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M'Gavi', William, grocer, 193 Eglinton street; ho.
34 Devon street.
M'GEACHY, Duncan, contractor, 14 Douglas street;
house, 12 do.
M'Geachy, James, upholsterer and bedding and iron
bedstead manufacturer, 53 Candleriggs, 371 Gal-
lowgate, 254 Paisley road, 93 Canning st., and at
Moss St., Paisley; ho. 1 Roselea drive, Dennistoun.
M'Geachy, James, butcher, 45 Stobcross street.
M'Geachy, James, bookseller, stationer, printer, and
bookbinder, 89 Union street.
M'Geachie, Jn. (of M'Geachie & Rankin), 51 Gardner
M'Geachy & M'Farlane, manufacturing chemists, 80,
82 Port Dnndas road.
M'Geachie & Rankin, builders and masons, 51 Gard-
ner street.
JI'Geachy, Robert, dairyman, 91 Park road.
jM'GEE, David (manager at Wheeler & Co.'s), ho.
75 Ardgowan street.
M'Gie, Edward, wine and spirit merchant, 278 Gars-
cube road and 2 Oakbank street.
2>Iacgie, George, agent, 28 St. Enoch sq., house, 98
Gloucester st.
M'Gee, Henry, broker, 61 Rutherglen loan; house, 38
Rutherglen road.
^I'Gee, Hugh, broker, 3 Drygate ; ho. 343 High st.
i\I'Gee, John, broker, 801 Gallowgate ; house, 2
Crownpoint street.
JM'Gee, J., pawnbroker, 153 Rottenrow ; house,
146 do.
M'Gee, John, ivory turner, bowling green bowl,
billiard, and croquet manufacturer, 26 Glassford.
street ; house, 80 Bellgrove street.
M'Gee, Patrick, pawnbroker, 130 South Wellington
St. and 4 North st. ; ho. 130 S. Wellington st.
Magee, Rev. Stephen, R.C. minister, St. Mungo's,
Parson street ; house, 36 Parson street.
M'GENN, Henry, house factor, 228 Govan road,
Govan ; house, 12 Whitefield road, do.
M'Genn, P. S., & Co., wine and spirit brokers,
agents for Lochnagar Royal Distillery, Balmoral,
69 Robertson street.
M'Genn, P. S., ^ Co., wine merchts., 69 Robertson st.
M'GEOCH, Alex, (of M'Geoch & Co.), house, 11
Regent Park square.
M'Geoch, Andrew Jackson (of William M'Geoch &
Co.), house, 6 Albion crescent, Dowanhill.
M'Geoch & Co., wholesale and retail warehousemen,
26 and 28 Jamaica street.
M'Geoch, John, commercial traveller, 13 Dixon st. ;
house, 94 Hill street, Garnethill.
M'Geoch, William, & Co., ironmongers, and agents
for the Patent Enamel Co., Birmingham, and the
Scottish Spelter Co. ; wholesale warehouse, Mor-
rison's court, 108 Argyle street; retail and house
furnishing warehouse, 113 Argyle street.
M'Geoch, William, sen. (of AVm. M'Geoch & Co.),
house, 4 Hamilton terrace, Partick.
M'Geoch, William, jun. (of William M'Geoch & Co.),
house, 1 Hamilton terrace, Partick.
MACGEORGE, Andrew, writer (of Macgeorge,
Cowan, & Galloway), house, 6 Somerset place.
Macgeorge, Andrew, jun. (of Malcolms, Macgeorge,
& Co.), house, 17 Lynedoch crescent.
Macgeorge, B. B. (of S. M. Penney & Macgeorge),
house. 111 Douglas street.
Macgeorge, Cowan, & Galloway, writers, 91 West
Regent street.
M'GETTIGAN, Anthony, ham, butter, and egg dealer,
15 Ritglan street.
M'Gettigan, Rev. Norbet, R.C.C , St. Mungo's, 36
Parson street.
M'GHIE, Charles, brassfounder and gasfitter, 31
Cumberland street, south; house, 209 Thistle st.
M'Gliie, Henry, cooper, 94 Cadogan street; house,
175 Holm street.
Jl'Ghee, James, pawnbroker, 735 Gallowgate and 94
E. John st. ; house, 13 Old Sneddon st.. Paisley.
M'Ghie, James, warehouseman (at Okell & Co.'s),
house, 618 Gallowgate.
M'GIBBON, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant,
224 London road, Bridgeton ; house, 321 do.
M'Gibbon, Archibald (at Houston & M 'Nairn's), ho.
361 Crown street.
M'Gibbon, David (of James M'Gibbon, 42 Bath st.),
house, 9 Kelvingrove street.
M'Gibbon, David (at George Laramie's), house, 386
Crown street.
M'Gibbon, David S., fire, life, and plate glass insur-
ance agent, 160 Buchanan street.
MaoGibbon, David S , iron and commission merchant,
and agent for Skerne Iron Works Co. (Limited),
Darlington ; Hopper, RadclifFe, & Co., Fence-
houses, and the Staffordshire Bolt, Nut, and Fencing
Co. (Limited), Darlaston, 160 Buclianan street ;
house, 6 Granville place, St. George's road.
M'Gibbon, Henry, oil and colour merchant, 8 Hut-
clieson street; house, 498 St. Vincent street.
M'Gibbon, James, drysalter, 42 Bath street.
M'Gibbon, John, Royal Bank of Scotland ; house,
101 Greenhead street.
MacGibbon, James, 160 Buchanan street.
M'Gibbon, M. C. (at Thomas Forrest's, 40 Ingram
street), house, 9 Allanton terrace, Crossbill.
M'Gibbon, Thomas M. (of Boston & Co.), house, 3
Whitehill street, Dennistoun.
M Gibbon, William, grocer and provision merchant,
131 Eglinton sti-eet ; house, 133 do.
M'Gibbon, William, 19 St. Vincent crescent.
M'Gibbon, William, salesman (at Stevenson & Coats'),
house, 93 Gloucester street, Kingston.
MacGibbon, Mrs. David, 6 Granville place, St.
George's road.
M'Gibbon, Mrs. J. B., 2 Havelock ter., Paisley road.
M'Gibbon, Miss, spirit dealer, Blythswood cottage,
34 and 36 Park road.
M'GILCHRIST, Archibald, ironfounder (of A.
M'Gilchrist & Co.), house, 15 South Apsley pi.
M'Gilchrlst, A., & Co., ironfounders, Stonefield
Foundry, 268 and 270 Govan street.
M'Gilclirist, Jas., ironfounder (of A. M'Gllclirist &
Co.), house, 15 South Apsley place.
M'Gilchrist, John (of John Phillips & Co., 113 Hyde
Park street), ho. 6 Franklin ten-ace, Sandyfoi-d.
M'Gilchrist, William, ironfounder (of A. M'Gilchrist
& Co.), house, 15 Apsley place.
M'GILL, Andrew, saddler, 225 Paisley road; house,
258 do.
M'Gill, Bryce, contractor, Cook Street Mineral Sta-
tion ; house, 258 Paisley road.
M'Gill, David, spirit dealer, 267 South Wellington
street ; house, 376 Crown street.
MacGill, David, ship and engineering smitli, Spring-
field lane, Paisley road; house, 82 Houston st.
M'Gill & Ferguson, manufacturers and merchants,
45 Cochran street.
M'Gill, James, house factor, 24 Warwick street.

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