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DOOLEY, William, caiter and contractor, 317
North Woodside road.
DORAN, Josepli, wholesale and export stationer,
34 Candletiggs and 74 Trongate ; ho. 4 Royal cr.
Doran, Robert, surgeon, 52 Scotia street; lioii;e, 13
Carendon place.
Doran, Robert, chemist, 338 Argyle street; house,
13 Clarendon place.
DORMAN, John, salesman, 61 Crown street; ho.
63 Clarence street.
DOTCHIN, James, west end repository for station-
ery, wax and paper flower materials, marriage
and birth- day presents, pic'.ure frames, andaitists'
materials, 261 Sauchiehall street; houie, 290
Renfrew street.
DOUD, Elizabeth Mary, Convent of Mercy, 31
Rose street, Garnethill.
DOUG-ALL, Alex, (at Orme, M'Nab, & Adams),
house, 408 Parliamentary road.
Dougall, Andrew, house factor, 184 Gallowgate;
residence, Glenpark villa, Busbj'.
Dougall, Franc Gibb, wiiter and notary public and
agent of Calton and Bridgeton and Cattle Market
Clydesdale Bank branches, 167 Canning street;
house, 10 Broompark terrace, Dennistoun.
Dougall, Franc Gibb, law, property, and insurance
agent, 167 Canning street and 5 Orr street; ho.
10 Broompark terrace, Dennistoun.
Dougall, Franc Gibb, secretary of Glasgow and
West of Scotland Horticultural Society, 167 Can-
ning street, Calton ; ho. 10 Broompark terrace.
Dougall, James, publisher of the Commercial Direc-
tory, Crown court, 33 Virginia street.
Dougall, Jas. D., breechloading gun and rifle manu-
facturer, and fishing tackle maker, 23 Gordon St. ;
manufactory, 56 Alston street ; keys at P. Trainer's,
18 Elderslie street.
Dougall, James, watch and clock maker and jeweller,
33 Nelson street, city.
Dougall, Jn., M.D., 339 Paisley rd. ; ho. 2 Cecil pi.
Dougall, John, baker, 163, 165 Garngad road; ho.
165 do.
Dougall, Patk., merchant, 2 Grosvenor ter. ; ho. do.
Dougall, Robert, 21 Willowbank street.
Dougall, Mrs., dressmaker, 222 Buchanan street.
DOUGAN, John, surgeon, 85 Sauchiehall street.
Dougan, John, pawnbroker, 64 Piose street ; house,
269 Upper Crown street.
DOUGAN S, Andrew, wholesale ironmonger, cement,
glass, glue, cut and wrought nail and zinc mer-
chant, and shoemakers' furnisher, 25 Dunlop st.
and 31 Argyle street ; house, Almond bank, Bclla-
houston, Govan.
DOUGHERTY, Daniel, vine and spirit merchant,
131 Garngad road; house, 135 do.
Dougherty, Edward, house factor, 71 Abercrombj' st.
Dougherty, James, wine and spirit merchant, 57, 59
Stobcross street, 1 Cheapside street, 21 Howard
street, 41 Tobago street, 28 St. James st., King-
ston, 11 and 13 St. Mungo street, south; house,
Torrance of Campsie.
Dougherty, James, fruit broker and commission
merchant, Bazaar ; house, 40 Canon street.
Dougherty, John, butter and egg merchant, 140
Main street, Gorbals; house, 162 do.
Dougherty, John, fish and egg merchant, 134 Main
street, Gorbals; house, 162 do.
Dougherty, Patrick, grocer, butter and egg mer-
chant, 49 JIaitland street; ho. 43 Maitland st.
DOUGLAS, A., provision merchant and dairyman,
415 Govan st. and 286 Mathieson sr. : ho. 282 do.
Douglas, A. & J., The Golden Ball, importers of
fancy wools, smallwares and trimming merchants,
buttons, badges, and appointments for t'ne militarj',
naval, civil, and volunteer services, masonic in-
signia, &c., 95 Buchanan street.
Douglas, Andrew (of A. &, J. Douglas), house, 328
Renfrew street.
Douglas, Arch. Campbell, of Mains, 150 W. Regent
street ; residence. Mains house, Milngavie.
Douglas, Arch., spring van builder, cartwright, &c ,
50 Stirling street and 71 West Milton St., Cow-
caddens; house, 54 Cowcaddens street.
Douglas, Campbell, I A , architect "and valuator,
266 St. Vincent street ; house, do.
Douglas, Campbell, and Sellars, architects, 266 St.
Vincent street.
Douglas, Charles M., commission merchant, 25 and
29 Watt street.
Douglas, Duncan, spirit dealer, 2 Ritchie street ; ho.
9 Dundas street, Kingston.
Douglas, Rev. Geo., CM., D.D., Professor of Hebrew,
Free Church College, Lynedoch street, AV. ; house,
10 Fitzroy place.
Douglas, H. D., & Son., musical instrument makers
and music sellers, 36 and 38 Brunswick street ;
house, 121 Stirling road.
Douglas, Hector, cork manufacturer, 12 and 14
Cathcart place, Sauchiehall street.
Douglas, Henry, detective officer, Northern Police
Office; house, 50 Milton street.
Douglas, Hugh, sen,, musical instrument maker,
190 Trongate.- — See Adveriisemerd in Appendix.
Douglas & Hunter, measurers, 197 St. Vincent st.
Douglas, James B., watchmaker and jeweller, 420
Argyle street ; house, 424 do.
Douglas, James, goldsmith and watchmaker, 96
Argyle street ; house, 1 Craigton terrace, Percy
street, Paisley road.
Douglas, James, brassfounder, 11 and 13 Hyde
Park street; house, 486 St, Vincent street.
Douglas, James, iron turner, &c., 2 Ayton place.
Douglas, James, grocer, 160 Saudyfaulds street.
Douglas, Rev. Jas. , M.A., clergyman, St. Stephen's
parish ; house, 16 Fitzroy place.
Douglas, James, monumental sculptor, head of Kyle
street, Ayr; house, 17 AUoway street, Ayr.
Douglas, J. B., & Co., tobacco manufacturers, 73
Brunswick street.
Douglas, John, greengrocer, 2a Easton terrace,
Paisley road.
Douglas, John, family grocer, 83 Castle street.
Douglas, J., cope tube manufacturer and cotton
waste dealer, 87 Dumbarton road ; bouse, 4
Belgrave street.
Douglas, John, & Son, portrait painters and photo-
graphers, 145 Sauchiehall street.
Douglas, John, spirit merchant, 80g London street ;
house, 55i Canning street
Douglas, John Reid, agent, 40 Union street.
Douglas, John, minister of the gospel. New City rd.
Congregational Church, 88 New City read; '^ho.
38 Carnarvon street.
Douglas, John, blacksmith, 15 Eglinton place ; ho.
205 Eglinton street.
Douglas, Peter, stationer, news agent, and book-
seller, 242 Main street, Anderston ; house, 3
Sliaftesbury street.

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