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Ross, Jas. painter, 2 Hydepark pi
Ross, John M. clerk, Barnhill poor
house ; house, 2 Palernno st
Saracen Coal Co. Possilptirk
Service, Mrs. Thomas, draper, 533
SpriDgburn rd.; ho. Wellfield pi
Session Clerk's Office, Balgray hill
Sherry, P. spirit merchant, 196
Springburn road
Sibbald, Jessie, provision merch.
Keppochhill rd.; ho. do.
Sighthill Cemetery Co.Springburn
Sinclair, Mrs. John, matron,Fever
Hospital, Barnhill
Smith, David, confectiorier, 361
Springburn road
Smith, Jas. grocer, 166 Castle st.
resid. 17 Petershill rd
Small, Wm. draper, 17 Petershill rd
Smith, Jas. 17 Petershill rd
Smith, J. A. M.D. surgeon, 631
Spriugbu. rd.; bo. 8 Wellfield pi
Smith, Wm, grocer, 50 Cowlairs
rJ.; ho. 47 do.
Smith, Wm. oils and colours, 345
Keppochhill rd
Snovv'ball, Edward, Hydepark
Locomotive Works
Springbura Co-operative Society
(Limited), grocers and spirit
merchants, 521 Springburn rd
Stevenson, Jas. & Co. rope and
twine makers, Hamilton Hill,
Possil road
Stewart, Alex. R. surgeon, 430
Springburn rd. ; ho. 273 do
Stewart, H. farmer, Balgray farm
Stewart, James J. wine and spirit
mer. 53 Cowlairs rd. ; bo. 47 do
Stewart & Smith, grocers, 55
Cowlairs rd
Stewart, Mrs. provision merchant,
369 Keppochhill rd. ; ho. do
Petershill Co-operativeSociety, 329
Springburn rd
Taylor, Thomas, attendant. Fever
Hospital, Barnhill ; ho. do
Taylor, Wm. N. B. Railway ; ho.
198 Parliamentary rd
Thomson, James, farmer, Germis-
ton Mains
Thomson, Matthew, 2 Colgrain
ter , Cowlairs
Thomson, Mrs. Robt. cowfeeder,
Flemington pi. Springburn rd
Threshie, Jas. coach painter, Cal.
Rly. ; ho. 6 Balgray ter
Tindal, Son, & Co. shrinkers and
finishers, Pinkston ; residence,
Pinkston ho
Todd, Andw. factor, 2 Hydepk. pi
Todd, Robt. provision merchant,
Keppochhill rd. ; ho. do
Wales, James, contractor, Nortl
British Rail. Sighthill station
Wales, Jas. contrac. 1 Button pi
Walker, Jn. inspector of police,
Springbr. P. Sta. Keppochhill rd
Waterston, Mrs. spirit merchant,
425 Springburn road; house,
Springvale house
Watt, Jas. clerk, 65 Jamaica st. ;
ho. 5 Balgray ter
Watt, John (of Wright, Watt, &
Wilson), ho. 17 Petershill rd
Watt, Richard, & Sons, ironraon.
372 Springb. rd. ; ho. Vulcan st
Watt & Wilson, brickmakers,
Watt & Wi'son, wrights & buildrs.
Watson, Andw. cooper, hoop and
stave merchant, 17 Port Dundas
rd. ; ho. Edgefauld
Weston, Geo. secretary Engine
Drivers' Association; ho. 258
Springburn rd
Webster, David, 3 Auchintosh pi.
off Springburn rd
Weir, W. farmer, Balmulloch
Weldon, Sophia E. matron, Barn-
hill Poor House, Barnhill
Wheatley, Thos. N. B. Rail; ho.
Hope villa, Lenzie junction
Wheatley, Wm. N.B. Railway Co.
