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Younger, John, 17 Hope street and
130 Eglinton street
Zinkeisen, V. & Co. 30 Cocliran st
Cathcart, J. P. 135 Bucbanan st
Fleming, P.&R.& Co. 29 Argjle st.
branch establishment, 1 Dowan-
liill place. Particle
Gray,John, & Co. Uddingston Iron
Works, Uddingston. — See Ad-
verUsemenis in Ajipendix
Leslie, Thomas, merchant, 7, 9, 11
Robertson street
Lewin, S. Poole ; agents, Henry
Bennett & Co. 123 Hope street
Moffat, Geo. & Co. 6 Brown st
Pearson, Thos. & Co. 50 Waterloo
street and Campbell street
Pooley, Henry, & Son, patentees
and manufacturers of every de-
scription of weighing apparatus
for agricultural purposes, &c.;
works, Albion Foundry, Liver-
pool; Glasgow branch office and
show-rooms, 113 West Nile st;
workshops and stores, 169, 171
Renfield st; Ja?. Hines, manager
Short & Stewart, 18 Bucbanan st
Smith, Hugh, & Co., Possil engine
works, Killearn st. Possil rd. —
See Advt. in Appendix.
Wallace, Jn. & Son, 7 to 15 Gra-
ham square
Blacklock,Goudie,& Co, 69 Jamaica
st, 41 Gresham st, London, and
101 Princes street, Edinburgh
Campbell, Achnach, & Co. 25
Jamaica street
Clydesdale (The) Rubber Co. 58
Gordon st. and 2 Renfield street
M'Lellan, Geo. & Co. 45 Robert-
son street
Russell Bros. & Co. 172 Argyle st
Thornton, Currie, & Co. 43, 45, 47
Jamaica street ; wholesale de-
partment, 9 Howard square
Warne, Wm. & Co. London ; A.
M'Neill, agent, 20 Union street
turers of.
Bayer, Fred. & Co. Barmen ; agents.
Bryce & Rumpff, 141 W. Geo.
street and 8 Corporation street,
Brooke, Simpson, & Spiller ; agents,
Henderson, Hogg, & Co. 26a
Renfield street
Holliday, Read, &, Sons, William
Walker, manager, 196 West
George street,and London, Man-
chester, New York, U.S.; works,
Huddersfield and Wakefield
Those marked thus * are members
of the Glasgow Institute of Architects,
incorporated ISth September, 1868.
In order to distinguisli the members
of the Institute, it was unanimously-
resolved at a general meeting, that
all the members should use the initial
letters I A. in all documents relating
to their profession.
Adam, James, 109 W. George st
Adamson, Ales. 80 Renfield st
Allan, Jas. H. office of public wks.
Armour, Jonathan, 65 Jamaica st
*Baird, John, LA. 112 West Re-
gent street
*Baird, John & James Thomson,
LA. 88 Bath street
*Baldie, Robert, LA. 83 Bath st
*Barclay, H. & D. 112 West
Regent street
Bell, Geo. jun. 37 West Nile street
*Bell, Geo. (of Clark & Bell)
Blair, Harry, 68 Bath street
Boucher & Cousland, 217 West
George street
*Boucher, J. LA. 217 W. Geo. st
*Bromhead, Horatio K. A. R. I.B.A.
and LA. 245 St Vincent street
Brown, Robert, 227 W. George st.
""Bruce, John L. and D. Sturrock,
LA. 103 West Regent street
*Bryden, Robert, LA. 37 West
Nile street
*Burnet, Jn. LA. 167 St. Vine. st.
Carmichael, Jn. S., 209 St. Vin. st
*Carrick, John, LA. Municipal
buildings, 74 Hutch eson street
Carruthers, John H. 61 West
Regent street
*Clark & Bell, LA. 37 W. Nile st
Corrie & Craig, 121 W. Regent st.
