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Ferguson, John (of Baixlay, Curie, & Co.), house,
Larkfield, Partick.
Ferguson, John, writer (of Brown & Ferguson, 75
Union street), house, Maryland, Govan.
Ferguson, John A. (of Ferguson, Shaw, & Sons), ho.
6 Moray place, Regent park.
Ferguson, John, tailor and clothier, 17 Centre
Ferguson, John (of Cameron & Ferguson), residence,
Benbui'b house, Lenzie.
Ferguson, John Aitken, National Bank of Scotland;
house, 40 West Campbell street.
Ferguson. John, out-door inspector. City Improve-
ment Trustees, 74 Hutcheson street; house, 43
London street.
Ferguson, John, agent, 7 Croy place and 109 Ai-gyle
street; ho. Ill Watt street.
Fergusson, Jolm, & Brothers, yarn merchants, 89
Mitchell street.
Ferguson, Joseph, ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasfitter,
127 Govan road; workshop, 211 do.
Ferguson, J. C, commission agent, 65 East Howard
- street; house, 16 Picardy place, Edinburgh.
Ferguson, Lamont, & Co., marine insurance brokers,
59 St. Vincent street.
Ferguson, Malcolm (of Malcolm Ferguson & Co.),
house, GO St. Vincent crescent.
Ferguson, M'Lean, & Co., drapers and clothiers,
36, 38, and 40 Main street, Anderston.
Ferguson, Malcolm, & Co., merchants and commission
agents, 54 St. Enoch square.
Ferguson, Math, (at Nicholson & Ferguson's), house,
742 GaUowgatc.
Ferguson, Peter (of Robertson, Ferguson, & Co.), ho.
15 Wilson street, Hillhead.
Ferguson, Peter (of John Ferguson & Sons), house,
12 Merkland ter., Wilson street, Hillhead.
Ferguson, Peter, mason and builder, 7 Gardner st. ;
house, 5 Myi-tle street.
J''erguson, Peter (of Ferguson & Sinclair), house, 5
Myi-tlo street.
I'crguson, Peter, temperance mission., 283 Eglinton st.
J'crguson, Peter, registrar of births, &c., Dennistoim
district, and warden of Cathedral, St. Mungo's, St.
David's, and Blackfriars' bmying-gromads, Cathe-
dral lodge. High Church; house, 8 Ure place,
Montrose street.
I'erguson, Peter, plumber and gasfitter, 15 East
Howard street; house, 69 Abbotsford place.
I'erguson, Peter, tailor and clothier, 3 W. Campbell st.
Ferguson, Peter, tailor and clothier, 6 Canning st., Calt.
Ferguson, Peter (at James Black & Co.'s), house, 15
Annette street, Crossbill.
Ferguson and Reid, merchants and commission agents,
67 Hope street.
Ferguson, Richd. (of J. & R. Ferguson, ironmongers,
11 Ai-gyle street), house, 2 Chatham place, and
Woodneuk, Millport.
Ferguson, Robt., butcher, 45 Gibson st., Hillhead, and
13 St. George's road; ho. 228 Dumbarton road.
Ferguson, Robert, & Son, painters, decorators, and
glaziers, 153 St. George's road ; house, 168 do.
Ferguson, Robert (of John Ferguson & Sons), house,
12 Merkland terrace, Wilson street, Hillhead.
Ferguson, Robert, writci", 53 New Market street, Ayr;
house, Weir lodge, Broomfield road, Ayr.
Ferguson, Robert, & Co., Kinning Works, loiTy, van,
and cart builders, horse shoers, and smiths, Smith
street. Paisley road.
Ferguson, Robert, Yorkhill Timber Wharf; ho. 121
Hill street, Gamethill.
Ferguson, Robert, confectioner, 93 Nelson street.
Ferguson, Robert, stationer and tobacconist, 217
Main street, Gorhals ; house, 213 do.
Ferguson, Shaw, & Sons, soap and candle manufac-
turers, tallow melters, oil refiners, and lard mer-
chants, and agents for James W. M'Evfan, New
York, Price's Patent Candle Co. (Limited), London,
39 Stockwell st. ; works, 85, 87 Old wynd.
Ferguson & Sinclair^ bmlders, 7 Gardner street.
Ferguson, Thomas (at Milton Ironworks), house,
60 Hopehill road.
Ferguson, T. & J., manufacturers, Kilmarnock ;
agents, George C. Dick & Co., 86 Mitchell street.
Fergusson, Thos. M. (of John Fergusson & Brothers),
residence, Ayton house, Dowanhill.
Ferguson, Thomas, draper, &c., 106 George street;
house, 119 George street.
Ferguson, Thomas, secretary, West of Scotland Rifle
Association, 137 West George street; house, Agnew
place. Crossbill.
Ferguson, Thomas, belUianger, gasfitter, brassfouuder,
and Venetian blind maker. 6^ Cambridge street ;
house, 71 Shamrock street.
Ferguson, Thomas, Union Bank of Scotland ; house,
14 Markland terrace, Hillhead.
Ferguson, Thomas (of Nicholson & Ferguson, Crown-
puint Boiler Works), ho. Craigmarloch, Cambuslang.
Fergusson, Thomas (of Cross, Wedderspoon, & Co.),
house, 23 Moray place. Regent park.
Ferguson, Walter, grocer, 20 Vermont street, Kinning
park; house, 18 do.
Ferguson, William, draper, 5 South Apsley place.
Ferguson, William (of M'Gill & Ferguson), house, 34
Windsor terrace, St. George's road.
Ferguson, William, spirit merchant, 21 and 61
Anderston quay; house, 118 Hydepark street.
Ferguson, William, drysalter, oil and colourman, 15
High street.
Ferguson, William (of Allan & Ferguson), residence,
Westfield, Crossmyloof.
Ferguson, William H., mantle m.aker, 355 Argyle st.
Ferguson, WiUiam (of James Pollock & Co., 16
Hanover street), ho. 4 Garthland street. Paisley.
Ferguson, W. M., general printer and stationer, 116
St. Vincent street ; house, 7 Hopetoun place.
Ferguson, William, cashier and boolikceper (at R.
Boyle & Son's, 100 Mitchell street), house, 366 St.
George's road.
Ferguson, William, builder, 1 Alva terrace, Allison
street, Crossbill.
Ferguson & Whitton, wrights, 16 Rose lane Garneth.
Ferguson & Whyte, cattle salesmen, 326 Duke st.
Ferguson, Mrs. D., pastry baker, 146 Stockwell st.
Ferguson, Mrs. Elizabeth, wine and spirit merchant,
24 Royal arcade and 309 Hope street ; ho. 240 do.
Ferguson, Mrs. F. J., 34 Windsor ter., St. George's rd.
Ferguson, Mrs. Geo. (of G. R. Ferguson), ho. 172 Pitt st
Ferguson, Mrs. George, wine and spirit merchant, 62
William street, Anderston; house, 56 do.
Ferguson, Mrs. M., fraiterer, 431 Parliamentary rd.
Ferguson, Mrs,, spmt merchant, 136 Rottenrow;
house, 45 Rose street, Garnethill.
Ferguson, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 9 Richard st, Anderstan.
Ferguson, Mrs., staytTiaker & milliner, 355a Argyle st
Ferguson, Mrs., cook, 23 Renfrew lane.
Ferguson, Mrs., cowfeeder, 9 Comely Park st.
Ferguson, Mrs., dining room keeper, 15 P. Dundas rd.

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