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Plglin, John (of Eglin, Brothers, & Co.), liouse, 52
Rose street, Garnethill.
Eglin, William (of Eglin, Brothers, & Co.), ho. 208
Great Western road.
EGLINTON, Edward G. (at Martin, Turner, & Co.'s,
142 St Vincent St.), ho. 12 Regent Park terrace.
Eglinton, Gavin, tobacconist, represents R. Letch-
ford & Co., London ; 62 Stoekwell street ; house,
24 Ropework lane.
Eglinton, John, grocer and provision merchant, 7
^Maxwell street.
Eglinton, John, wholesale provision and commission
merchant, 60 and 52 Howard street ; house, 57
North Hanover street.
Eglinton, William, coffee and spice merchant, 25 St.
Andrew's street.
Eglinton Iron Co. , Kilwinning; office, 168 West
George street.
Eglinton Iron Co., iron and coal masters, Eglinton,
Blair, Lugar, Muirkirk, and Portland vforks ; office,
168 West George street.
Eglinton (The) Chemical Co., Limited, manufactur-
ing chemists. Chemical works. Irvine ; also lessees
of the Glenarm Limestone Quarries, Glenarm, Co.
Antrim, Ireland ; registered ofiBce, Scottish Amic-
able Buildings, 31 St. Vincent place ; Glasgow, W.
J. A. Donald, secretary.
Egtftian (The) Halls and Fancy Bazaar, open daily
from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m., Saturday 10 p.m., 92
Union street; John Keid, 6 Albert drive. Cross-
hill, manager.
EISENMANN, R., Berlin ; agent, Robert Thomson,
45 Hope street.
ELBORN, John, glass and china merchant, 20 and
24 Stoekwell st.; house, 13 Struan ten-ace, Vic-
toria road, Crossbill.
ELCE, John, & Co. (Limited), makers of all kinds
of cotton, jute, and flax spinning machinery, Phoe-
nix Works, Manchester, and 66 Wilson street,
ELDER, Alexander P., ship and ornamental carver,
1 Morrison street, Govan.
Elder, David W., teacher, Clydesdale Academy, 1
Nithsdale place, Paisley road; house, do.
Elder, James F. (at D. & J. Anderson's Atlantic
Jilills, Bridgeton), house, 121 Alexandra terrace,
Elder, James, commission merchant and agent, 19
Howard street ; house, Faskin cottage. Maxwell
road, Pollokshields.
lillder, James, -wright, 36 Abercorn street ; house, 55
Garnethill street.
Elder, James, civil engineer, manager Scottish Val-
de Travers Paving Co. (Limited), 88 Hope street ;
house, 3 South Apsley place.
Elder, J., tobacconist, 56 St. Enoch square.
Elder, John, & Co., millwrights, engineers, founders,
and shipbuilders, 12 Centre st. and 82 Dale st,
Tradeston, and Fairfield building yard, Govan.
Elder, John (of Anderson & Elder, wine merchants,
151 Plope street), ho. 1 Middleton ter.. Paisley rd.
Elder & Kennedy, letterpress printers, 263 Argyle st.
Elder, Thomas, North British Bank; ho. 63 Kent rd.
Elder, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 125 Duke
street ; house, 129 do.
Elder, Mrs. M., grocer, 80 Water street.
Elder, Mrs. John, 6 Claremont terrace.
Elders' Wives and Daughters' Association, 10 Rich-
mond street.
ELECTRO-Platers, West of Scotland Electro-plate
Co., 97 and 99 Bothwell street.
Elgin Place Congregational Church, Pitt street,
off Sauchiehall st.; Rev. Henry Batchelor, pastor.
Elgin Pottery, 32 David street ; Thomas Purvis.
Elgin street UP. Church, Rev. D. M'Eae and Rev.
J. C. Jackson.
ELKINGTON & Co., electro-plate manufacturers,
Birmingham; Christie Brothers, agents, 133 St.
Vincent street.
ELLIOT, Archibald, & Co., gasaliers, painters, and
hardware merchants, 46 Bridge street; house, 1
Oxford street.
Elliot, James, 33 Gladstone street.
Elliot, John, beadle of St. Paul's Episcopal Church :
house, 94 Thistle street, Garnethill.
Elliot, John, hay and grain merchant, 153 Main St.,
Anderston ; house, 100 Ardgowan street.
Elliot, Ralph, horse dealer and contractor, 103 St.
James' road.
Elliot, Eobt., restaurant, 159 Eglinton st.; ho. 157 do.
Elliot, Robert, blacksmith, 100 Bothwell street; ho.
157 and 159 Eglinton street.
Elliot, Wm., sei'geant. Queen's Own Y.C., South
Prison ; house, 45 iSlarket street.
Elliot, William, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Cam-
bridge street.
Elliot, Mrs. Agnes, Berlin wool and furnishings, 144
Dumbarton rd.; ho. 193 Cbesham pL, Kent rd.
Elliott's Patent Yellow Metal Sheathing Co.
(Limited); agents, Neilson & Maxwell, 88 and 90
Cadogan street.
ELLIS, Allan, & Co., flint glass manufacturer.-,
Forth Glass Works, Firhill.
Ellis, Clement, glass manufacturer, 125 Buchanan
Ellis, James Walter, 147 Queen street; house, 11
Burnbank gardens.
Ellis, James, inspector of branches. City of Glasgow
Bank ; house, 5 Radnor terrace, Dumbarton road.,
Ellis, John, spirit dealer, 18 Broomielaw ; ho. 16 do.
Ellis, Thomas, R.C. clergyman, St. Aloysius Church,
21 Dalhousie street, Garnethill.
ELLISON, Robert (of Franks, Ellison, & Co.), 25
North Albion street, and Seafield, Rothesay.
Elmbank Foundry and Sawmilltield Ironworks,
general ironfounder, Port-Dundas ; London ware-
house, Rutland wharf, 4 Upper Thames street.
ELMORE, T., cabinetmaker, 60 Centre st.; house,
79 Commerce street.
ELPHICK, Alfred W., 236 Dumbarton road.
Elphick, George, & Co., wine merchants and cigar
importers, agents for Jules Laiue & Co., Cognac.
174 Hope street), house, 7 Walworth terrace.
ELSWORTH, Ernest, sawmaker (at Jn. Elsworth"s.
158 Argyle street ; house, Queen's place. Great
Western road.
Elsworth, .John, saw and plane manufacturer, iron-
monger, and general merchant, 158 Argyle st.;
house, Springbank, Lenzie.
ELWOOD, Joseph, rope and twine manufacturer,
Baltic street ; house, 37 Mordaunt street.
EMBLOW, Edwd , patent washing machine agent.
364 Scotland street.
EMERSON, Thomas, flesher, 128 Crookston street.
Employment Oflace, Mrs. Wm. M'DonalJ, 118
Union street.
ENGERT & Eolfe, asphalte, roofing, hair felt, and
fibrous slab manufacturers, 175 Buclianan street.

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