Craig, James, 121 W. Regent st
Cowan, J. L. 103 W. Regent st
Cowan, Joseph, 147 W. Graham st
Dalglish, Robt., 154 St. Vincent st
Dempster, Jas. K. 75 Bath street
*Douglas, Campbell, & Sellars,
LA. 266 St. Vincent street
Duncan, Robt., 157 St. Vincent st
Dunlop, Robt. 178 St Vincent st
Ewan, Robert, 75 Bath street
Fincke, John A. 61 Waterloo st
*Forsyth, Matthew, 191 W. Geo. st
Glen, Peter, jun. & Co. 65
Jamaica street
*Goodwin, Robert, 68 W. Eegt. st.
*Gordon, John, LA. 124 Bath st
Haddin, A. A. 147 W. Regent st
*Haig, John, LA. 108 Hope st. and
36 Renfield lane
*Halket, Thomas, jun. LA. 133
West George street
*Hamilton, Jas. & Son, 132 West
Regent street
Halley, John, 129 St. Vincent st
Harvey, G. & A. {factory), 40, 42
M'Neil street
Higgins, H. jun. 243 St. Vine, st
*Honeyman, Jn. LA. 140 Bath st
Hunter, Peter, 32 Minerva street
*Hutchison, John, LA. 190 West
George street
Ingram, W. R. & S., 154 West
Regent street
*Kennedy, Angus, Son, & Co. 140
Bath street
Kennedy, Geo. P. 40 Union street
*Knox & Halley, 129 St. Vinct. st
*LandlesR, W^m. 137 W. Regent st
*Leiper, W. LA. 140 Bath street
Leitch, Andrew, 137 Cambridge st
Letham, Eben. 219 Hope street.
Low, D. P. 219 Hope street
M'Allister, Robt. 105 Douglas st
*Maclure, H. H. LA. 127 Sauch. st
M'Genn, Hen. 228 Govan rd. Govan
M'Kenzie, Ales. 205 Hope street
M-Kissock, J. & W. G. Rowan,
175 St. Vincent street
*M'Leod, John, 160 Hope st
*M'Naugliton, D. 178 St. Vine, st
*M'Qucen, Ales. 139 St. Vinct. st
Martin & Dunlop, 178 St. Vine, st
Melvin, R. G. 74 Argyle st
Miller, A. Lindsay, 12l W. Eegt. st
Monro, Jas. M. 28 Bath st
*Myles, Andw. 121 Wellington st
Peat & Duncan, 157 St. Vinct. st
*Petrie, Alex. 14 1 W. George st.
Ramsay, D. H. 4 Eaglesham st
*Ritchie, Jas. LA. 97 W. Regt. st
Robertson, Alfred G. 209 Hope st
Rowan, W. G. 176 St. Vincent st
*Salmon, Jas. & Son, 197 St.
Vincent street
*Sellar, Jas. jun. 266 St. Vine, st
Shanks, Lewis, 68 W. Regent st
Skirving, Ales. 227 W. Geo. st
Smellie, Jn. Clydeview, Whiteinch
Smith, A. J. 121 West Eegent st
Spence, H. F. 187 St. Vincent st.
*Spence, Wm.,I.A,189 St.Vin.st
Stevenson, Eobert, 132 W. Nile st
Stewart, Edward, 148 Eenfrew st
Stewart, Wm. 128 Wellington st
*Tait, W. N. LA. 154 W. Regt. st
^Thomson, A. G. and Turnbull,
122 Wellington street
*Thomscn, A, G. LA. 194 AVest
George street
*Thomson, David, I A. 29 St.
Vincent place
*Thomson, Jas. LA. 219 Hope st
*Thomson, Jas. LA. 88 Bath st
Turnbull, Robt. 122 Wellington st
Watson, Geo. L. (jiaval), 141
Sauchiehall street
*Watson, Tho?. L. 1 37 W. Regent st
Watt, Alex. 67 Renfield street
Wilson, John C. 176| Hope st
Woodrow, Peter, 67 Renfield st
Scott, Robt. 128 Sauchiehall st

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