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Object. — The creation of an enlightened public
opinion in favour of the Suppression of all Traffic in
Intoxicating Liquors as beverages, and to secure,
through the united eiforts of moral and social re-
formers, the passage into law of a measure framed to
effectually suppress that traffic by the votes of the
Ex-Bailie Hamilton, president ; vice-presidents, Sir
Wilfrid Lawson, Bart., M.P.; Provost Todd, Peebles;
Sir J. Mun-ay, Bart., Philiphaugh; Bailie Moncur,
Dundee; Bailie Jamieson, Perth; J. D. Bryce, J.P.,
A. Trevelyan, J.P., R. Little, J.P., G. Turner, J.P.,
J. Roberton, J.P., Professor Calderwood, Professor
Kirk, &c., with upwards of 120 hon. vice-presidents
and directors ; Bailie Torrens, chairman of executive ;
Provost Dick, vice-chairman of do.; R. IM'Callum,
treasurer ; Councillor Selkirk, lion, secy.; R. Mackay,
secretary, 30 Hope Street. Official organ, " Social
Reformer," published monthly, one penny. The in-
come last year was £2430, being an increase of £80
over the previous year.
The number of meetings addressed by representa-
tives of the Association in the course of a year ranges
from 800 to 1000. Tlie Association fully empk)3's
five agents and secretary, besides agents in various
parts of the country, who are meantime partially
engaged. Scotland is divided into districts, with
headquarters in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and
Peebles. The Association lias increased its Parlia-
mentary position, nineteen members of Parliament
voting for the principle of the Permissive Bill, not-
withstanding the strong attempts of the publican
party to overwhelm the supporters of the Permissive
Bill with defeat. It is also prosecuting a thorough
and exhaustive canvass of the Scottish burgh con-
stituencies, in nineteen of which there is already a local
option party. Premises to its £10,000 guarantee
fund are respectfully requested. The sums promised
are payable in five years in equal instalments, but
are not binding in the event of death or inability to
subscribe, and include the ordinary annual subscrip-
tion. Subscribers to the association of £1 and
upwards yearly receive a copy of the Alliance News
weekly, and the Social Ileformer monthly, free ;
while subscribers of os. per annum receive the Social
liejbrme); post free, as issued.
J. Howatt, president; J. Smith, vice-president;
J. j\I'Gill, treasurer; James Andrew, 387 Duke St.,
and Walter Buchanan, 872 Duke Street, secretaries ;
W. F. Salmon, G. Walker, R. JI'Arthur, G. Simpson,
J. Henderson, M. Wotlierspoon, H. Slimmon, George
Hunter, Jn. Black, Jn. Stuart, J. B. Weir, J. Ingram.
149 Hope Street, Glasgow.
Rev. Dr. Paton and Rev. T. B. W. Niven, secre-
taries ; J. E. Watson, 149 Hope Street, treasurer.
Comniiltees meet first Jlonday of every month at
3 p.m., in the Religious Institution Rooms, Buchanan
Applications for grants may be made to the sec-
retaries or treasurer.
1st. Total abstinence from all intoxicating liquors
as a beverage. 2nd. No license, in any form, or
under any circumstances, for the sale of such liquors,
to be used as a beverage. 3rd. The abiolute prohibi-
tion of the manufacture, importation, and sale of in-
toxicating liquors for such purposes — prohibition by
the will of the people, expressed in due form of law,
with the penalties deserved for a crime of such enor-
mity. 4th. The creation of a healihy public opinion
upon the subject, by the active dissemination of truth
in all the modes known to an enlightened philan-
thropy. 5th. The election of good, honest men to
administer the laws. 6th. Persistence in efforts to
save individuals and communities from so direful a
scourge, against all forms of opposition and difficulty,
until our success is complete and universal.
No person can be admiited to membership in this
Order unless he believes in the existence of Almighty
God as the Ruler and Governor of all things, and is
willing to take the pledge for life ; under this rule all
classes are welcomed to the Order: the young — that
they may be saved from falling into the snares of the
tempter ; the inebriate, who earnestly desires to re-
form — that they may be assisted to break the chains
of appetite that bind them to the car of ruin; the
moral and social ; that, by uniting all these elements
of society, the cause of temperance and morality may
be advanced. The Order recognises the supreme
divinity of Christ, and offers prayer in his name.
Tliere are 800 adult lodges in Scotland, with a
membership of 60,000, and 350 juvenile lodges, with
20,000 members. Each lodge meets weekly for the
transaction of business and the initiation of new
members. The Order is sustained by the weekly
contributions of its members. A regular staff of
agents is employed, who address meetings through-
the country.
Executive Committee. — Rev. Geo. Gladstone, Govan.
grand worthy chief templar; Gilbert Archer, Leitb,
grand worthy counsellor; Mrs. John Kirk, West Kil-
bride, grand worthy vice-temphir; Rev. James A.
Johnstone, Springburn, grand worthy chaplain; Thos.
F. Marr, Lenzie, grand worthy marshal; Rev. John
Kay, Coatbridge, general superintendent of juvenile
lodges; Jas. Downie, jun., Glasgow, grand worthy
treasurer ; AVm. W. Turnbull, 3 1 North Frederick
St., Glasgow, grand worthy secretary.
Official Organ. — The Good Templar, published
monthly, price one penny; offices, 31 North Frederick
Street, Glasgow.
Bailie W. M'Onie, Bailie Craig, Bailie Wilson,
Councillor, J. Laing, Messrs. G. W. Clark, W.
Hunter, W. Primrose, and R. Westlands, honorary
directors; A. Aird, president; R. M'Callum, vice-
president; G. Gray, 73 South Portland Street,
treasurer; Neil JIarquis, 25 Abbotsford Place, and
Wm. Harrison, 129 Thistle Street, S.S., secretaries.
The committee meets, for the transaction of
business, on the second Mondays of January, March,
May, July, September, and November, in Buchanan's
i Temperance Hotel, 20 Carlton Place, at 8.15 p.m.

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