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Elder, Jas. grocer, G7 Main st. &
222 J Govan rd.; ho. 224 do.
Elder, John, 1 Middleton terrace
Elder, John, & Co. engineers and
shipbuilders, Fairfield
Equitable Co-Operative Society
(Limited), grocers and provision
merchts. 298 Govan rd.; branch
shops, 1S9 do. and Langlands
rd.; Archd. M'Lean, manager
Ewing, Capt. E. Carey cot. Cape-
land road
Ewing, Wm. 3 WhiteQeld pi
Fail], P. Salmon, teller, Bank of
Scotland; ho. 8 Osborne st
Fairly, Wm. grocer, 23 Albeit st
Falconer, Robert, merchant, 10
Ibrox terrace
Farquhar, Peter, practical watch-
maker,185 Govanrd.; ho.l83 do.
Faulds, W. B. Westfield, Ibrox pk
Ferguson, D. tobacconist, 291
Govan rd
Ferguson, James, Maryland ho.
Paisley rd
Ferguson, John, Maryland
Ftrguson, Joseph, ironmonger,
tinsmith, atd zinc worker, 127
Govan road
Ferguson, P. foreman fitter at
Elder's, 4 Hamilton st
Fife, Mrs. eating hoose, 4 Victoria
Forbes, Robert, joiner and builder,
5 HamilJon st
Fraser, Mrs. James, Myrtle Bank
Freer, Dr. F. A. Gothic cottage
Freer, Wm. (of M 'Donald &
Freer), house, Gothic cottage
FullartoD, David, parish school
master, parish school; house, 12
Osborne pi
Fulton, Jas. session clerk, Eglin-
ton place, Whitefleld road
Galbraith, Robert, Greenhead
Galloway, Gtorge, commis. agent;
ho. 5 Brighton ter. Copeland id
Galloway, T. H.; ho. 2 Whiiefi.pl
Galloway, Mr. stationer, 261 Go-
van road
Gait, John, builder, Greenfield pi.
Gardner, John, 1 Brighton pi
Gardner & Shaw, Craigton Brick
Works, Govan
Gardner, Mrs. Wra. grocer and
spirit merchant, Govau rd. ;
house, Weir's cottage
Garth, John G.; ho. 25 Ibrox park
Gemmiil, George, house painter, 8
Whitefleld road; ho. 6 do.
Gemmell, Mrs, M. 5 Woodvale pi.
Gemmiil, Mrs. Brandon house,
Ibrox park
Gibb, Martin, & Smith, powerloom
cloth rnanufacturs. Greenhaugh
Gibson, Wm. superintendent G. &
P. Joint Railway ; house, 12
Whitefield rd
Gilchrist, Wm. family grocer and
wine merchant, 1 Warwick pi.
and 39 Copeland rd.; house,
Gleaiffer view, Crossloaa
Gilmour, Geo. grocer. Queen st
Gilmour, Wm. M. M.D. 270 Govan
rd; ho. 1 Buckingham square
Girvan, Jas. clerk, 360 Govan rd
Gladstone, Rev. Geo. E.U. minis-
ter; liouse, 9 Osborne place
Glasgow & Govan Building So-
ciety ; A. K. Paterson, man-
ager; offices, 87 Union st. and
16 Burudyke st
Glasgow Iron Co. Craigton pits,
Thomas Anderson, manager
Glass, Wm. gardener, Ibroxholm ;
ho. 1 Bright pi. Paisley rd
Colder, Robt. Govan U.P. Church
officer and coal agent ; house, 3
Princess street
Colder, Wm. jun. tobacconist, 137
Govan rd. ; ho. 1 Whitefield pi
Goldie, James, 3 Whitefield pi
Goodv.-in, John, Hazlewood, Dum.
Govan Forge Co. (Liuiited) manu-
facturers and finishers of marine
and engine forgiugs, Helen st
Govan Foundry Co. iron founders,
Helen street
Govan Landlords and House Fac,
tors' Association; Hen. M'Genn,
secretar\', 228 Govan rd
Govan Tube Co. iron tube manu-
facturers, Broomloan road
Graham, James D. cooper, 183
Govan rd. ; ho. 188 do.
