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Macindoe, Thomas, accountant, house factor, and
agent for furnished houses, 4S Gordon street ; ho.
2 Walmer crescent, Paisley road.
Macindoe, Mrs. Thomas, 64 Buccleuch street.
M'INNES, Archd., flesher, 33 Greenside street ; ho.
15 Duncan street, Calton.
M'Innes, D. (at R. Maconechy & Co.'s, 64 St. Vin-
cent St.), house, 109 King's Park pi., Greenliead.
M'Innes, Duncan, goldsmith and jeweller, 278 Bu-
chanan street ; house, 184 West Nile street.
M'Innes, Finlay, agent, 39 Hope street.
M'Innes, Plugh, Post Office.
M'Innes, James, surgeon, 81 Main street, Bridgeton ;
house, 109 King's Park place, Greenhead.
M'Innes, James (of William Graham & Co.), house,
2 Park quadrant.
M'Innes, John, family grocer and provision merchant,
31 Well street, Calton ; ho. 87 Great Hamilton st.
M'Innes, John (of Neil M'Innes & Son), house, 91
North Frederick street.
M'Innes, John, flesher, 78 St. George's road ; house,
166 Buccleuch street.
M'Innes, J. T., letterpress printer, 414 Argyle st. ;
residence, Barrhead.
M'Innes, Lachlan, confectioner, 258 Main street,
Anderston ; house, 186 do.
M'Innes, Neil, & Son, ham curers and wholesale pro-
vision merchants, 32 Stirling street.
M'Innes, Neil, 166 New City road.
M'Innes & Son, rope makers and twine manufac-
turers, 256 Dohbie's loan; house, 14 Catherine st.,
off Parliamentary road.
M'Innes, William, watchmaker, jeweller, and cutler,
100 Broomielaw ; house, 22 Robertson street.
Bl'Innes, Mrs. Matthew, temperance hotel, 12
Hutcheson street.
M'Innes, Miss, lodgings, 296 St. Vincent street.
M'Innes, Margaret, tobacconist, 110 Gallowgate ;
house, 141 do.
M'Innes' anti-fouling composition for iron vessels,
41 Ann street.
M'lNROY, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant. 28
Pitt St. and 1 Rutland pi. ; ho. 66 Houston st.
M'INTOSH, Alex., family grocer and wine mercht.,
512 St. Vincent street ; house, 201 Kent road.
M'Intosh, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 20 Cam-
bridge street and 5 Findlay street ; house, 141
Renfrew street.
M'Intosh, Alexander (of Zinkeisen & Co.), house,
5 V.'almer crescent.
Macintosh, Alexander, M.D., physician, 26 Wood-
side place.
Mackintosh, Alexander, M.D., physician, superin-
tendent Glasgow Royal Asylum, Gartnavel.
Macintosh, David D., commission agent, 153 Queen
street ; house, 11 Regent Park terrace.
Mackintosh, Donald, book-keeper at Glasgow Pot-
tery ; house, 3 Prince Edward street.
M'Intosh, Donald, victualler, 38 Drown sh-eet ; ho.
Adelaide place, New Cathcart.
M'Intosh, Rev. Donald, R. C. priest, St. John's
church, 36 Portugal street.
M'Intosh, D. & H., wine and spirit merchants, 43
Rumfordst., Bridgeton ; ho. 28 Bellgrove st.
M'Intosh & Fleming, clothiers, hosiers, and shirt
makers, 104 Argyle street ; house, 2 Moray place.
Regent park. «
M'Intosh, Hugh (of Hugh M'Intosh & Co.), house, 3
Osborne terrace, Copeland road, Govan.
M'Intosh, Hugh, & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 86
York street.
M'Intosh, Hugh, joiner, 44 East Howard street ;
house, 192 Hospital street.
M'Intosh, Hugh, engineer (at St. EoUox Chemical
Works), house, 244 Garngad hill.
Mackintosh, James (at Merry & Cuninghame's,
(Limited), 127 St. Vincent street), house, 26
Granville street
M'Intosh, James (of Peter M'Intosh & Sons), house,
26 Burnbank gardens.
Mackintosh, James, sen., wood merchant, 1 West-end
Park street.
M'Intosh, James (of Hamilton & M'Intosh), house,
5 Walmer crescent, Paisley road.
M'Intosh, John, manufacturer, 71 Hutcheson street ;
house, Eva villa, Ibroxholm.
M'Intosh, J. & J., wood turners, 46 Euthergleu
loan ; house, 37 Portugal street.
Mackintosh, John H. (of M'Callum & Mackintosh),
house, 52 Weaver street.
Macintosh, J. Gordon, clerk. Royal Bank of Scotland,
130 Cowcaddens.
M'Intosh, John, potato and carrot merchant, 84
Main street, Anderston ; house, do.
M'Intosh, John, draper, 84 Main street, Anderston ;
house, do.
M'Intosh, Peter, & Sons, tanners, curriers, leather
merchants, boot and shoe makers, saddlers, har-
ness, machinery belt and fire-hose manufactui'ers,
129 Stockwellst. ; works, 14 to 32 Goosedubbs st.
M'Intosh, Robt., printer and stationer, 25 Kent st. ;
house, 194 Gallowgate.
M'Intosh, Robert (of Peter M'Intosh & Sons), ho. 14
St. James' terrace, Great Western road.
M'Intosh, Robert, furnishings, 35 Elderslie street.
M'Intosh, Thomas, cashier, Glasgow Iron Works ;
house, 4 Bellevue place, Garngad hill.
M'Intosh, WiUiam, clerk. Central Police chambers ;
house, 70 Parson street.
Macintosh, Mrs. C. C, 24 Asliton terrace.
M'Intosh, Mrs. J-, spirit merchant, 38 Kelvin street ;
house, 40 do.
M'Intosh, Mrs. Samuel, 119 Duke street.
M'Intosh, Ann, tobacconist, 100 King st., Tradeston.
M'Intosh, Helen, furnishing.% 27 Ai-gyle arcade ; ho.
171 West Graham street.
M'INTYRE, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 57
Havamiah ; house, 146 Rottenrow.
M'Intyre, Alex. C. (at J. & A. M'Donald's), house,
12 Wellcroft place.
M'Intyre, Alex, (at Stewart & M'Donald's), house,
27 Sandyford place.
M'Intyre, Alex, (of Mundell & M'Intyre, marble
cutters, 265 Shields rd.), ho. 1 Kinningst. , south.
Macintyre, Alexander, jun., house factor, 57 South
Shamrock street ; house, do.
M'Intyre, A., greengrocer and confectioner, 301
New City road.
M'Intyre & Allan, fleshers, 35 Stevenson street ; ho.
129' Hospital street.
M'Intyre, Andrew (of Andrew M'Intyre & Son), ho.
11 Roslyn terrace, Nitbsdale road, Strathbungo.
M'Intyre, Andrew, & Son, brick makers and builders,
40 St. Enoch square; works, Crossmyloof.
M'Intyre, Archibald, blood and offal merchant, 71
Victoria street ; house, 28 Cumberland street.
M'Intyre, Archibald, flesher, 17 Stobcross street ;
house, 28 Cumberland street, s.s.

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