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Campbell, Jcimes, tea merchant and family grocer,
148 New City road and 20 Scotia street.
Campbell, James, boot and shoemaker, 53 Nelson st.;
house, 31 Morrison street.
Campbell, James (of James Smith & Sons, coalraas-
ters), residence, Nether house, Lesmahagow.
Campbell, J. & A., agents, 62 Queen street ; house,
Campbell, J., & Co., shirt and slop manufacturers, 30
Tureen street.
Campbell, J. G., collector. Goods Station, 130 Eglin-
ton street ; house, 265 do.
Campbell, J. M., writer and notary public, 138 Hope
street ; house, 226 Thornton ter., N. Woodside rd.
Campbell, J. & W., dyers, Auldtield park, PoUok-
Campbell, J. & W., & Co., warehousemen, 29 Ing-
ram street.
Campbell, John, accountant, Scottish Commercial
Insurance Co. ; house, 17 Arlington street.
Campbell, John (at Glasgow Iron Co.'s), house, 2
Thornville terrace, Hillhead.
Campbell, John, wholesale and retail export confec-
tioner, 183 Argyle street.
Campbell, John (of Thomas Chalmers & Co., 167
Troiigate), house, PoUokshlelds.
Campbell, John (of John Ciimpbell & Sous), house,
296 Crown street.
Campbell, John, & Sons, messengers-at-arms, sheriff
and J.P. officers for Lanark, Renfrew, and Stirling-
shires, 81 Wilson street; house, 296 Crown st.
Campbell, John, & Co., portmanteau manufacturers,
68 Glassford street; liouse, 31 Roselea drive.
Campbell, John (of Calton Spinning Co.), house, 249
West George street.
Campbell, John, grocer, 16 Grove st.; house, 18 do.
Campbell, John, manufacturer, Campbell arcade, 34
Candleriggs; house, 3 Bell street, Bridgeton.
Campbell, John, commission agent, 54 St. Enoch sq.;
house. 296 Bath street.
Campbell, Jobn.jun., wholesale druggist, 39 Hutcheson
street ; residence, Moodiesburn.
Campbell, John S., die sinker and engraver, 55 Char-
lotte lane; house, 114 Wellpark terrace.
Campbell, John, & Co., bootmakers, 21 Queen st. ;
house, 242 Crown street.
Campbell, John, gardener and contractor, 151 West
Graham street.
Campbell, John, jeweller, 5 Argyle arcade ; house,
4 Houston street.
Campbell, John, grocer, 9 J Marlowst., Kinningpark.
Campbell, John, provision merchant, 388 Govan st. ;
house, 285 South Wellington street.
Campbell, John, flour merchant, 20 Pollok street.
Campbell, John, tinsmith, coppersmith, and gasfitter,
168 Gallowgate and 51 Duke street.
Campbell, John, teller, Savings Bank ; house, 5
Maxwell street, Partick.
Campbell, John (at John Elder & Co.'s), house, 160
Cumberland street.
Campbell, John (at Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean's),
house, 38 Pollok street.
Campbell, John (of Campbell & Co., music sellers),
house, 8 Morris place, Monteith row.
Campbell, John (of Campbell & Alexander), house,
18 St. James' terrace, Hillhead.
Campbell, John, & Son, Calton Flint Glass and
Bottle Works, 19 and 21 Clay thorn street and 2
Chalmers street.
Campbell, John, mason and contractor, 341 Govan
street ; house, 8 Hilton terrace, Crossbill.
Campbell, John (of Calton Flint Glass and Bottle
Works), house, 22 Kent street.
Campbell, John M., grain, hay, and straw merchant,
24 Malta st. ; house, 11 Albert drive, Crossbill.
Campbell, John JI. (of Browne & Watson), house,
111 Hill street, Gamethill.
Campbell, John M., writer (at Scott and Stevenson's)
liouse, 324 St. George's road.
Campbell, John M. (of John Smith & Co , 10 Car-
rick street), house, 2 Birnam terrace. Crossbill.
Campbell, Rev. J. M., chaplain, Seamen's Chapel,
Brown street ; house, 39 Kelvinhaugh street.
Campbell, Joseph, jun. (of Wylie, Campbell, &
Teacher), residence, Millarston house, Millarston.
Campbell, Joseph, house painter, 1 Portugal lane ;
house, 77 Rose street.
Campbell, Joseph C, engineer (at Artizan Works),
house, 7 Radnor terrace.
Campbell, Lachlan (of Campbell & Co., 97 West
Campbell street), house, 101 Douglas street.
Campbell, M'Donald, & Co , shipwrights, block-
makers, and boatbuilders, 53 Crookston street.
Campbell & M'Callum, bootmakers, 351 Sauchiehall
Campbell, Malcolm, fruiterer, 155 New City road;
house, 9 Scotia street.
Campbell, Malcolm, dairyman, 42-| Cambridge street.
Campbell, Neil, wine and spirit mercht., 131 George
street and 52 Albion street ; house, 82 George st.
Campbell, Neil, liatter, 38 Trongate; house, 98 South
Portland street.
Campbell, Neil, spirit merchant, 37 Armour street;
house, 100 George street.
Campbell, Peter, foreman smith (at G. & J. Burns'),
house, 38 Canick street.
Campbell, Peter (at G. & J. Burns'), house, 197
Watt street, Paisley road.
Campbell, Peter, flesher, 404 St. Vincent street.
Campbell, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 196
Campbell, Peter, lather, 45 Pitt street; house, 5
Elliot street.
Campbell, P. & P., dyers and cleaners, 40
Sauchielall street.
Campbell, Rivers, & Co., merchants, 13 West
Regent street.
Campbell, R. G., insurance surveyor, 37 West Nile St.;
house, Albany terrace.
Campbell, Robert R., card cutter, 25 Candleriggs.
Campbell, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 228 Holm st.
Campbell, Robert, shirt manufacturer, 182 Trongate,
Spreull's court.
Campbell, Robert, grocer, 33 North street.
Campbell, Robert, grain storekeeper, Buchanan st.
station ; house, 110 North Frederick street.
Campbell, R. & A., wool merchants and commission
agents, 1 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street ;
stores, 13 Commerce street.
Campbell, Robert, sergeant-major, 4th L.R.V. , 138
Stirling road.
Campbell, Robert (at James Parker's, 52 West
Howard street), house, 125 Annfield street.
Campbell, Robert, china merchant, 8 Elderslie street.
Campbell, Robert (of Calton Flint Glass and Bottle
Works), house, 23 Edmund street.
Campbell, Roderick (of Campbell & M'Callum),
house, 101 Mary's place, Grove street.

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