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(10.) Colonial and Foreign Book Post.
1. The rates of postage on book-packets to the
colonies and foreign countries are given in the table
of Colonial and Foreign Postage.
2. Every book-packet must be posted either with-
out a cover (iu which case it must not be fastened,
whether by means of gum, wafer, sealing wax,
postage stamp, or otherwise), or in a cover entirely
open at both ends, so as to admit of the contents
being easily withdrawn for examination; otherwise
it is treated as a letter. For the greater securitj' of
the contents, however, it may be tied at the ends
with string, postmasters being authorized to cut
the string in such cases, but required to retie the
3. The limit of size for a book-packet addressed
to any place abroad is 24 inches in length and 12
ches in width or depth.
4. Whatever is allowed under Rule 8, Section V.,
to be sent in an inland book-packet may be sent in a
book-packet to places abroad, except that water-
colour drawings are not allowed to be sent in a book-
packet to France or Algeria.
No writing or manuscript mark, however, beyond
the name and address of the person to whom it is sent
is admissible in or upon a packet forwarded via
France to the Argentine Confederation, Bolivia,
Chili, Cuba, Ecuador, Hayii, Mexico, Paraguay,
Peru, Porto Rico, St. Thomas, Uruguay, United
States of Colombia, or Venezuela.
(11.) Colonial and Foreign Pattern and Sample Post.
1. There is a Pattern and Sample Post to such
colonies and foreign countries as are marked in the
Table of Colonial and Foreign postage with the letter
" P " i but it is restricted to honajide trade patterns
or samples of merchandise. Goods sent for sale, or
in execution of an order (however small the quantity
may be), or any articles sent by one private individ-
ual to another which are not actually patterns or
samples, are not admissible.
2. The rates of postage are the same as for book-
3. Patterns or samples, when practicable, mustibe
Bent in covers open at the ends, and in such a
manner as to be easy of examination.* But samples
of seeds, drugs, and such like articles, which cannot
be sent in covers of this kind — but such articles
onlj' — may be posted enclosed in boxes, or in bags
of linen or other material, fastened in such a manner
that they may be readily opened ; or, in the case of
samples of seeds, &c., for the United States of
America, Holland and its possessions, Belgium, Den-
mark, Greece, Portugal and its possessions, and
Switzerland, in bags entirely closed, provided such
closed bags are transparent, so as to enable tbe
OfHcers of the Post Office readily to satisfy them-
selves as to tbe nature of the contents.
4. There must be uo writing or printing upon or
in any packet except the address of the person for
whom it is intended, the address of the sender, a
trade mark or number, and the price of the
6. Samples of intrinsic value must not be sent to
* In order to secure the return of Pattern Packets
which cannot be delivered, the names and addresses of
the senders should be printed or written outside; thus.
any foreign country ; and in the case of France,
samples of eider down, raw or thread silk, woollen
or goats' hair thread, vanilla, satfron, carmine, or
isinglass, are considered to fall under this rule if
they weigh more than three ounces ; and up to
this weight raw and spun silk, as well as coloured
and twisted silk, may be sent to Germany.
6. Such articles as scissors, knives, razors, forks,
steel pens, nails, keys, watch machinery, metal
tubing, pieces of metal or ore, provided that they be
packed and guarded in so secure a manner as to
afford complete protection to the contents of the
mail bags and to the Officers of the Post Office,
while at the same time they may be easily ex-
amined, may be sent as samples to places abroad,
except France, and countries via France. Indigo
cannot be sent to any place abroad.
7. The limit of weight is not the same to all
countries. For particulars, see foot note at page 5.
8. A packet of patterns or samples sent to any
place abroad must not exceed 24 inches in length,
or 12 inches in width or depth.
(12.) Indian Parcel Post.
1. Persons wishing to send parcels to any part of
British India can do so through the Indian Parcel
Post Agency — established under authority of the
Director-General of the Post Office of India — at
122 Leadenhall Street, E.C., and (Branch Office) at
25 Cockspur Street, S.W.
2. The charge for parcels is Is. per lb., or fraction
of a lb. (prepayment optional), covering transit from
London to destination in India. luhurance may be
effected, if desired, at the rate (to be prepaid) of Is.
up to £3 value, 2s. 6d. up to £10 value, and 5s. up
to £20 value. Indian Customs duty (if chargeable)
will be realized from the addressee.
3. The maximum weight, size, and value of a parcel
are: — weight, 50 lbs.; size, 2 feet long by 1 foot
broad, and 1 foot deep; value, £20.
4. The following are forbidden contents : —
Jewellery, watches, precious stunes, liquids, or
articles of a dangerous or damaging nature.
5. Mode of pMcking and address: — Parcels must
be entirely closed and securely packed and fastened ;
a covering of cloth or waterproof sewn at the edges
being recommended. The Indian address should be
legibly written, with the superscription, "By Indian
Parcel Post."
6. A letter of advice, stating name and address on
parcel, contents and value for Custom House clear-
ance, with legible signature and address of sender,
should be sent to the Office (see Clau'^e 1), with each
parcel, accompanied by payment, if it, be desired to
prepaj' or insure the parcel.
7. A receipt will be given (by the Company) for
each parcel received from the country, and for other
parcelSj if required.
8. Parcels from the country (including all those
not booked by the sender or their messengers or
agents in person at the London Offices) may be for-
war.ted to the office in London (see address below) by
railway, or other means available ; but the parcel with
the Indian address, as in Clause .*), should in such
case be enclosed in an outtr covering, bearing the
address, "Indian Parcel Post Agency, 122 Leaden-
hall Street, London, E.G." The charges for carriage
to the above address are ad<titional to charges for
transit or insurance under Clause 2, and may be pre-

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