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The objects for which the association is established are : —
1. The advancement of the art and science of architecture.
2. The consideration and discussion of all subjects and questions connected, directly or indirectly, with
the profession of architects, and the concentrated expression of opinion upon the same.
3. The elevation of the attainments, the promotion of the efficiency, and the protection of the interests of
the architects of Glasgow.
4. The establishment of a uniform rate of charge by the members for professional business, in cases where
no special agreement as to remuneration is made by the parties.
5. The doing of all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
Office-hearers for the year 1875. — John Baird, 112 West Regent Street, president; Campbell Douglas
266 St. Vincent Street, vice-president; James Sellars, un., 266 St. Vincent Street, treasurer; W. MacLean
writer, 157 St. Vincent Street, secretary; James Salmon, auditor.
Councillors. — J. Baird, J. IBurnet, C. Douglas, J. Gordon, Jas. Thomson, John Honeyman, Jas. Salmon,
David Thomson, Wm. Leiper, and Hugh Barclay.
Baird, J., 112 West Regent street
Baldie, R., 83 Bath street
Barclay, IL, 112 W. Regent street
Bell, G., 37 West Nile street
Boucher, J., 217 W. George street
Bromhead, H. K., 194 St. Vincent
Bruce, John L., 103 W. Regent st.
Bryden, R. A., 37 West Nile street
Burnet, J., 167 St. Vincent street
Carmichael, J. S., 209 St. Vine. st.
Carrick, J., 74 Hutcheson street
Clarke, W., 37 West Nile street
Cowan, J. L , 103 West Regent st.
Douglas, C, 266 St. Vincent st.
Forsyth, Matthew, 191 W. Geo. st.
Goodwin, Robt., 68 W. Regent st.
Gordon, J., 124 Bath street
Halkett, T., jun., 133 W. George st.
Hamilton, J., 113 W. Regent st.
Honeyman, J., 140 Bath street
Hutcheson, John, 190 W. Geo. st.
Kennedy, Jas,, 227 W. George st.
Knox, J, A., 129 St. Vincent st.
Landless, Wm., 137 W. Regent st.
Leiper, W., 208 W. George street
M'Leod, J., 160 Hope street
M'Naughton, D., 178 St. Vine. st.
Maclure, H. H., 127 Sauchiehall st.
Macqueen, Alex., 139 St. Vine. st.
Murdoch, J., 48 New Market street,
Myles, Andrew, 121 Wellington st.
Petrie, Alex., 141 W. George st.
Ritchie, J., 97 West Regent street
Salmon, J., 197 St. Vincent street
Salmon, W. F., 197 St. Vincent st.
Sellars, J., jun., 266 St. Vin. st.
Spence, W., 52 Renfield street
Stevenson, J. J., 3 Bayswater Hill,
London, W.
Sturrock, David, 103 W. Regent st.
Tait, W. N., 223 Hope street
Thomson, A. G., 194 W. George
Thomson, D., 29 St. Vincent pi.
Thomson, G., 122 Wellington st.
Thomson, J., 201 W. George st.
Thomson, J., 219 Hope street
Thomson, John, Airdrie
Watson, T. L., 137 W. Regent st
Glasgow Committee — J. A. Campbell, LL.D., presi-
dent; James White, vice-president; W. Miller, 147
St. Vincent St., treasurer; W. Crawford, 11 West
Nile St., secretary.
This committee has been formed in connection
with the Religious Tract and Book Society of Scot-
land, for the purpose of planting colporteurs and
distributing tracts in and around Glasgow.
This association was formed in 1869 to diffuse reli-
gious instruction among the working classes. The
Gospel is preached every Sabbath at 2 o'clock and
6.30 in the Hall at No. 36 Saltmarket, where also
during the week lectures are delivered on scriptural,
ecclesiastical, and scientific sulijects. During the
summer months, the above meeting.s are held (weather
permitting) on Glasgow Green. Through the agency
of the association large quantities of literature, of a
spiritual and educational character, are distributed.
The association is not identified with any religious
body, being intended as an auxiliary to the Christian
church of every denomination.
Mr. H. A. Long, director of missions ; T Wether-
all, president; A. M'Glashan, 42 Roselea Drive, Den-
nistoun, treasurer; 0. Horton, 29 Union St., secy.
Having for its object the universal abolition of
slavery and the slave trade; the protection of the
rights of the aborigines in the British Colonies ; and
the improvement of the condition of our fellow sub-
jects, the natives of British India.
Rev. Dr. Willis and Rev. Dr. G. Jeffrey, vice-
presidents; A. Paton, corresponding secretary; W.
Smeal, recording secretary and treasurer. With a
committee of thirty-five gentlemen.
Schemes of operation. — Lectures on Temperance
and Social Progress; City Hall Saturday Evening Con-
certs; Railway Excursions ; Morning Coffee Stands on
the Streets; Public Houses without the Drink; Band
of Hope; Penny Savings Banks; Temperance Library
Tract Distribution; Female iMissionaries on the " Miss-
ing Link " system ; Sea Side Convalescent Home for
the Poor; Recreation for the People, &c., &c. James
Wilkinson, president; R. C. Murray, David Ferguson,
and William Gemmill, vice-presidents; J. Lindsay,
treasurer ; J. Airlie, secretary, 58 Renfield Street.
Mrs. George Burns, 1 Park Gardens, treasurer;
Mr. James M'Nee, missionary, under the superin-
tendence of the Glasgow City Mission.

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