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ceptor Macdotiald, the Sheriff of Lanarkshire, John
Wilkie of Hillhead, Jn. Gordon of Aikenhead, Lieut-
Col. W. W. Hozier, convener of county ; Jas. Dunlop
ofTollcross, Wm Graham of Lambhill, Joha Finlay
of Easterhill, Lieut.- Col. Buchanan of Drumpellier,
Hector F. MacLean, W.S.; James Houldsworth of
Coltness, and W. J. Davidson of Ruchill.
Clerk — Matthew Anderson, 137 St. Vincent St.
Tteasurer^Jamss Nicol, City Chambers.
Chairman and Convener. — Wm. J. Davidson, of
Ex officio. — William Gillespie Dickson, advocate,
Sheriff of the county.
Elected hy Commissioners of Supply. — John Gor-
don of Aikenbead, W. J. Davidson of Ruchill, and
John Finlay of Easterhill.
Elected by ihe Magistrates of Glasgo^v. — The Hon.
the Lord Provost, James Hamilton, John Burt, John
Ure, James Brown, A. G. Macdonald, A. H. M'Lel-
lan, Wm. Miller, Juhn Mitchell, Alex. Osborne, Jas.
Salmon, James Thomson, and Wm. Walls.
Elected by ihe magistrates and Council of Ruther-
glen. — Provost Scouler.
Clerk — Alexander Young, 97 Wellington Street.
Treasurer and aconuntant — James Nicol, City Cham-
bers. Surgeon — Wm. Leishman, M.D. Chaplain —
Rev. Walter Brock.
First Ward. — James Thomson, 25 Monteith Row;
David Gilmour, 32 M'Farlane Street; James Robb,
Bank of Scotland, Cross; Alexander M'Crae, 103
London St.; Malcolm M'Ewen, 53 E. Howard St.
Second Ward. — John Knox, 5 Park Quadrant ;
Robt. S. Muir, 42 Ingram Street ; James Wright, 114
.lohn Street; Robert Lochore (to-iias) ; James Cousin,
48 Ingram Street.
Third Ward. — John Conway, 49 Nelson Street;
James Brown, 313 Argyle Street; James Daly, 32
Argyle Street; Thomas Duncan, 146 Trongate ;
William Yuile, 13 Gallowgate.
Fourth Ward. — David Anderson, Walliinshaw
Street, Bridgeton ; Peter Hamilton, 97 West George
Street; George Gibson, 77 Queen Street; Thomas
Brown, 118 Queen Street; David Sandeman, 11
John Street.
Fifth Ward. — James Beith, 1G8 Gallowgate;
George Younger, 1 North Court, Royal Exchange ;
John Cramb, 67 W. Nile Street; James Dunn, 64
Robertson St.; Henry S. Macpherson, 62 Queen St.
NomirMfed by Magistrates. — James Brown, 79
James Watt Stieet; Thomas A. Mathieson, 13 East
Campbell Street; Bailie John Burt, 143 Great
Hamilton St'e<-t; David Fulton, 50 Duke Street.
Nominated by Kirk Sessioiis. — Rev. James Dodds,
St. George's Parish Church; Thomas Kyle; Alex.
■M'AUister; William M'Culloch, 16 Hutcheson St.
Finance, Law, and Assessment. — Peter Hamilton,
convener; John Cramb, sub-convener; James Beith,
John Knox, R. S. Muir, James Brown, T. A.
Mathieson, James Robb, T. Duncan, D. Sandeman.
To meet the fourth Tuesday in every month, at 2
House. — David Gilmour, convener; James Cousin,
sub-convener ; D. Anderson, P. Hamilton, R.S. Muir,
J. Beith, J. Thomson, G. Gibson, J. Daly, T. Brown.-
To meet the third Tuesday in every month, at 1.30
Medical and Sanitary. — R. Lochore, convener ;
James Wright, sub-convener; James Brown, Malcolm
M'Ewen, David Fulton, John Cramb, Alex. M'Crae.
To meet on the Monday preceding Board Meeting, at
12 o'clock.
Children's. — J. Thomson, convener; T. Kyle, sub-
convener; Rev. J. Dodds, A. M'AUister, W. Yuile,
.John Conway, James Dunn, H. S. Macpherson, W.
M'Culloch, Bailie Burt. To meet the third Tuesday
in every month, at 12 o'clock.
General Relief. — Thomas Duncan, convener; T.
Brown, sub-convener; and all the members of the
Board. To meet at the call of the convener.
Chairman's. — The Chairman of the Board, con-
vener; Messrs. Anderson, Knox, Muir, and Beith, and
the conveners and sub-conveners of the above standing
committees. To meet at the call of the convener or
George Younger, chairman of the Board, and a
member of all the committees.
E. Adamson, in.spector.
Ratepayers. — First Ward — Bailie Young, 38 Dum-
barton Road; J. Maxton, 175 St. Vincent St.; A.
Tilarshall, 1 Park Grove Terrace; John Duncanson,
28 Raglan St.; George Munro, 25 Elmbank Crescent ;
Robert Macdougall, 4 Minerva St. ; James Shaw,
9t West Regnit Street. Second Ward— B. Martin,
4 Charing Cross; W. Hamilton, 33 Bath Street;
Mathew Fairley, 10 Woodlands Terrace ; D. Maclure,
62 Argyle Street; T. D. Buchanan, M.D., 24 West-
minster Terrace; J. Brand, 123 Hope St. Thii-d
Ward— Franc Gibb Dougall, 167 Canning Street;
Jas. Murdoch, jun., Carntyne, Parkhead ; A. M'Laren
11 Candleriggs; John Kirkland, 134 Canning -St. ;
Hugh S. Thomson, 48 Canning Street. Fourth
Ward — Jn. Brownlie, 2 Oakley Terrace, Dennistoun;
T. Ferguson, 1 St. Marnock Street; M. M'Ewen,
55 East Howard Street.
Kirk Session. — J. Murdoch, Carntvne ; Rev. Mr.
ShanUs, Manse, Maryhill; D. Marshall Lang, 107
St. Vincent Street; A. Buchanan, 10 Princes Sq.
Commission of Supply. — J. Jeffray of Cardovvan
House, Tililleriiton ; Alex. Law, Victoria PI., Airdrie ;
R. Walker of Lethamhall, Hoggautield; D. Fisher,
183 St. Vincent Street. Five a quorum.
John Maxton, Chairman.
N.B. — The above meets statedly on the last Tues-
day of every Jlonth, at 11 o'clock forenoon.
Officials. — P. Beattic, inspector; J. R. Motion,
inspector's clerk ; G. Donaldson, cashier ; William J.
Wood, pay-clerk ; D. Service, in-door assistant in-
spector; C. A. Forsyth, inspector of children; J.
Anderson, T. Fulton, D. Smart, C. Keir, H. B.
M'Phail, A. Ramsay, Jas. Brown, J. M. Ross, J.
Boag, assistant out-door inspectors; Jas. Brand, J.
Burns, C. Bowman, J. M. Fraser, R. Sage, A. M.
Gardiner, W. Jack, clerks; .J. Love, removing officer;
J. Johnston, doorkeeper.

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