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Eullerton, Mrs. A., 19 Woodside place.
FULTON, Allan, wine and spirit merchant, 77
Garscube road ; house, 3 Northbuni street.
Fulton, Andrew (of A. Fulton & Co.), house, 29
Devon street.
Fulton, Andw., clerk, Gorbals Tube Works, Buchau st.
Fulton, Andrew, iron and commission merchant, 59
Robertson street ; house, 104 Berkeley street.
Fulton, Andrew, & Co., manufactm-ers and coimnis-
sion agents, 97 Union street.
Fulton Brothers, grocers and provision merchants, 51
Cumberland street, s.s., and 201 Crown st.; house,
2 Sm-rey place.
Fulton Brothers, bakers and confectioners, 569 Duke
street and 626 Gallowgate; house, 2 Surrey place.
Fulton, Bryden, & Co., merchants and shipping agents,
16 St. Vincent place.
Fulton, David engi-aver, 17 Gordon street ; hoiise, 21
Houldsworth street.
Fulton, David, engraver to calico printers, 48, 50
Duke street ; resid. Craiglec house, Dennistoun.
Fulton, David, teacher (English, &c.), St. George's
school, 66 Brown street; ho. 13 Grafton square.
Fulton, Hugh (of Fulton & Weir), ho. 129 Grafton ter.
Fulton & Hutton, warehousemen, 218 Argyle street.
Fulton, James, jun., potato merchant, 31 North
Hanover street ; house, 44 Apsley place.
Fulton, James, draper, 164 Cowcaddens ; house, 26
Camngton street, Great Western road.
Fulton, James, provision merchant, 429 Ai'gyle st.
and 3 Douglas street ; house, 425 Argyle street.
Fulton, James, & Co., provision merchants, cheese
merchants, and ham curers, 47 Argyle street.
Fulton, James, surgeon dentist, 103 Sauchiehall st. ;
house do.
Fulton, James, tobacconist and stationer, 360 St.
Vincent street ; house, 395 do.
Fulton, John, 30 Rose street, Garnetliill.
Fulton, John, grocer and tea merchant, 49 Norfolk
street, 84 South Portland street; house, 128 do.
Fulton, John, grocer and provision merchant, 65
Centre street ; house, 67 do.
Fulton, John, surveyor, Corporation Water Works, 23
Jliller st. ; ho. 20 Albert drive, Queen's park.
Fulton, John, small ware merchant and underclothing
manufacturer, 68 Glassford street ; house. White-
field terrace, Cambuslang.
Fulton & Maclean, paint, colour, and cement manu-
facturers, and licensed dealers in methylated spirits,
167 and 159 London street.
Fulton, Richd., boot and shoemaker, 609 Duke st.
Fulton, Robert, & Co., produce commission merchants,
21 Hutcheson street.
Fulton, Robert (of Fulton & Maclean), residence, 162
London street.
Fulton, Robert (at Gilmour & Aitken's), house, 8
Stanley Place, s. side.
Fulton, R. (of Fulton & Walker), house, 80 South
Wellington street.
Fulton, Samuel J. H., flesher, 135 West Graham st.
Fulton, Samuel, church ofScer, Cathedral street U.P.
Chm'ch ; house, 405 Parliamentary road.
Fulton & Walker, plumbers, gasfitters, and zinc
workers, 92 Crown street and 186 M'Lean street.
Fulton & Weir, wholesale cheese, butter, and pro-
vision merchants, 60 and 62 Wilson street.
Fulton, W. H. & J., leather merchants, &c., 147
Stockwell street.
Fulton, Wm., provision merchant, 229 Eglinton st.
Fulton, William, leather merchant, 2 St. James' place,
Fulton, Mrs. James, 15 Hill street, Garnethill.
Fulton, Mrs., oil, colour, and hardware merchant.
219 Garscube road ; house, 221 do.
Fulton, Mrs., provision merclit., 14 Greeir st., Calton.
FURLONG, C. H., & Co., wine shippers, Jerez de
la Frontera, Oporto, and Tarragona ; agent, Thos.
Sharpe, 101 West Nile street.
FuRNiTORE Stores, 98 and 136 Sauchiehall street,
Brougham buildings, 44 Renfrew street, and 148
St George's road ; Morrison, Dick, & M'Culloch,
FYFE, Andrew, spirit merchant, 28 Pitt street ;
house, 138 West Graham street.
Fyfe, Archd., teacher of English, 70 Grant street.
Fyfe, A., wine and spirit merchant, 22 Mains street
and 41 Cadogan st. ; ho. 7 Church pL, Anderston.
Fyfes, Clark, and Kennedy, general drapers and
warehousemen, 32 Candleriggs, and 1, 3 Great
Western road.
Fyfe, D. A., engineer and patentee, 227 Hope st.
Fyfe, George Fenton (at CoHn H. Dunlop & Co.'s),
residence, Newfield house, Rutherglen.
Fyfe, George, Bank of Scotland, Cross branch :
house. New Cathcart.
Fyfe, Henry, & Son, manufacturers, 62 Queen street.
Fyfe, H. M. (of M'Symon & Potter), house, Finnart,
Fyfe, James (of Fyfes, Clark, & Kennedy, 32 Candle-
riggs), house, 91 Hanover street.
Fyfe, James, quarry master, 90 Wellington street ;
house, 16 Regent Park square.
Fyfe, John (of H. Fyfe & Son), ho. 8 Woodside pi.
Fyfe, John, general manager, Young's Paraffin Light
and Mineral Oil Co. (Limited), ho. Lewisville,
Fyfe, John (of John Fyfe & Co., tinsmiths and
braziers), house, 383 Paisley road.
F}'fe, John, spirit dealer, 10 Ann street, Cowcaddens :
house, 138 West Graham streeet.
Fyfe, John, & Co., tinsmiths and braziers, 7 Centre
street; house, 283 Paisley road.
Fyfe, John T., resident secretary, Scottish Provincial
Assurance Company, 106 St. Vincent street; ho.
20 Westminster terrace.
Fj'fe, J. A., commission and insurance agent, 175
Buchanan st. ; house, 55 West Cumberland st.
Fyfe, John (of Fyfes, Clark, and Kennedy), house,
86 Hill street, Garnethill.
Fyfe, Leander M., teacher, head master Queen's Park
public school, Battlefield, Langside ; house do.
Fyfe & Morton, ship store dealers, export grocers,
wine and spirit merchants, 72 Great Clyde st.
Fyfe, Robert (of W.& R. Fyfe), house, 101 PoUok st.
Fyfe & Russell, plumbers and gasfitters, 318 Paisley
road ; house, 17 Plantation place.
Fyfe, William, & Co., stay and baby linen manufac-
turers, 72 Argyle street ; house, 13 Cliliord street,
Paisley road.
Fyfe,' WilHam (of W. & R. Fyfe), residence, Port-
Fyfe, W. & R., paint manufacturers and colour
merchants, 68 and 70 Paterson street, Kingston.
Fyfe, Mrs., 13 Woodlands terrace.
Fyfe, Mrs. Alexander, 55 Cumberland street, west.
Fyfe's baby linen, underclothing, and stay ware-
house, 18 Argyle street, and 207 Cowcaddens;
wholesale factory. 3 Virginia street.

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