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Leadbetter, Robert H. (cf E. H. Leadbetter & Co.),
house, 13 Lyiiedoch crescent.
Leadbetter, Robert, blacksmith and cartwright, 268i
Garscube roiul ; house, do.
Leadbetter, Thoiras, & Co., plumbers and brass-
founders, 13 and 15 Gordon street; works, 158
Miltcn street.
Leadbetter, Thomas, & Co., lead merchants, 13 and
15 Gordon street.
League Journal Office, 108 Hope street.
LEAL, Rev. E. C, of North Duadas Street Inde-
pendent E.U.C., ho. 2 Belgrave pi, Hillhead.
LEAN, Dan. (of J. Lean & Suns), ho. 1 5 Park ter.
Lean, George, 144 Reid street.
Lean, James, pawnbroker, 60 Thistle street; house,
21 Cnmberland street.
Lean, John, & Sons, power loom muslin . manufac-
turers, 144 Reid street, Bridgeton.
Lean, William, sorting clerk, P.O. ; house, 41
Rutherglen road.
LEARMOUTH, James (of Laid'aw, Sens, & Caine,
Barrowfield Iron Works), ho. 292 IMauldslie ter.
Learmcuth, J. & J., wholesale confectioners, 418
Argyle street.
'Learmouth, T. Specs ([at John Black & Co.'s), 64
Gordon street.
LEASK, James, & Co., seed crashers, oil merehts.,
and refiners, 5 Dixon street; oil mill and stcres,
RockviUe, Port-Dundas.
Leask, James, (of James Leask & Co.), residence,
Viewfield bouse, Partick.
Leask, William, beadle, 231 Eglinton street.
LEBEGUE, J. L. P., & Co., brandy shippers,
Rouillac, Cognac; agents, Leechman & Gray,
180 Hope street.
Lebegue, J. L. P., & Co., Margaux, Bordeaux:
agents, Leechman & Gray, 180 Hope street.
LECHNEE, L., 16 Arlington street.
LECK, Alexander (of Leek, Cowan, & Co., 70 Geo.
square), house, 1 Clydeview terrace.
Leek, Cowan, & Co., Turkey red dyers, Strathclyde
Works, DalmaiTiock.
Leek, Henry, accountant, Woodend, Partick hill.
Leek, James, & Co., patent plate and gas singeing
work, 15, 17 Stirling street.
Leek, John M., working jeweller, 22 Argj'le street;
house, 3 Black street.
Leek, J. (of J. & W. Leek), bo. 38 Cambridge st.
Leek, J. & J., bleachers, Carmjle; office, 11 West
Nile street.
Leek, J. & W., plasterers, 98 West Regent lane.
Leek, Wm. (of J. & W. Leek), house, 428 Parlia-
mentary road.
Leek, Mis. Henry, 7 Cathedral street.
LECKIE, Alex.,''C.M., 279 Sauchiehall street.
Leckie, Alex., pawnbroker, 79 Bell street and 40
Candleriggs; ho. Springhill cottage, Crossmyloof.
Leckie, Alex., sen., 12 St. Janr.es' street, Paisley rd.
Leckie, Alex., juii. (at Wright, Leckie, & Co.'s, 99
Maxwell st.), ho. 12 St. James' st.. Paisley rd.
Lecky, F. B., linen manufacturer and merchant, 39
Gordon st.; ho. 10 South Park terrace, Hillhead.
Leckie & George, Avrights and joiners, 333 Scot-
land street.
Letkie, John (of Lyall & Leckie), house, 368 New
City road.
LecHe, John, wholesale and retail tea merchant and
grorer, 1 Kirk street, Townhead, and 107 High st. ;
house, 97 North Fredeiick street.
Leckie, John, & Co., wholesale export and retail
saddlers, portmanteau and bag makers, 116 Union
street ; works, 8 & 10 Renfrew lane and 10 & 12
Melville lane and 117 & 118 Leadenhall street,
Leckie, John (of Leckie & M'Gregor), houic, 97 N.
Frederick street.
Leckie, John, fancy paper-box manufacturer, pattern
book and card maker, and importer of fancy sta-
tionery, 52 Virginia street ; ho. 16 Grafton st.
Leckie, John (of John Leckie & Co), ho. Ashgrove
villa, Ibrox park.
Leckie, John, fruiterer, 291 Buchanan itreet; hou'e,
296 do.
Leckie, John S. (of Wright, Leckie, & Co.), house,
19 Rupert street.
Leckie, Joseph, joiner, Park lane, Paislej' road ; ho.
9 Muirhead place.
Leckie, Rev. Joseph, minister, U.P. Church, Ibrox,
Paisley road ; residence, Baldroina, Ibrox park.
Leckie & M'Gregor, grocers, 1 Florence stieet and
154 Cumberland street.
Leckie & M'Gregor, Lone-end Dje Work«, Pa'sley ;
orders left at Kerr & Richardson's, 89 Queen st.
Leckie, Robert, 10 North Coburg street.
Leckie, Robert, warper, 30 Cathedral street.
Leckie, Mrs., 15 Amifield place.
Leckie, Agnes N., mistress public school, 65 Stirling
street ; house, 2 Lendel place.
LEECHMAN, James (at Lang & Cousin's, 42 In-
gram St.), house, 18 Bloomfield piece, Hillhead.
Leechman & Gray, wine brokers and agents, 180
Hope stieet, agents for J. L. P. Lebegue & Co.,
Margaux, Bordeaux; J, L. P. , Lebegue & Co,
Rouillac, Cognac; Guillerms, Woellwarth & Co.,
Xerez de la Frontera; Butler, Nephew, & Co.,
Oporto ; Louis Duvau, Chateau Varrains, Saumur;
Wm. Sanderson, rectifier, Leith.
Leeds Mercury Agency, 15 Exchange place.
LEDINGHAM, George (at J. & W. Campbell &
Co.'s), house, Murrough's park, Govan.
LEE, Alexander, marine store, 234 Paisley road ;
house, 258 do.
Lee, Jas.'(at D. Cowan & Co.'s, 54 Broomielaw), ho.
3 Meadow Park street, Deniiistoun.
Lee, Robert (at Liepman, Lehmann, & Co.',s), ho. 2
Minard terrace, Partick. .
Lee, Thomas, clothier, 22 Clyde street, Calton.
Lee, T. Morton (at Black & Robson's, 14 Pricce's
square), house, 6 India street.
LEES, Anderson, & Co., millwrights, ensineers, and
boUermakers, Clyde Street Ergine Woiks, 100
Clyde street, Anderston.
Lees, David, distil'ery and brewery agent, 161 Hope
street ; house, 21 Granville place.
Lees, Henry, captain and adjutant 1st Lanark En-
gineers ; house, 3 Burnbank terrace.
Lees, James, hotel keeper. Star Hotel, 108 High st.,
Lees, James, manager (at Albyn Mills, Waddell st.),
house, 24 South Wellington street.
Lees, Robert (of Lees, Anderson, & Co.), house, 119
Shields road.
Lees, Captain John, marine supeiintendent, Allan
Line ; house, 4 Havelock terrace. Paisley road.
LEGGAT Brother.^, lithographers and engravers,
paper stainers and enamellers, 4 Sauchiehall st.
Leggat, C, shirtmaker, hosier, and glover, 134Trcn-
gate ; house, 93 London street.

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