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open for bank business daring the same hoars as for
Money Orders.
23. Amount of Deposits. — Deposits of one shilling,
or of any number of shillings, or of pounds and
shillin£;s, may be made by any person at the Post
Office Savings Bank, provided that such depositor
shall not make deposits amounting to more than
£30 in any year ending the 31st December, or
make any further deposit -when the amount standing
in his name, exclusive of the interest, exceeds £150.
When any Depositor's principal and interest amount
together to £200, all interest will cease so long as
the balance of the account continues to amount to
the said sum of £200.
24. Interest. — Interest, calculated yearly at the rate
of £2 10s. percent, per annum, will be allowed on every
complete pound deposited, reckoned from the first
day of the calendar month next following the day on
•which a complete pound shall have been deposited or
completed, up to the first day of the calendar month
in which the moneys are withdrawn. The interest
thus calculated will be at the rate of one halfpenny
per calendar month for every complete pound. The
interest will be reckoned to the 31st December in
every year, and will then be added to the principal.
25. Deposits made in Scotland by a married
woman, or by a woman afterwards married, will
be repaid to her unless her husband shall give notice,
in writing, to the Postmaster-General requiring pay7
ment to be made to him. This rule applies also to
deposits made in England or Ireland before the 9th
of August, 1870 ; fiom which day, by the passing of
the Married Women's Property Act, all deposits
made in England or Ireland by a married woman,
or by a woman who may afterwards marry (unless
the money belong to her husband and be deposited
without his consent), are the separate and uncon-
trolled property of the woman.
26. Transfers of Deposits. — A Depositor in the
Post Office Savings Bank may transfer his deposits
to any other Savings Bank legally established ; and,
on his written application, accompanied bj' his book,
to the Chief Office of the Postmaster-General, in a
form to be obtained at any Post Office Savings Bank,
he will be furnished with a certificate of the whole
amount due to him ; and his account with the Post
Office Savings Bank will thereupon be closed. A
Depositor in any legally established Savings Bank
may transfer his account to the Post Office Savings
Bank, and may require from the trustees or managers
of such bank a certificate, stating the amount due to
him ; and thereupon his account with such bank will
be closed. The certificate may be delivered at any
Post Office Savings Bank, and will be received as a
deposit of the amount therein set forth ; and on the
certificate being forwarded to London, and verified
by the National Debt Commissioners, an account for
the amount thereof will be opened with the Depositor,
and an acknowledgment for the amount will be sent
to the depositor.
27. Withdrawal of Deposits. — Any depositor
wishing to withdraw the whole or part of the sum
deposited by him, must make application for the
same to the General Post Office in London, in a
form which may be obtained at any Post Office
Savings Bank.
28. Repayments. — Repayments will be made only
to the depositor in person, or to the bearer of an
order under his hand, signed in the presence of either
the minister of the parish in which the depositor
resides, of a justice of the peace, or in case of sick-
ness, of the medical attendant.
29. Secrecy.— The. Officers of the Postmaster-
General engaged in the receipt or payment of deposits
will not disclose tho name of any depositor, nor the
amount deposited or withdrawn by him, except to
the Postmaster-General, or to such of his officers as
may be appointed to assist in carrying out the pro-
visions of the Post Office Sa-^angs Bank Acts.
30. The Postmaster-General is empowered under
the Act 27 and 28 Vict. cap. 43, to insure the lives
of persons of either sex between the ages of 16 and
60, for not less than £20 or more than £100. He
is also empowered under the same Act to grant im-
mediate or deferred annuities of not more than £50
on the lives of persons of either sex, and of the age
of ten years and upwards.
The persons whose lives are insured or to whom
annuities are granted by the Postmaster-General,
have direct Government security for the payment of
the money at the proper time.
The Post Office of Glasgow receives proposals
for the insurance of lives and the purchase of
annuities ; and forms of proposal, with full instruc-
tions for filling up and delivering the same, as well
as every other necessary information, may be obtained
on application.
1 . The charge for telegrams throughout the United
Kingdom, including the Channel Islands and the
Isle of Man, but excepting the Scillj', Orkney, and
Shetland Islands, is Is. for the first 20 words, and
3d. for every additional five words, i.e., for every
additional group of not more than five words*; the
names aud addresses of the sender and receiver not
being counted.
2. The charges for Press telegrams are Is. for
every 100 words, or portion of 100 words, handed
in between the hours of 6 p m. and 9 a.m., and Is.
for every 75 words, or portion of 75 words, handed in
between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., with an
additional charge of 2d. per 100, or 2d. per 75 words,
as the case may be, for the same telegram to every
additional address.
3. The inland telegram forms are of two kinds,
namely, the " A 1 " form, embossed with a stamp of
the value of Is., and the ''A" form (given gratis),
with no stamp embossed thereon. The " A 1 forms "
may be purchased singly or in any number. They
may also be had bound up into books of 20 forms ;
price 20s. 2d.
4. The charge for telegrams to the Scilly Islands
is (in addition to the ordinary Inland rate) 2s. 6d. for
five words or less (exclusive of the address, which is
not charged for unless it exceed 10 words, in which
case 6d. is charged for every extra word above 10),
and 6d. for each additional word ; and to the Orkney
and Shetland Islands 6s. for the first 20 words, and
Is. 6d. for every additional five words ; except to Moss
Bank, Culla Voe, Uya Sound, and Balta Sound, in
* A .similar interpretation is to be put upon the phrase
" every additional — words," wherever such phrase occurs.

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