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Hughes, Wm. family grocer and
wiue merchant, 674 Springburn
rd. ; ho. Edgefauld cot
Hughes, Wm. grocer, 38 Cowlairs
rd ; ho. Edgefauld cot
Dunlop, James, brickraaker and
contractor, Keppochhill Brick
Works; ho. 379 Keppochhill rd
Ferguson, James, Craigbank house
Hutcheson, Robert, oil merchant,
Springvale Mills, Cowlairs
HutchesoQ, Thos. 38 Centre st
Hyde Park Locomotive Works
Jackson, Mrs. Robert, High Ba-
Jenkins, Thomas, Great Western
Cooking Depot, Vulcan st
Johnston, Rev. James A. U.P.
Church, New Mosesfield
Johnston, Robt. greengrocer, 590
Springburn rd
Kay, Alex, wine and spirit mer-
chant, 149 Springburn road ;
ho. 1 Hutton pi
Kelso, John, clerk, Slaofarlane's
Foundry, Saracen street; house,
Garscube road
King & Co. Craighall Quarries,
Keppochhill road
Knox, James, storekeeper, Macfar-
lane's Foundry, Possil park ; ho.
Saracen st
Lamberton, A. Balgrajbank villa
Lamberton, Hugh (of John Gray
& Co.), Balgraybank villa
Lang, Wm. storekeeper, 25 Cran-
ston St.; ho. 4 Balgray ter
Law, J. & A. Pickston Foundry,
Well road, Keppochhill
Law, John, baker and confectioner,
517 Springburn rd
Law, Wm. M. engineers' d'pmt,
Cal. Ry. Buchanan st ; house,
13 Balgray ter.
Lawrie, John, farm grieve (A.
Menzies & Co.), Low Broomfield
Lawson, James, church officer,
Barony Church ; ho. Balgray
cottage, Springburn
Lawson, John R. (at Hutcheson
& Sons, St. Vincent st. ). house,
Balgray Brae cottage
Lindsay, Adam, cabinet maker,
Keppoch row, Possil road; ho.
299 St. Geerge's rd.
Loudon, Wm. 2 Towerhill ter
Lundie, John, Croftbank house
M'Adam, Wm. & Sons, brick-
makers, Hydepark
MacAUan, W. carter, Balgrayfoot
M'Allister, G. grocer, 592 Spring-
burn rd.; ho. 3 Keppochhill rd
M 'Alpine, Robt. brickmaker and
brickbuilder, Hamilton hill,
Possil rd.; ho. Both well road,
M'Ardle, Jas. 6 Millerbank st
M'Aulay, Jas. accountant, 357
Springburn rd
M'Aulay, Jas. agent for Imperial
Fire Office and Scottish Plate
Glass Insurance Co. Royal Bank
of Scotland ; ho. Bonny Brae,
M'Donald, D. file and rasp cutter,
7 Shepherd st.; ho. do.
M'Donald, John, grocer, 382
Springburn rd.; ho. 2 Hill st
M'Fadyen, Lachlan, grocer, 388
Springburn road ; ho. 390 do.
M'Farlane, J. H. Cowlairs house
Macfarlane, Walter, & Go. Saracea
Foundry, Saracen st. Possil rd
M'Intosh, measurer, 2 Palermo st;
ho. Avenue, Springburn
M'Kay, John, governor, Barony
Poorhouse; ho. Mansion house,
M'Killop, Angus, spirit salesman,
382 Springburn rd.; ho. 339 do.
M'Killop, W. assistant registrar
and session-clerk ; offi. Balgray
M'Lean, contractor, 19 Centre st.;
house, do.
M'Lean, Robert, grocer, 45 Cow-
lairs road
M'Leod, George, portioner, 2
Hydepark place
M'Leod, Jas. family grocer, grain,
and wine and spirit merchant,
428 Springburn road; house, 2
Hydepark pi
M'Luckie, Adam, grocer, 357
Keppochhill road; ho. Lyell pi
M'Meekin & Dunlop, brickmakers
and contractors, Keppochhill rd
M'Meekin, John, 13 Colgrain ter
M'Millan, Allan, spirit merchant,
Springburn; ho. 6 Vulcan st
M'Millan, Robert, butter and egg
merchant, 541^ Springburn rd. ;
ho. 5411 do.
