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Policies granted on a Special Reduced System— In order to meet the views of
persons desirous of effecting insurances for the whole term of life, who find it inconvenient at first to
pay the full Premium, this Company has adopted a special sclieme, whereby the Premiums payable for
the first five years will be foimd litiusually viorlerate, while the Policy, at the end of that perioa, is
entirely free from debt, thus avoiding the evil of the half-credit system. Under this Table persons may
take out Policies at earlier ages, and at lower rates, than they could do under the ordinary system.
An additional and most important advantage is thus afforded to the public, by which they are enabled
to insure while young ; whereas, if they were to defer doing so until they could pay the full ordinary
Premium, sickness or ill health might overtake them, and render them unassurable lives.
Policies Indisputable after being Five Years in Force —All ordinary Queen Policies
(without exception) on which the age of the assured has been adiftitted, will, at the end of five years
from their date, be absolutely indisputable, the only condition being the punctual payment of the
Premiums with any extra Premium that may be exigible for foreign residence in cases where whole
world license may not hare been obtaiued.
Non -Forfeiture of Policies by the Issue of Free Paid-up Policies.— if a person,
after having been assured for three years under the ordinary Whole Life Scale, at any age up to and
inclusive of fifty-five, should wish to discontinue paying his Premiums, the Directors will issue a Policy
for ihe amount of Premiums paid, together with any Bonus that may have been added, and free from any
further payment whatever. This feature secures not only a provision in the event of premature death,
bat a remedy — long desired-r-'^<)v\A. the payment of the Premium become an inconvenience.
Charges of Management. — The Outside. Expenditure for the General Management of the
Company, chargeable to the Life Department, is absolutely restricted by the Deed of Settlement to
Ten per Cj;n.t. of the Nett Life Income. Attention is especially called to this point, as the proportion
of Premiums expended for Management must largely hifluence Profits and Bonuses.
Bonuses have been declared by the Company averaging 40 and 46 per cent, of the Premiums paid
by the assured, and in some instances rising as high as 75 per cent.
Annuities, Endowments, Reversions, &C., granted on the most favourable terms.
InSuraDCes against Fire ipay be effected with the Queen Insurance Company on nearly every
description of Property, both at Home and Abroad. The rates of Premium are moderate, varying
'according to the nature of the Risks.
Mercantile Insurances of every description undertaken at the usual rates.
Gas Explosion and Lightning- — Losses by Explosion of Gas and by Fire arising from
Ligh'ning made good.
Transfer of Policies to the Queen may be effected without expense or trouble to the
Losses promptly and liberally settled.
Prospectuses and every information may be obtained on application to any of the Company''s
Agents,- or to the
Resident Scottish Manager s—lAYYOMYXA., WATSON, & WINK,
Chartered Accountants and Stockbrokers.
Resideji t Secretary— 'S OHNCARSWELL.

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