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I'erguson, J. & A., tea and wine merchants and general
grocers, 121 Trongate.
Ferguson, James, 6 Cathedral street.
Ferguson. James (uf James Ferguson & Sons, 9
Howard street), house, Maryland house, Govan.
Ferguson, James (of James Ferguson & Sons), house,
Maryland, Govan.
Ferguson, James (of J. & A. Ferguson), house, 149
Renfrew street.
Ferguson, James, cotton and woollen yarn merchant
and agent, 101 Hutcheson street; house, 8 Royal
crescent, Crosshill.
Ferguson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 40 Dun-
das street, Kingston, and 1 JMuirhead place, Kinning
park ; house, 2 Muirbead place.
Ferguson, James, & Sons, wine merchants, 9 West
Howard street.
Ferguson, James, hutcher, 13 St. George's cross, 8
Gibson street, Billhead ; house, Craigbank house,
Fossil road.
Ferguson, Jas. H. (of John Miller & J. H. Ferguson),
house, 2 Wellesley place, Sandyford.
Ferguson, James (of .John Henderson & Co.), house,
149 Renfrew street.
Fergusson, James, furnishings, 13 Strathearn place.
Ferguson, James, cork manufacturer, 18 College st. ;
house, 20 do.
Ferguson, James, bookbinder, 6 South Hanover street;
house, 111 Stirling road.
Ferguson, John, commission merchant, 13 Dixon St.;
house, Cambuslang.
Ferguson, John, & Sons, brush, bellows, hair-cloth,
and curled hair manufacturers, 33 Hope street.
Ferguson, John, & Co., tinsmiths and gasiitters,
Sydney court, 62 Argyle street.
Ferguson, .John (manager at Kinning Park Oil and
GreaiC Works), house, 21 Rutland crescent.
l''erguson, John (of Mackay & Ferguson), house, 121
Hill street, Garnetliill.
Ferguson, John, & Co., commission merchants, 13
Dixon street.
Ferguson, John (of Ferguson, Lament, & Co.),
house, 23 St. Vincent crescent.
Ferguson, John, tailor and clothier, 401 Argyle st. ;
house, 430 do.
Ferguson, John (of Taylor & Ferguson), house, Rose-
mount villa, Crosshill.
Ferguson, John, furnishing ironmonger, 362 Argyle
street ; house, 364 do.
Ferguson, J. & R., ironmongers, scale, beam, and
weighing machine makers, blacksmiths, tinsmiths,
gasfitters, and grocers' outfitters, 11 Argyle street ;
works, 34 Trongate; house, 2 Chatham place.
Ferguson, J. M. (Cal. Ry. Co.), ho. 163 Hospital st.
Ferguson, John (of Barcla}', Curie, & Co.), house,
LarkSeld, Partick.
Ferguson, John, writer, 75 Union street; house,
Maryland, Govan.
Ferguson, John A. (of Ferguson, Shaw, & Dick),
house, 6 Moray place, Regent park.
Ferguson, John, tailor and clothier, 19 Centre street.
Ferguson, John (of Cameron & Ferguson), residence,
Benburb liouse, Lenzio.
Ferguson, John Aitlcen, National Bank of Scotland ;
house, 40 West Campbell street.
Ferguson, John, inspector City Chambers ; house, 43
London street.
Ferguson, John, portioner, 15 Camden street, s.s.
Ferguson, John, tailor, 16 Thistle street, south.
Fergusson, John, & Brothers, yarn merchants, 69
Mitchell street.
Ferguson, ,J. C, commission agent, Produce Ex-
change buildings, East Howard street ; house, Hi
Annandale street, Edinburgh.
Ferguson, Lament, & Co., marine insurance brokers,
59 St. Vincent street.
Ferguson, Malcolm (of Malcolm Ferguson & Co.),
house, 60 St. Vincent crescent.
Ferguson, Malcolm, & Co , merchants and com.mi.s-
sien agents, 54 St. Enoch square.
Ferguson, Math, (at Nicholson & Ferguson's, Crown-
point Boiler Works), house, 742 Gallewgate.
Ferguson, Peter (of Robertson & Ferguson), h.ousc,
15 Eaton place, Wilson street, Hillhead.
Ferguson, Peter (of John Ferguson & Sons), house,
2 Rochester place, 377 Sauchichall street.
Ferguson, Peter, temperance missionary, 283 Eglin-
ton street.
Ferguson, Peter, registrar of births, &o., Higli Church
district, and warden of Cathedral, St. IMungo's,
St. David's, and Blackfriars' burying-grounds,
Cathedral lodge ; house, 8 Ure pi., Montrose st.
Ferguson, Peter, plumber and gasfitter, 15 East
Howard street ; iiouse, 69 Abbotsford place.
Ferguson, Peter, tailor and clothier, 3 V/est Camp-
bell street.
Ferguson, Peter (at James Black & Co.'s), house, 15
Annette street, Crosshill.
Ferguson & Reid, merchants and commission agents,
67 Hope street.
Ferguson, Riclid. (of J. & II. Ferguson, ironmongers,
11 Argyle street), house, 2 Chatham place, and
Woodneuk villa, I^IiUport.
Ferguson, Robert, butcher, 8 Gibson st., Hillhead,
and 13 St. George's road; he. 228 Dumbarton rd.
Ferguson, Robert, & Son, painters, decorators, and
glaziers, 153 St. George's road; ho. 168 do.
Ferguson, Robert (of John Ferguson & Sons), lio.
2 Rochester place, 377 Sancbieliall street.
Ferguson, Robert, & Co., wood turners, lorry, van,
and cart builders, horse shoers, and general smiths,
69 and 67 Crookston street.
Ferguson, Robert, 121 Hill street, Garnetliill.
Ferguson, Robert (of Robert Ferguson & Co.), house,
63 Crookston street.
Ferguson, Robert, bookseller, 217 ilain street, Gor-
bals ; house, 213 do.
Ferguson, Ross (of Ferguson & Forrester), residence.
Prince of Wales cottage, Saltcoats.
Ferguson, S. & A., wrights, 12 and 14 Terrace street ;
house, 9 North Clare mont street.
Ferguson, Shaw, & Dick, soap and candle manu-
facturers, tallow melters, oil refiners, and lard mer-
chants, and agents for James W. M'Ewan, New
York, Price's Patent Candle Co. (Limited) London,
39 Stockwell st. ; works, 85, 87 Old wynd.
Ferguson, Thomas (at Milton Ironvr-orks), house,
Hopehill house, off North Woodside road.
Ferguson, T. & J., manufacturers, Kilmarnock ;
agents, George C. Dick & Co., 86 Mitchell st.
Fergusson, Thos. M. (of John Fergusson & Brothers),
residence, Ayton house, Dowanhill.
Ferguson, Thomas, hosier, 280 Argyie street; house,
6^8 York street.
Ferguson, Thos. (at James Lockhart's), house, 123
West Graham street.
Ferguson, Thos., Union Bank ; house, 14 Markland
terrace. Hillhead.

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