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In issuing the forty-ninth edition of the Glasgow Post-Office Directory, the Pub-
lishers beg to tender their sincere thanks for the support hitherto bestowed, and
they trust that the present Directory will be found equal to any of its predecessors.
An increase of names, to the extent of forty pages in the body of the book,
together with twenty-four pages in the Appendix, making a total of sixty- four closely-
printed pages over those of last year, shows that the population of the city and sub-
urbs is rapidly increasing.
The large map of Glasgow and suburbs, got up expressly for this work, has
been revised to date, by John Bartholomew, Esq. A small map of the environs,
showing the towns, villages, and places of interest for ten miles to the east and
west, and seven miles to north and south of the city, is also given.
In the Street Directory the names of the intersecting streets are again given
in ordinary type ; and a line or small dash indicates the position where each street
The boundaries of the sixteen wards of the city for municipal and parliamentary
pvirposes, have again been specified. And in the list of streets (Page 54 to 72) the
fourteen new registration districts are indicated by the number of the district to
which the street or part of the street belongs.
In the Appendix will be found postal and telegraph arrangements, lists of post
towns, arrivals and despatches of mails, &c., and other useful information.
The printing has been done, as usual, by Mr. Mackenzie, and the binding by
Messrs. Adam Gowans & Sons ; and notwithstanding that a large portion of the
Directory was destroyed by fire on the evening of the 21st April, no delay has been
occasioned in the issue of the work.
Post Office, Glasgow, J/ay 29, 1876.

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