule, T. S. Service,
D. Paton, J. Fiiskin, J. A. Thomson, P. Edgeley, A.
Nisbet, A. Wood, R, Garret, T. D. Humphreys,
G. H. Gibson, W. Hilson, J. Crosby, G. Lockie, R.
Chisholm, J. Jeffrey; secretary, J. JMacdougall, 123
John Street; treasurer, T. Vallance, 123 John St.
Objects of the association. — 1. The cultivation of
friendly intercourse among the members. 2. The
relief of persons belonging to any one of the Border
Counties (Berwick. Roxburgh, Peebles, and Selkirk)
residing in or passing through Glasgow, who may be
in indigent or distrei-sed circumstances. 3. The en-
couragement of the cause of education in the counties
presentation of by the prizes, or otherwise.
(CoMUNN Gaidhealach Ghlaschu.)
OfRce-bearers — Chief, Cluny Macpherson of Cluny ;
chieftains, D. Sharp, J. Eraser; secretary, J. M'Queen;
treasurer, J. Munro; directors, J. G. Mackay (con-
vener), P. Cameron, D. Crawford, W. L. Bogle, R.
Eraser, D. Graham, J. Johnstone, D. M'Gregor, D.
Innes, A. M'Keohnie, A. M'Kellar, J. M'Kellar, J,
M'Millan, A. M'Tavish, J. Morrison, N. Morrison, A.
Sinclair, J. Sinclair, M. Smith, M. M'Douald, J.
The objects of this association are — the cultivation
of social intercourse among Highlanders desirous of
cherishing their native attachments and of collecting
and preserving the traditions, tales, poetry, and music
of the Highlands ; the relief of deserving natives ; the
instituting of a reading room, library, and a house of
call for Highlanders, where a register will be kept for
the purpose of giving information where employment
may be had.
Membership Fees — Honorary members, £5 ; life
members, £2 2s. ; ordinary members, 2s. 6d. annually.
Library and reading room, 30 Hope Street; open
from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.
Committee meetings held every Thursday evening.
The objects of this association are to establish and
maintain lodging houses in various parts of the city,
affording comfortable and cheap accommodation for
the working classes, including strangers in the city in
search of employment, or in course of transit to other
places ; and to foster and encourage similar houses
when undertaken by private individuals.
House for Males. — 28 M'Alpine Street, Thomas
Templeton, superintendent.
House for Females. — 19 Carrick Street, Miss
Wilson, matron.
Chairman, Sir James Watson, and twenty-four
directors ; secretary and treasurer, Nicholas Dickson
69 Gordon Street.
71 NoKTH Fkedeeick Street.
J. Campbell, president; Hon. James Bain, Lord
Provost, Sir James Watson, and John Brown, jun.,
vice-presidents; Thos. Watson, treasurer; J. M'Clurc,
secretary ; Dr. W. M'Gill, surgeon ; J. M'Whirter,
superintendent; 36 directors.
House of Industrj' — Miss Falconer, matron.
Instituted 1855.
The object of the society is to relieve distress and
destitution arising from disease, bereavement, acci-
dent, or old age, among natives of Kilmarnock and
neighbourhood, resident in Glasgow. Applications for
assistance may be made to the treasurer or secretary.
W. Galbraith, Esq. (of C. Tennant & Co,, St.
Eollox), president; A. Muir, builder, 3 Abbotsford
Place, vice-president; G. Campbell, hosier, 63 St.
Vincent Street, treasurer; A. C. Wilson, writer,
West Nile Street, secretary.

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