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Cooper, Thomas Alexander; boot and shoe ware-
house, 100 Dumbarton road: house, 5 Great
"Wellington street.
Couper, Wm. (of Couper, Scott, & Co.), house, 9
Huntly gardens.
Cooper, William. 43 Dalhousie street.
Cooper, Young, & Co., wool and waste merchants,
16 Hanover st , removed to 11 Coburg st., Leith.
Cooper, Wright, & Shaw, 102 Market street, Man-
chester; agent, James Brown, 77 Queen street.
Couper, Mrs. Yv^illiam, dressmaker, 327 Dahnar-
nock road.
COURAGE & Co., Anchor Brewery, London; office
and stores, 202 Broomielaw; J. Johnston, agent.
COURT, Chas., bootmaker, 72 Main St., Bridgeton;
house, 292 London road.
Court House, foot of Saltmarket; P. Brown, keeper.
COURTNEY, Rev. F., of St. Jude's Episcopal
Church ; house, 180 West Regent street.
COUSAR, John, & Co., linen merchants and sack
manufacturers, 73 Ea<t Howard street.
Cousar, John (of John Cousar & Co.), house, 2 Niths-
dale place. Paisley road.
COUSIN, Andrew (at Lang & Cousin's), house
Hawlhornden, Cumbernauld road.
Cou?ins, David, clothier, 278 Argyle street.
Cousin, James (of Lang & Cousin), house, 12 Park-
grove terrace.
COUSL.AND, Alexander, & Son, wire workers and
wire-cloth manufacturers. 3 Mitchell street.
Cuu-;iand, Alex, (of Alex. Couslaud & Son), house,
67 Renfield street.
Cousland, Alexander S. (of Allison, Cousland, and
Hamilton), house, 67 Renfield street.
Coudand, Archibald, & Co., paper-machine & wire
cloth manufacturers, and wire workers, 37 Hunter
street, off Gallowgate.
Cousland, Joseph S. (of Alex. Cousland & Son) ho.
67 Eeijfield street.
CousTONHOLM Weaving Company, power loom
manufacturers, 20 Springfield court, 58 Buchanan
street; factory, Pollokshaws.
COUTTS, F., & Co., acetopathists, 65 Bath st.
Coutts, Francis (of F. Coutts & Co.), house, 12
AVilton place.
Coutts, James, 167 We^t Campbell street.
Coutts, James, tailor and cloth'er, 310 Argyle st.
Coutts, Peter, grocer and provision merchant, 75
S. Wellington street ; house, 373 Govan street.
Coutts, Robert (of F. Coutts & Co.), house, 9
Wilton place.
Coutts, Willism (of F. Coutts & Co.), hou.9e, 415
St. Vincent street.
Coutts, Mrs. Mary, milliner and dressmaker, Provau-
side buildings; house, 103 Stirling ro.ad.
Cove & Kilceeggan Gas Co. (Limited), 212
West George st. ; Wm. Graham, C.A., secretary.
COVENTRY, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant,
1, 3 Cowcaddens and 175 West Nile street;
house, 252 Buchanan street.
Coventr}', Bogle, tin-plate worker, 67 Stevenson st.
and 44 Clyde St., Calton ; ho. 95 Abercromby st.
Coventry, John, tin-plata vv'orker, 287 and 141 Gal-
lowgate; house, 618 do.
Coventry Elastic Weaving Co. (Limited), manu-
facturers of boot web elastic ; John Nicolson,
agent, 20 Union street.
COVERLY, L & A., ironmongers, 351 Argyle st. ;
house, 448 do.
COWAN, Ales., manager and secretary, Glasgow and
Paisley, and Glasgow, Barrhead, and Kilma'-no-:k
Joint Raihvays, 115 St. Vincent street ; house, 11
Fitzroy place.
Cowan, Alexander (of Cowan & Laird), house, 18
Stanley street.
Cowan, Charles, grocer, 68 South Shamrock street ;
house, 70 do.
Cowan & Co., general contractors and agents for
North Briiisb, G'asg'iW, Barrhead & Kilmarnock,
Glasgow & Paisley Joint Railways, and Belfast
Royal Mail Steamers; offices, 228 London road,
Bridgeton, 23 King street, Tradeston, 6 Jackson
street, 48 Robertson street, 51 Renfield street;
head office, 8 and 10 North Queen street , stores,
55 and 57 Abbotsford place.
Cowan, David, chartered accountant and share-
broker, 41 St. Vincent place.
Cowan, D., & Co., shipbrokers, insurance agent",
and general commis. merchants, 54 Broomielaw.
Cowan, D. (of D. Cowan & Co.), house, 3 Oswald st.
Cowan & Douglas, bell and brassfounders, Clydes-
dale Brass Foundry, 11, 13 Hydepark st.
Cowan &■ Drysdale, drysalters, 124 Renfield st.
Cowan, Fergus, victualler, 31 Naburn st. ; ho. 33 do.
Cowan, Henry, millwright and engineer, 12 Ruby
street; house, 51 Springfield road.
Cowan, James, leather me chant, 76 Stevenson st.
and 22 Orr street ; ho. 9 Willi-im St., Calton
Cowan, Jamei (uf Cowan & Douglas), house, 136
Woodlands road.
Cowan, James, 72 Virginii st. ; ho. 234 C-own st.
Cowan, James, jun. (of Cowan & Drysdale), house,
5 Hampden terrac=. Mount Fliiida.
Cowan, James, saddler and harness maker, 54 Ren-
fieli St. ; house. Main street, Barrhead.
Cowan, J. L., architect, 103 West Regent street;
house, 1 Hampden terrace. Mount Floiiia.
Cowan, John (of Wm. Cowan & Son), house, 8
Scotia street.
Ci.iwan, John, draper, 316 Duke street; house, o
Bellgi-ove street.
Cowan, John, jun.. Union Bank of-Scotlani ; house.
20 Cumberlbind street, south.
Cowan, John B., M.D., cmsuliin;? phy=i<.iin, pro-
fessor of materii medica in the Univer.-i'v of
Glasgow, 159 Bath street.
Cowan, John, merchant, 3 Park Cixus pl;ce.
Cowan, Joseph, architect, 141 West Graham st.
Cowan, Lachljn, wri;er (of Mitchells, Cowan, and
Johnston), house, Clydebank, Yoker.
Cowan & Laird, match, blacking, anl lielight
manufacturers, dry alters, and manufacturing
chemists, 32 Brunswick street and 26 Candle-
liggs; works, 100 Back Wynd ; sto-ei, 108 do.
Cowan, M'Taggart, civil engineer, 137 W. Regent
street; house, 27 Ash'on terrai-'e. Billhead.
Cowan, Robert, M D., 379 GallovTga'e; house, 9
Seton terrace, Dennistoun.
Cowan, Robert, inukeepe^ 11 Kent stree'.
Cowan, Robert, provision merchan'-, 46 Pa'liamen-
tary road ; house, 109 do.
Cowan, Robert (of John Grei^fc Co.), 17 Gordon st.
Cowan, Robert G. (at James Shaw & Co.'s), house,
Ashton villa, Pollok road, Sbawlauds.
Cowan, R. R. & W., pawnbrokers, 3 Coulter'^ lane,
Abercromby street.
Cowan, Thomas, boot and shoe make", S2a Cuw-
caddens ; house, 29 do.

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