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M'Millan & Marsliall, wholesale stationers and ac-
count-book manufacturers and paper bag makers,
71, 73 Bell street, city.
M'Millan, Neil, & Son, brick builders, 182 Paisley rd.
M'Millan, Neil, fleslier, 70 King street; ho. 6-i do.
M'Millan & Neilson, iron bedstead makers, 77
M'Pherson street; house, 12 Greenvale street.
M'Millan, Richard, contractor, 7 Cubic st. ; ho. do.
Macmillan, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 129
West Graham st. ;"ho. 87 Thistle st., Garnethill.
M'Millan, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 117
Dumbarton road, and 1 Finnieston street ; house,
21G Berkeley street.
M'Millan, S. H. & D., drapers and clothiers, Cloth
Hall, Farlick; residence, Green Bank, do.
M'Millan, Stewart, grain merchant, 28 York street;
house, 327 Argyle street.
iI'Millan, Thomas, wholesale tea merchant, 217 Bu-
chanan st. ; resiJ. Cranston House, Dalmarnock.
Macmillan, Thomas (of Lyall, Macdonald, Mac-
millan, & Co.), house, 214 St. George's road.
M'Millan, William (at W. R. M'Phun & Son's, 84
Argyle street), house, 10 Hilton ter., Crossbill.
^M'Millan, Wm., Kingston Dock Ship Smith Work,
3 Springfield la.; ho. 8 St. James' st.. Paisley rd.
M'Millan, William, boot and shoemaker, 126 South
Wellington street ; house, do.
M'Millan, Mrs., 83 Devon street.
Macmillan, Jessie, hotel keeper, 296 Buchanan st.
M'Millan, Miss, hosier and draper, 153 New City rd.;
house, 138 do.
M'MONEAGLE, .Jas., American provision merchant,
39 Hope st. ; house, 8 Havelock tev., Paisley rd.
M'MORLAND, J. & A., iron mers., 153 Queen st.
M'Morland, John (of J. & A. M'Morland), house,
250 Renfrew street.
M'Morland, Patrick (of James Nimmo & Co.), ho.
250 Renfrew street.
M'MORRAN, W. L , 187 West Prince's street.
M'MULLIN, James, G.P.O., house, 109 Canning st.
M'Mullin, John, auctioneer, 132 Trongate.
M'MuUan, Thompson, bag manufacturer and cooper,
30 Spoutmouth ; house, 22 Charlotte street.
M'MUNN, James, letter carrier, G.P.O.; house, G6
Abbotsford place.
M'Munn, Rev. John, minister, Great Hamilton Street
Congregational Church ; house, 14 Mains street,
Blythswood holm.
M'MURCHY, Ralston, & Co., Burnside Distillery,
Campbeltown ; agts., Lang Brothers, 10 Oswald st.
iI'Murchy, Robert, commercial traveller (at A. Bryce
& Co.'s), house, 22 Albert drive. Queen's park.
M'MURBAY, Boyd, & Co., cabinetmakers and uphol-
sterers, 13 Renfield St.; works, 10 Hyde Park st.
M'Murray, James, 188 Hospital street.
M'Murray, Jeremiah, spirit dealer, 143 Bridgegate ;
house, 7 Park place, Stockwell.
M'Murray, John, & Co., calenderers, hot-pressers,
and packers, 86 Miller street and 93, 95 Virginia
street; house, 125 North Montrose street.
M'Murray, John (at Cruickshanks, Low, & Co.'s),
house, 6 Melrose buildings.
M'Murray, Quintin (at Alexander Stewart's, 102
Argyle street), house, 90 Bellgrove street.
M'Murray, Thomas, cabinetmaker and upholsterer,
14 Carlton court, Bridge st. ; ho. 9 Oxford st.
M'Murray, Wm., carver and gilder, 14 Carlton ct.
M'MURRICH, John, sugar sampler, sugar sample
room, Royal Exchange.
M'Murrich, Malcolm (at Thos. Chalmers & Co.'s),
house, 257 Crown street.
M'MURTRIE, Andrew (foreman at Washington
Mills), house, 21 Cleveland street.
M'Murtrie, J., tailor, 386 Crown street.
M'Murtrie, James, posting master, 31 Carriok street,
and Dalblair road, Ayr ; ofEce and house, 119
High street, do.
M'ilurtrie, Thomas, messenger, Scottish Widows'
Fund ; I'.ouse, 32 Gladstone street.
M'j\IUTRIE & Paterson, calenderers and packers,
Gl Virginia street and 17 Bath lane.
M'Mutrie, Robert, 160 Cumberland street.
M'NAB, A. & J., dyers and clear starohers, 202
Sauchiehall St. ; works, Inglis' green, Edinburgh.
M'Nab, Alexander (of M'Nab Brothers & Co., and
Drumpark Coal Co.), residence. Middle Kerse
House, Clackmannanshire.
Macnab, Alex., photographer, 96 West Nile street.
M'Nab, Alexander (of Renison, M'Nab, & Co), ho
22 Jlonteith row.
M'Nab, Brothers, & Co., distillers, Glenochill, by
Menstrie ; office, 16 Bothwell street.
Macniib Brothers, produce brokers, commission mer-
chants, and agents, 135 Buchanan street.
Macnab, Daniel (at Wm. Graham & Co.'s, 65 Vir-
ginia street), house, 7 Hopetoun place.
M'Nab, Dancan, dairyman, 6 J Clyde street, Calton ;
house, 28 do.
Macnab, D. Lamond, printer (of James Macnab, 11
Miller St.), house, 5 Walworth terrace, Kent road.
M'Nabb, Hugh, teacher of music, 37 Gt. Western rd.
Macnab, Jas., letterpress printer, 11 Miller street.
M'Nab, .James, accountant, 22 Renfield street.
M'Nabb, James, joiner and box maker, 187 Eglinton
street ; house, 92 Abbotsford place.
Macnab, James, 11 Dundas street; ho. 2 Brighton
terrace, Ibrox.
M'Nab, John (at Drumpark Coal Co.'s, 16 Bothwell
street), residence, Drumpark cottage, Cuilhill.
M'Nab, John, 42 Dundas street, city.
i\Iacnab, John E., grocer and wine merchant, agent
for John Macnab, distiller, Glenmavis, 40 Mait-
land street ; house, 47 Sauchiehall street.
MacNab, Robert, & Co., commission merchants, 108
West George street.
M'Nab, Robert, tinsmith and gasfitter, 149 Gallowg.
MacNab, Robert (of Robert MacNab & Co.), house,
17 Magdala crescent, Edinburgh.
M'Nab, Robert (at Thomas Chalmers & Co.'s), ho.
276 Duke street.
Macnab, T. B. & Co., wholesale tea and coffee mer-
chants, 94 Mitchell st. ; res. Glen villa, Eastwood.
M'Nab, Mrs., butcher, 159 New City road; house,
11 Rosehall street.
Macnab, .Jane, dairy, 83 Rose street; house, do.
M'NAIR, Alexander, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and
bedding warehouse, 82 and 84 New City road.
Macnair, A. D. (of J. & D. Macnair & Co.), house,
Laurel Bank, Crow road, Partiok.
j\rNair, Andrew, Jan., 6 Caprera place.
M'Nair, Andrew, church officer, Albert Street U.P.
Church ; house, 8 Albert street.
MacNair & Co., brewers, Leith; Robert Brown &
Co., agents, 51 Alston street.
Macnair, Donald S., commission merchant, 16 St.
Vincent place ; house, 30 Pollok street.
MacNair, Dancan S. (of J. & D. MacNair & Co.),
house, 2 Annfield terrace, West Partick.

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