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Jackson, John, saddler, 409 Gallowgate; lie. 520 do.
Jackson, John, daii'yman, 63 Naburn street.
Jackson & Lamb, boot and shoe manufacturers, 70
Stockvrell street.
Jackson, J. & E., spirit merchants, 102 Woodlands
road ; house, 2 Abington street.
Jackson, R., & Co . wine merchanls, 68 Renfield st.
Jackson, Robert, calenderer and packer, 28 Cochran
street; house, 116 South Portland street.
Jackson, Robert (of Macmaster & Jackson), Iiouse,
371 Bath crescent.
Jackson, Robert, coal merchant, 75 Jamaica street ;
house, 235 Bath street.
Jackson, Robert, family grocer and wine merchant,
105 Caledonia road and 73 Camden street ; ho,
408 Crown street.
Jackson, Robert (at P. Addie's, 11-1 Ingram st.), ho.
Bath crescent.
Jackson, Thomas, accountant (of Thomson, Johnston,
& Jackson), house, 35 Struan terrace, Albert road.
Jackson, William V. (at George Jackson's, 7 Royal
Bank place), house, 51 Chatsworth place, White-
vale street.
Jackson, William, clerk, 312 Ruthergleu road.
Jackion, W. D., mineral dept., Cal. Ry., St. Rollox ;
house, 134 Parliamentary road.
.Jackson, LIrs. Agnes, tobacconist, 128 Duke street.
Jackson, Miss, printer for embroidery, 64 South
Portland street ; house, "66 do.
JACOB, Aaron, wholesale jeweller, 73 West Nile st.
Jacob, C, commission agent, 49 Waterloo street.
Jacob, John, & Co., grain and commission merchants,
16 Hope street.
Jacobs, John, 217 New City road.
Jacob, M., jeweller, &c., 70 Robertson st.; house, do.
.Jacob, Wm. (at Jas. Seton & Co.'s), house, 138 New
City road'
JACOBY, Gustav (of Jacoby & Meyer), Prospect
villa, Montgomery road, Mount Florida.
Jacoby & Meyer, manufacturers and commission
merchants, 93 Hutcbeson street.
Jacoby & Meyer, yarn agents, 10 Garthland street.
JAEGER, George (of Kolp & Co.), house, 32 Buck-
ingham terrace, Hillhead.
JAGO, Alfred T., Caledonian railway, 302 Buchanan
street ; house, 3 AUanton terrace. Crossbill.
JAMES, D. & E., clo:hiers, 61 Argyle street.
James, David (of D. & E. James), residence. Ash-
bank, Shawlands.
.James, Edward (of D. & E. James), resid. Hamil-
ton Place, Langside.
James, Edward, & Sons, starch, blue, and blacklead
manufacturers, Plymouth ; 98 West George st. ;
W. P. Coleman, agent.
James, George (of Heron, Dickson, & Co.), house, 18
Hamilton drive, Hillbead.
James, S. A., postal telegraph, Stock Exchange ; ho.
28 West-end Park street.
JAMIESON, Alex., & Son, joiners, cabinetmakers,
and upholsterers, 410 Argyle street ; house, 492
St. Vincent street,
Jamieson, Alexander, chemist and druggist, 381
Govan street; house, 39 Adelphi street.
Jamieson, Alexander, druggist, 39 Adelphi street.
Jamieson, A., baker, 194 New City road; house, 155
St. George's road.
Jamieson, Alexander, Cale. Rail., 302 Buchanan st.
Jamieson, Andrew, commercial traveller, Adelphi
biscuit factory; house, 276 Eglinton street.
Jamieson, Andrew, teacher, 11 and 13 Young street;
house, 42 Eoselea drive.
Jamieson & Co., oil merchants and oil refiners, 95,
105, 109, 113 Clyde street, Anderston.
Jamieson, Gilbert S. F. (at Schwan, Blodera, & Co.'s,
31 Dundas street), house, 417 Parliamentary rd.
Jamieson, Hugh, clothier, 422 Argyle street ; house,
79 Kent road.
Jamieson, James, & Co., merchants, 183 W George st.
Jamieson, James, baker, 408 Duke st. ; ho. 406 do.
Jamieson, James, iron and metal merchant, Ayton
place ; house, 11 Stonefield terrace.
Jamieson, John L. K. (of John Elder & Co.), resi-
dence. Mansion house, Govan.
Jamieson, John, manufacturers' agent, 63 Renfield
street ; house, do.
Jamieson, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 138
George street.
Jamieson, John, fishcurer, 60 East Howard street ;
house, 9 Rutland place.
.Jamieson, John, Alexandria, Bonhill, & Renton
carrier, 7 St. Enoch square.
Jamieson, John, clothier and outfitter, 117 Trongate.
Jamieson, .John, clothier, 140 Main St., Anderston.
Jamieson, John, grocer and provision merchant, 226a
London road.
Jamieson, John, general furnishings, 6 Raufurly pi.,'
Paisley road.
Jamieson, John, dental depot, 33 Bath street ; house.
Alma villa, Kinnishead.
Jamieson, John M., confectioner, 4 Bridgeton cross ;
house, 408 Argyle street.
Jamieson, Jolm, spirit merchant, 36 Gardner st. ;
house, 5 Wilton street.
Jamieson, John, mason, 3 Shields terrace, Kinning pk.
•Jamieson, Mathew, dairyman, 14 Pollokshaws road.
Jamieson, Michael James (of James Jamieson & Co.),
residence, Arngomery, Kippen, Stirlingshire.
Jamieson, Rev. Robert, D.D., of St. Paul's, 156
Randolph teixace, Garnethill.
Jamieson, Robert J. (of James Jamieson & Co.), ho.
7 Woodside terrace.
Jamieson, Robert, engraver, lithographer, printer, and
stationer, 84 Oswald street.
Jamieson, Robt., wine and spirit merchant, 5 Nelson
street, Tradeston ; house, 7 West street.
Jamieson, Robert, funeral undertaker, cabinetmaker,
and upholsterer, 1 Findlay street and 110 Renfrew
street ; house, 3 Findlay street.
Jamieson, Robert D. (at J. & W. Buchanan's), house,
12 Rose street, Garnethill.
Jamieson, R. (of Jamieson, Son, & Maclae), house, 13
Woodside crescent.
Jamieson, Robert, jun., writer (of Jamieson, Son, &
Maclae), house, 10 Park quadrant.
Jamieson, R. C. (of Jamieson & Watson), house, 129
Kent road.
Jamieson, Son, & Maclae, writers, 149 St. Vincent st.
Jamieson & Watson, shirt makers and outfitters, 31
Gordon street.
Jamieson, William A. (of Arthur & Hinshaw), ho.
156 Randolph terrace, Garnethill.
Jamieson, Wm., house factor and insurance agent,
337V Cumberland street.
Jamieson, Wm., tobacconist and furnishings, 327
Govan street ; house, 347 do.
Jamieson, Rev. Wm. C.E., B.A., clergyman. Church
of Scotland, St. Matthew's, Bothwell street ; house,
82 Great V/estern road.

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