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Donald, James S., M.B., CM., hoase surgeon,
Town's Hospital, Parliamentary road.
Donald, James T., iron merchant, 42 Cadogan st. ;
bouse, 31 Berkeley terrace.
Donald, James, agent National Bank of Scotland,
265 Govan road ; ho. Lily- vale cottage, Govan.
Donald, James, bank teller, National Bank of Scot-
land, 291 Sauchiehallst. ; ho. 149 Hospital st.
Donald, James, agent for Carrou Co. 127 Buchanan
St.; house, 85 Thistle St., Garnethill.
Donald, James, lieutenant of police. Central Police
Chambers; house, 43 London street.
Donald, J., grocer, 133 Gloucester street; house, 1
Kinning street.
Donald, John, grocer and victualler, 44 Maitland
street ; bouse, 3 New City road.
Donald, John, clothier and outlitter, 4 James Watt
St. ; house, 54 Plantation street, Paisley road.
I>onald, Jolin, & Son, iron merchants, 42 Cado-
gan street. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Djnald, John, teacher, St. RoUox Schools, Gam-
gad road.
Donald, John, goldsmith, jeweller, and watchmaker,
15g- Adelphi street ; house, 45 John street.
Donald, John, & Son, fan blast and exhauster
maker?. 42 Cadogan street.
Donald, John, 6 Radnor terrace.
Donald, John, dairyman, IG Findlay street.
Donald, John, iron merchant, 42 Cadogan street ;
residence, Glenaore, Innellan.
Donald, P., & Co., millinery manufacturer?, impor-
ters and dealers in flowers, laces, hosiery, and
fancy goods, 239 Argyle street.
Donald, Robert, stationer and bookbinder, 253, 263
Argyle st. ; house, 22 Abbotsfurd place.
Donald, Robert, clerk to city income-tax commis-
sioners, 52 Virginia street.
Donald & Sellar, warehousemen, 90, 92 Trongate.
Donald, Thomas, commissary clerk of Lanarkshire,
124 Hope St.; hou^e, 196 Bath street.
l)onald, Thomas, house factor, 109 West George st.,
and 132 Main st., Bridgeton ; ho. 20 Monteith row.
Donald, Thomas, hosier and glover, 159 Ingram st. ;
house, IG Catherine street.
Donald, Walter, North British Patent; Eivet and Cut
Nail Manufactory, 53 and 55 St. James' road;
house, 6 Provanside.
Donald, William, family grocer, 222 Dumbarton
road ; house, 5 Gladstone place.
Donald, William, merchant, insurance and commis-
sion agent, superintendent of agents, British
Equitable Assurance Co. (Life), agent for Scottish
Imperial (Fire) and Accident and Plate Glass
Insurance Companies, also agent for Marine In-
surance, 211 Hope street; house, do.
Donald, William (of Donald & Baillie), house, 14
Bute terrace, Pullokshaws road.
Donald, William, plumber, 81 Sandyfaulds street;
house, 12 Camden street.
Donald, Mis. John, dining rooms, 49 John street;
house, 45 do.
Donald, Mijs Agnes, hosiery and furnishings, 30
Bedford street.
Donald, Misses, tobaconist?, 178 Great Hamilton
street ; house, 13 Craignestock place.
Donald's Western Hotel, 84 Oswald sr.
DONALDSON, Alex., surgeon, 15 Mouteith row.
Donaldson. Alex, (of James Watson & Co.), house,
27 Blythswood square.
Donaldson, Andrew, butcher, 384 Duke street ;
house, 388 do.
Donaldson, Archd. F. (of Donaldson Brothers),
house, 16 Ashton terrace, Dowauhill.
Donaldson Brothers, ship and insurance brokers, 67
Great Clyde street,
Donaldson, David (at Taylor & Ferguson's, 38
Oswald street), house, 73 Elmbank street.
Donaldson, David, flesher, 46 Grove street; house,
G Braid street.
Donaldson, George, & Son, timber merchants, 52 St.
Enoch square.
Donaldson, James, drysalter, 48 Gordon street; ho.
246 Bath street.
Donaldson, James, writer (of Kirk & Donaldson).
Donaldson, James, general grocer and tea merchant,
162 Crown street; house, 8 Clelland street.
Donaldson, James, teac!:er, Free St. Peter's School ;
house, 93 Pitt street.
Donaldson, James, Post Office Receiving Hou-e ;
bookseller and stationer, 109 Crown street; ho.
8 Clelland street.
Donaldson, Jair.es, M.D., physician, 6 Gran'oy ter-
raca, Hillhead.
Dor.aldson, James, oj'ster merchant, 9 King st'eet;
Tradeston ; house, do.
Donaldson, John (of Don Jdson Brothers), lesidenca,
Beechwood houte, Pariick.
Donaldson, John, agent, 28 St. Enoch square; resi-
dence, Burnhead house, Larbcrt.
Donaldson & Johnstone, cash drapers, Albert House,
2 Bridgeton cross.
Donaldcon, R., p'auoforte and music seller, 77 St.
Vinct-nt stiest; house, 8 Regent Park terrace.
Donaldson, Robert (of James Watson & Co.),
hou?e, 5 Prince's terrace, Dowanhill.
Donaldson, Robert S., watchmaker and jeweller,
381 New City road; house, 467 do.
Donaldson, Thomas, general draper, 47 Rutherglen
road; house, 150 Wellington street.
Donaldson, Wm. A. (of James Watson &■ Cj.),
house, 8 Eaton terrace, Hillhead.
Donaldson, William F. (of Donaldson Brotheri),
h luse, Dowanhill gardens.
Donaldson, William, grocer, 107 J- Paroon street ;
houiO, 107 do.
Donaldson, William (of A. A. Carter & Co.), house,
4 Kelvingrove street.
Donaldson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 154
Postil road ; house, 183 Cra'ghall ro;id.
Donaldson, Wm., & Co., manufactu;e:S, 33 Vir-
ginia street.
Donaldson, William, merL-hant, 80 Gordon street;
house, 17 Regent Park square.
Donaldson, Mrs. John, dressmaker, 258 Alma place.
Paisley road.
Donalds. n, Mrs. Jos., stationer, 167 West Nile
street ; houss, 10 Renfrew street.
Donaldson's Temperance Hotel, 9 Clyde jjlace.
DONECHIE, E., fishmonger, 12 Raglan street;
house, do.
DON EG AN, Patrick, printer and stationer, 95
Hutchesonst. ; ho. 5 Bishop st., Port-Dunda?.
DONLEY, Archd., wine and spirit merchant, 5P,
58, & GO High st. ; ho. 214 Gt. AVestem road.
DONN, Walter, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 190
Hope street ; house, 4 Cambiidge street.
DONOHOE, Michael J., fruit importer, Bazaar;
hou-e, 77 Montrose street.

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