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Hannan, Thomas (of Hannan & Buchanan), ho. 84
Cathedral street.
HANNAY, Alexander, portioner, 188 Cowcaddens;
house, 76 Buccleuch street.
Hannay, Alex., Treasurer's office, Caledonian Rail-
way ; house, 20 Westbnry street.
Hannay, Anthony (of Kelly & Co.), house, 10 Clair-
mont gardens.
Hannay, Anthony D., insurance broker and corn
factor, 16 Hope street.
Hannay & Cameron, plumbers and lead merchants,
159 West Campbell street.
Hannay, David, writer, 198 West George st. ; house,
5 Hillhead gardens, Hillhead.
Hannay, Douglas M. (of Kelly & Co.), house, 10
Clairmont gardens.
Hannay, George Kerr, jun., iron and commission
merchant, 88 Bath street.
Hannay & Sons, 88 Bath street.
Hannay, Thos., iron and commission merchant, sole
agent in Scotland for the Cwmfelm Tin Plate Co.,
Swansea, and the Tamar Tin Smelting Co., Corn-
wall, 88 Bath street; house, 16 AVoodside terrace.
Hannay, AVilliam, plumber ; house, 3 Steven street.
Hannay, W. M. (of Taylor, Hannay, & Co.), house,
350 Scotland street.
HANSON, John, 43 Holmhead street.
HANAPPIER & Co., wine merchants, Bordeaux;
Arehd. Arrol & Sons, agents, 16 Dixon street.
Hanovek Hotel, 45 to 51 Hanover street ; Merton
E. Cotes.
HARAN, J. & W., glaziers and painters, 4 Melrose
buildings, Paisley road.
Haran, J. (of J. & W. Haran), house, 94 Plantation
street. Paisley road.
Haran, W. (of J. & W. Hariin), house, 20 Plantation
place, Paisley road.
HAKEOUR-Master's Office, 16 Robertson street.
HARDIE, Alex., baker, 10 Taylor place, Govau road;
house, 9 do.
Hardie, Alex., & Co., bolt, nut, and rivet manufac-
turers, 83 Cumberland street, Calton ; house, 22 St.
Vincent crescent.
Hardie, Ales., commercial traveller, 84 North street.
Hardie, Alex., "Junr., bookkeeper (at Young, Strang,
6 Co.'s), house, 22 Blackburn street, Plantation.
Hardie, Alex., bootmaker, 76 Garscube road and
Kirkintilloch ; house, 410 St. George's road.
Hardie Brothers, coach builders, 27 Portugal street.
Hardie, David, tailor and clothier, 91 Catlicart street ;
house, 81 do.
Hardie, D., photographic artist, 21 Argyle street.
Hardie, David (of Hardie, Thompson, & Co., 70
Brunswick street), house, 277 Crown street.
Hardie, James (at James Watson & Smith's), house.
Regent Park terrace. Queen's park.
Hardie, John, M.D., 328 Argyle street), house, Bath
crescent, 302 Bath street.
Hardie, John (at Alex. Paton & Co.'s), house. Cove
cottage, Langbank.
Hardis, J. & J., butchers, 344 St. George's road ;
house, Arranhill, Lenzie.
Hardie, Robert, 40 Cavendish street.
Hardie, Thompson, & Co., wholesale shirt manufac-
turers and outfitters, 70 Brunswick street; factory.
Great James' street, Londonderry.
Hardie, Mrs., 14 Sandyford place.
HARDING, George (at Robertson & Galloway'*s,
157 Ingram street), house, 146 West Graham st.
HARE, Mrs. Dr., 34 Hill street, Garnethill.
HAREFIELD & Co., patent and capstan windlass
manufacturers ; agents, Chas. Henderson & Co.,
50 Mitchell street.
HARKINS, Patrick, broker and general dealer, 90
Garscube road; bouse, 586 Dobbie's loan.
Harkin, Mary, rag and metal dealer, 302 High st.
HARKNESS, Adam, oil, colour, glass merchant, and
glazier, 90 Canning street ; house, 85 John st.,
HARLEY, Andrew (of D. Harley & Co.), house,
Kames bay, Millport.
Harley, C. A. (at R. Renton's, writer, 73 West Nile
street), house, 186 North street.
Harley, David, & Co., cotton yarn merchants, 3G
Jo'nn street.
Harley, David (at David Harley & Co.'s), house,
Allanton terrace, Crossbill.
Harley, W. J., & Co., patent wadding manufacturers,
36 John street.
Harley ,_W. J. (of W. J. Harley & Co.), house, Coney
Park, Uddingston.
Harley, AVilliam (at Alexander Stewart & Co.'s), ho.
3 Kelburne terrace, Crosshill.
Harle}', Mrs. David, 5 Park quadrant.
HARPER, Alexander H., Caledonian Railway ; ho.
302 Buchanan street.
Harper, Alex, (postal telegraphs. Post Office), ho.
154 Hospital street.
Harper, Andrew, portioner, 45 Blackfriars' street ;
house, 349 Duke street.
Harper, A. & J., wholesale upholsterers and cabinet
manufacturers, 16 Henrietta street and 570
Harper, Archibald (of A. & J. Harper), house, 19
Roselea drive, Dennistoun.
Harper, David, commercial traveller, 15 Oxford
Harper, Ebenezer (of H. M'Farlane & Co , 45 Stock-
wpll street), house, 13 Winton terrace, Victoria rd.
Harper, Henry, 80 New City road.
Harper, James, teacher, St. John's R.C. School, 27
and 31 Warwick street ; house, 4 Adelphi place.
Harper, James (of A. & J. Harper), house, Bertro-
hill, near Shettleston.
Harper, John, pawnbroker, 78 Cowcaddens ; house, 1
Stirling street, Cowcaddens.
Harper, John (of Brodie & Harper), house, 99
Pollok street.
Harper, J. J., commission merchant, 5 Madeira
court ; house, 12 Albany place.
Harper, Joseph, spirit merchant, 6 Weaver street ;
house, 4 do.
Harper & M'Lellan, shawl fringers, 41 North Albion
court ; house, 1 Magdala place, Paisley road.
Harper, Robert (at Merry and Cunningham's, Limited,
127 St. Vincent street), ho. 350 Scotland st.
Harper, Thomas, pawnbroker, 63 Stewart street,
Cowcaddens; house, 100 Buccleuch street.
Harper, William, measurer, 175 St. Vincent street ;
house, 342 Scotland street.
HARRINGTON, James, 1 Kelburne ter., CrosshilL
Harrington, J. P., manufacturer, importer, and ware-
houseman, Berlin wools, knitting yarns, foreign
and English needle-work, traced embroideries,
jewellery, leather and cabinet goods, beads, haber-
dashery, smallwares, wholesale only, shippers
supplied on best terms, oA South Hanover street ;
house, Beachmont, Lenzie.

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