M'Nair, James, tinsmith, plumber,
and gasfitter, 436 Springburn
rd.; ho. 36 Centre street
M'Neil, Wm. 17 Petershill road
Marchbank, Samuel, Sighthill
station ; house, 5 Petershill rd
Martin, Alex, resident engineer,
Barnhill Poorhouse
Meakin, Wm. 13 Colgrain terrace
Melaugh, W. spirit dealer, 588
Main st. ; house, 584 do.
Menzies, A. farmer, Balornock
Menzies, Mrs. resid. Edgefauld
Miller, Mr. Balgray Bank cot.
Miller, James, fiesher, 224 Spring-
burn road; ho. 230 do.
Mills, Jos. tailor, 361 Keppoch. rd
Moir, James, bottle manufacturer,
Sighthill Bottle Co. ; house, 17
Petershill road
Morris, Hugh, mercht. Blochaitn
store ; residence, Riddry, Cum-
bernauld road
Morrison, Roderick, boot and shoe-
maker, 420 Springburn road ;
house, 339 do
Morrison, Rev. J. chaplain, Barn-
hill Poorhouse
Morton, Alex, grocer and spirit
merchant, 535 Springburn road;
house, 12 Wellfield place
Morton, John, Balornock lodge
Muir, John, grocer, Possilpark,
Saracen street; ho. do.
Murdoch, A. teacher, Barnhill
National Bank of Scotland, 686
Springburn rd. James Stewart,
agent; ho. 95 St. George's rd
Neilson &. Co. engineers, Hydeprk.
Locomotive Works
Neilson, W. Montgomerie (of Neil-
son & Co.), Quuenshill, Ring-
ford, Kirkcudbrightshire
Newton, James, contractor, Cow-
lairs Iron Foundry; residence,
3 Millerbank street
Nisbet, R. tobacconist, 248 Spring-
burn road
North British Railway, Sighthill
Station, Springburn road
Orme, Alex. 10 Stirling st. city ;
ho. 271 Springburn road
Paris, Wm. jun. (at Glasgow
Ironworks), ho. 4 Towerhill ter
O'Hear, James, pawnbroker, 560
Springburn rd.; ho. 572 do.
Pettigrew, John, joiner and cart-
Vi^right, Keppochhill rd
Pettigrew, J. assistant governor,
Barnhill poorhouse; ho. Barnh.
Picken, David, teacher, Murdoch's
School, Balgray hill
Quinlan, A. W. Hydepark Loco.
Works, Springburn
Ramsay, John, storekeeper, N. B.
Railway, Sighthill Station.; ho.
277 Coburgh pi
Ramsay, Wm. Sighthill station
Rankine, Jas. draper, 72 Keppoch-
hill rd.; house, 12 do.
Rankine, Wm. Avenue
Reid, Gilbert S. spirit merchant,
568 Springburn rd.; ho. Avenue
Reid, Jas. engineer (of Nelson &
Co.), resid. AVellfield house
Rennie, John, Keppuch and Bal-
gray quarries
Renwick, Gavin, grocer and spirit
mer. 2 Craightou ter.; ho. 14 do
Richmond, Robert, Mosesfield ter
Ritchie, Wm. provision merchant,
377 Keppochhill rd.; ho. 379 do
Eobb, J. station agent, Cowlairs
Roberts, William, coal agent, 297
Springburn rd
Robertson, Alex, superintendent,
Sighthill station ; ho. 19 Buc-
cleuch st
Robertson, Thomas, accountant &
land agent, N.B. Mercantile
Life Insurance Office, 122 Wel-
lington St.; branch, 380 Spring-
burn road ; ho. Wellfield
Russell, John, bus proprietor,
Peterchill; office,48 St. Enoch sq
2 N

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