Cowlairs ; ho. Fairfield cottage
Will, J. head attendant, Barnhill
Williamson, George,manufacturer,
1 Towerhill ter. Springburn
Wilson, John (of Watt & Wilson),
ho. 226 Mather's buildings
Wilson, John, manager (Hyde-
park Locomo. Works, Spring-
vale), house, Cowlairs
Wilson, Thos. dairyman, 19 New
Keppochhill rd
Wilson, Elizabeth, grocer, 228
Springburn rd
Winning, John, N. B. Ry. Sight-
hill ; ho. 8 Murray st
Wood, Jn. Sighthill Glass Bottle
Co. Sighthill
Wordie, Peter, brewer. City of
Glasgow Brewery, Petershill
(House of call, 103 W. Geo. st.) ;
house, Lepzie
Wright & Robertson, blacksmiths,
Keppochhill rd
Wright, Dr. S. H. Lenzie, medical
superintendent, Barnhill poorho.
Wyse, Henry, agent, Royal Bank
Young, David, quarrier, Keppoch
and Balgray quarries
Young & Rennie, quarriers, Kep-
poch and Balgray quarriers
Young, Robert, farmer, Blochairn
Younger, David, 6 Vulcan st
Abercrombie, William (of Wother-
spoon & Co.), 6 Roblyn ter
Adams, John, 15 Regent Park sq
Allan, Peter, butcher, 1 Elgin pi
Alexander, Alexander (of Alex-
ander Broths.), 5 Reg. Park sq
Anderson, D. (of Anderson Bros,
ironmongers), ho. 4 Matilda pi
Anderson, James (of Anderson
Brothers), 2 Matilda place
Anderson, John, agent for Cook.
Son & Co. 20 Queen sq
Anderson, William, butcher, 12
Bute terrace; ho. 66 North
Woodside rd
Anderson, Wm. fishmonger and
poulterer, 16 Bute ter. ; ho. 14
Bute terrace
Angus, Nathaniel, constable, of
Renfrew County Police; house,
Crookston street
Austin & M'Auslin, nursery and
seedsmen ; nursery, Coplawhill
Austin, Mrs. W. 2" Regent Park
Baird, David (of W. & D. Baird),
36 R-gent Park sq
Baird & Stevenson, Orchard, Giff-
nock, and Overwood quarries,
13 Moray pi
Barr, John, oils, colours, and shoe
furnishings, 20 Regent Park sq
Barr, Wra. T. 20 Regent Park sq.
Basset, Wm. (of Bassett & Co.),
ho. 3 Elcbo pi
Bennett, Thomas, family grocer
and wine merchant, 26 Pollok
St. and 18 Bute ter. ; house, 1
Darnley st
Binnie, James, engineer, 9 Regent
Park terrace
Birkmyre, Rev. A. B. (of Kinning
Park Free Church), 19 Queen
Bladen, Mrs. C. 35 Regent Park sq
Bogle, J. & W. (of J. & W.
Bogle), 4 Regent Park ter
Bolden, Thomas J. (of Veitcb,
Bolden, & Co.), 4 Roslyn ter
Borland, Robert, 1 Darnley st
Bosworth, Mrs. 26 Regent Park ter
Brechin, wine and spirit raerchnt.
1 Regent Park ter
Brock, John (of John Brock & Co.).
! 11 Regent Park ter
Brown, Wra. mason and builder,
I 6 Regent Park ter
Brownlie, Wm. mechanical ma-
chinery and commission agent,
and mill furnisher, 8 Broklyn
terrace, Nithsdale road
Brunton, Thos. solicitor, G.&S.W.
Railway Co. ; ho. 24 Queen sq
Buchanan, J. 13 Regent Park
Burges, Jas. H. cashier, 1 Darnley
street, Nithsdale road
Burns, Jas. colliery and 'orick agt.
1 Lome terrace
Burton, A. H. 43 Regent Park sq
Caldwell, Archibald, plumber and
lead merchant, Strathbungo
Cameron, D. 5 Regent Park ter
Campbell, Archibald, cabinetmkr.
Braidalbane place
Campbell, Rev. Robert George, of
Wynd F. C. 5 Queen sq

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