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jM'Niilty, Mrs., provision merchant, 45 M:iin street ;
house, do.
M'OMISH, J., grocer and prov. mer., 1G7 Castle st.
M'Omish, Peter, portioner, 14 Houston street.
Jl'Omish, Peter, house factor and insurance agent,
132 West Nile street; liouse, 107 Castle street.
jrOmish, Peter, grocer, 71 High street; house, 1
Norfolk court, Norfolk street.
M'Omish, Robert, house factor, insurance and coal
agent, 77 Rentield street and 2 JJonkhmd street,
Townhead; house, 9 Scott street.
M'ONIE, Andrew (of W. & A. M'Onie), residence,
Bruce road, Pollokshields.
ll'Onie, J., flcsher, 184 Cowcaddens; house, 2 Gardner
j\I'Onie, Walter, fiesher, 7 Ranfurly pi, Paisley rd.
Jl'Onie, W. & A., engineers and millwrights, Scot-
land Street Engineer Works.
M'Onie, William(ofW. & A. M'Onie), residence. Heath
bank, Pollokshields.
M'Onie, Wm., jun., engineer, 1 Scotland st.; resid.
Heath bank, Pollokshields.
M'OUAT, Ales, (of John M'Onat & Son), house,
129 Grafton terrace, John street.
M'Ouat, John, & Son, slaters and slate merchants,
98 London street.
M'Ouat, M. & J., groceries and provisions, 115
Dulte street.
Macouat, R. B. (at Victoria Bolt & Rivet Works,
Anderston), house, 377 Bath street;.
M'Ouat, William, grocer and provision merchant, 2
King street, Calton ; house, 221 Gallowgate.
!M'PARLEN, Mrs. John, spirit merchant, 37 and 38
Clyde place ; house, 38 do.
M'PHAIL, Alexander, fiesher, 105 New City road;
house, 40 Grove street.
M'Phail, Daniel, tailor and clothier, 6 Stirling
street, city.
M'Phail, George, bag and mat warehouse, 184 Holm
street; house, 62 St. Vincent crescent.
M'Phail, Hugh (of Hugh M'Phail & Co., and Wm.
Coats & Sons), residence, Nitshill.
M'Phail, Hugh, & Co., coal merchants and steamship
agents, 42 Broomielaw.
M'Phail, James, 19 Ronald street.
M'Phail, John, general agent, 4 Wellcroft place.
M'Phail, J. D., customs and importers' agent, 51
Pollok street.
M'Phail, Malcolm, letter-carrier, G.P.O.; house, 62
Rumford street.
M'Phail & M'Innes, joiners. Arch 70 St. Ninian st. ;
house, 51 Pollok street.
MacPhail, Neil, wholesale stationer, dye sinker, en-
graver, and embosser to the Queen ; retail, 3, and
wholesale, 64 Buchanan street.
M'Phail, Stewart (at Browne, Maxwell, & Co.'s),
house, 2 Bothwell terrace, Shawlands.
M'Phail, Thomas, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 5
Bothwell circus.
M'Phail, AVm., wine and spirit merchant, 359 Govan
street ; house, 5 South Wellington street.
M'PHIE, Alexander, lithographer and engraver, 20
Union street.
M'Phie, Charles, Italian warehouseman and grocer
and provision merch.int, 18 Sedan place and 11
Ranfurly place. Paisley road ; house, 69 Lambhill
street, Paitley road.
M'Phie, Donald, bagpipe maker, 171 West Nile st. ;
house, do.
M'Phee, Dougald, slater and plasterer, 11 Brandon
street, E. ; house, 27 do.
M'Phee, Duncan, wine and spirit mercaut, 32 & 34
Stobcross sereet ; house, 9 Macintyre street.
Macphee, Hugh, spirit merchant, 145 Bernard street ;
house, 246 London road.
M'Phee, James, wine and spirit merchant, 256 Lon-
don road.
M'Phee, James, confectioner, 114 St. George's rd.
Jl'Phee, James, wine and spirit merchant, 26 Aber-
corn street ; hovxse, 76 Buccleuch street.
M'Phee, James, tailor and clothier, 83 London st. ;
house, Whitehill terrace, 377 Duke street.
M'Phee, John, brick builder, 8 London road.
M'Phee, Neil, grocer, 38 Cavendish street.
M'Phee, Samuel, restaurateur and spirit merchant
28, 30, & 32 Hutchesou street ; house, 14 Cathe-
dral street.
M'Phee, Stephen ^A., 5 Dixon street ; house, 305
Crown street.
M'Phee, Mrs., 2 Windsor terrace, St. George's road.
M'Phee, Emily, greengrocer, 33 Glebe street ;
house, do.
M'Phee, F., milliner. 111 North street ; house, 401
St. Vincent street.
M'PHEELY, Thos., auctioneer, 13, 15 Saltmarket.
M'PHERSON & Aitken, ironfounders, 51 Bishop st.,
Macpherson, Alexander, builder, 158 North street ;
residence, Broxwood lodge, Sandbank.
Macpherson, Alexander, merchant, 13 Smith's court,
53 Candleriggs.
Macpherson, Alexander, upholsterer and factor, 9
Walworth terrace, Kent road.
Macpherson, A., manager, the Western Isles Steam
Packet Co. (Limited), shipping office, 1 Robertson
street ; house, 1 Richmond street.
M'Pherson, Alexander, painter and papcrhanger, 30
Cowcaddens ; house, 28 do.
M'Pherson, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 460
Paisley road ; house, Westercraigs.
M'Pherson, A., fruiterer, Ashgrove terrace, Paisley rd.
M'Pherson, Allan, brassfounder (of M'Pherson and
M'Kinnon), house, 19 Centre street.
M'Pherson, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 224
Castle street, St. Rollos ; house, 1 Richmond st.
M'Pherson, Archibald, grocer .and provision merchant,
111 Rutherglen road ; house, 192 Waddell st.
MacPherson, C. (of Galbraitli & MacPherson), ho.
5 Holland place.
M'Pherson, Charles B., bookseller and librarian, 62
Dumbarton road.
M'Pherson, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 218
Crookston street ; ho. 49 Watt street, south side.
M'Pherson, Donald, teacher, Charlotte st. Academy,
72 Charlotte street ; house, 22 Abbotsford pi.
M'Pherson, Don., commission merchant, 33 Renfield
street ; house, 155 Sauchiehall street.
Macpherson, D., traveller (at James Sword & Son's,
47 Hutcheson street).
M'Pherson, Captain Dugald (at G. & J. Burns'), ho.
40 Claremont street.
M'Pherson, Dugald, joiner, 49 North Oswald st.
Macpherson, Dugald, sheriff officer, County buildings;
house, 2 Warwick street.
M'Pherson, Duncan (of M'Pherson & Aitken), ho. 2
Royal terrace.
Macpherson, Duncan, measurer, 2 Black street, Par-
liamentary road.

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