Gray, James, grain and potato
mer. 25 Ibrox pk. Paisley rd
Gray, John (of Gray & Co. wine
merchants), Netherton house
Gray, John, jun. Middleton ter
Greenlees, James, bootmaker, 280
Govau rd
Griiidlay, James, funeral under-
taker, 322 Govan rd
Haddow, Dav. grocer, 17 1 Govan rd
Hall, George B. draper, 197 Govan
rd. ; house. Dean Park ter
Hall, James, agricul. implement
r^akfcT, Half-way house
Ilarhilton, Robert, dairyraan, 137
Main st
Hamilton, Wm. agent, 20 Ibrox
Hamilton, Wm. dairyman, Loanhead
Hannah, Ali.x. (of Hannah &
Jlartin), Glencrae, Ibrox park
Hannah, John, Parish Church
officer ; ho. 25 Greenfield pi
Hardie, Alex, baker, 10 Taylor pi.
and 109 Govan rd
Harris, Henry, Greenhead cottage
Hart, Robert, Cessnock park
Hart, Thos. chenriist and drug. 214
Govan rd. ; ho. 1 Osborne pi
Hart, Miss, educational establish-
ment for young ladies, 1 Mid-
dleton terrace, Ibrox
Harvey, Robert, smith and farrier,
Half-way bouse, Paisley rd
Hay, Alex, (rtt 68 Gt. Clyde st.),
ho. Kirklind villa, Bellalioustou
Henderson, Andrew, auctioneer,
Portland pi
Henderson, Walter, 17 li'-rox ter
Hendry, Jas. grocer and provision
merchant, 361 Govan road ; ho.
19 Morrison st.
Henry, James, police cinstable.
Two- mile house. Paisley rd
Hinshelwood, John, St. Vincent
Park, Paisley road
Holmes, Andrew, spirit merchant,
115,117 Govanrd.; ho. 133 do.
Holmes, James P. 3 Buckingh. sq
Holms, Mrs. 3 Buckingham sq
Horn, A. Rankine, accountant, .3
Whitefield place
Horn, Ebenezer, Cleland pi
Home, James, grocer, 466 Paisley
road and 85 Victoria st
Horn, Mrs. James, shirt and stay
maker, 3 Napier st
Houston, James, 5 Osboi\ie place
Howie, Jobeph, shoemaker, 15
Alma St.; house, 25 do.
Hume, William, Governor's clerk,
Govan Poorh-^use, Merryflats ;
ho. Williamsburgh, Paisley
Hutcheson. Joseph, Hamilton st
Hutcheson, Peter, market gardenr.
Low Craigton; ho. Vine cot.
Hamilton st
Hutcheson, Wm. furnishing iron-
monger, 362 Govan rd
Jack, Jn. bootmaker, 204 Gov. rd
JamifsoD, J(>hn K. L. (of J. Elder
& Co. ), Mansion House
Jefferson, Professor R. musical
agent, Clyde Music Hall
Jenkins, Thomas, Great Western
Cooking Depot, 207 Govan rd
Johnston, Jas. 11 Carmichael st
Kelly, Robt. grocer, 6 & 8 Ham-
ilton St.; house, Gieenfield pi
Kelly, Wiliiam, Ibrox place
Kelso, Matthew, working optician,
60 Harmony rd
Kemp, Eben. engineer, Linthouse,
Govan ; 1 Buckingham rd
Kennedy, A. contractor, 14 Hamil-
ton street
Kers-, David, painter, 9 Copeland
rd.; hou.^e, 3 Prince's st
Kerr, J. tobacconist, 185 Govan rd
Kerr, Mai. Clyde vale, Ibrox park
Kilgour, Robert, cashier (at A. &
E. Sandeman's), ha. Cleland pi
Kinghorn, D.^vid, Cessnock bank
Kinghorn, Mrs. John, 6 Osborne pi
Kifiloch, T. & W. bootmakers, 145
Govan road ; house, 147 do.
Kirk, Alexander C. (at John El-
der & Co.'s, 12 Centre st. ), ho.
Govan park, Govan rd
Kirkwoi-d, John, hosier, Orchard
rlice; Iio. 137 Duadas st

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