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Campbell, Colin (of James Laing & Co.), house, 4
Queen's crescent.
Campbell, Colin, 27 Hope street.
Campbell, Colin, contractor, 82 John st., Bridgeton.
Campbell, Colin & Donald, wine and spiuit dealers,
257, 259 Gallowgate, and 46 Dalmarnock road ;
house, 255 Gallowgate.
Campbell, Colonel, of Blj-thswood, 150 West Eegt.
street ; residence, Blythswood House, Renfrew.
Campbell & Co., iron and metal merchants, 57 West
Nile street.
Campbell & Co., manufacturing chemists. Central
Chemical Works, Paisley, 47 Cochran street and
17 John street.
Campbell & Co., music and musical instrument
sellers, 103 Trongate.
Campbell & Co., wholesale cabinet and furniture
merchants and manufacturers, 3 Blythswood Court,
97 West Campbell street.
Campbell, Daniel, reedmaker, 8 Anderson street, off
436 Gallowgate.
Campbell, Daniel, City Procurator Fiscal's Office,
Central Police Chambers; house, 58 Whitevale.
Campbell, Daniel, provision merchant, 196 Main
street, Anderston ; house, 186 do.
Campbell, Daniel, commission agent, 119 Virginia
place ; house, 9 Winton terrace. Crossbill.
Campbell, Daniel, blacksmith and ironmonger, 17
Garscube lane ; sale shop, 23 Royal arcade.
Campbell, David, wine merchant, 126 St. Vincent
street ; house, 9 India street.
Campbell, David, consulting engineer and inspector
of machinery, 105 Eglinton street; house, Buxton
Villa, Pollok road, Shawlands.
Campbell, David, agent Bolton Iron and Steel Co.,
105 Eglinton street ; house, Buxton Villa, Pollok
road, Shawlands.
Campbell, David, agent for Sharp, Stewart, & Co.,
Atlas AVorks, Manchester, 105 Eglinton street;
house, Buxton Villa, Pollok road, Shawlands.
Campbell, David C, bookseller, Dunlop street station
bookstall ; house, 7 Lauriston place, Govan road.
Campbell, D. A., merchant, 126 St. Vincent street;
house, 9 India street.
Campbell, D., messenger. Union Bank ; house, 19
Bloomfield place, Hillhead.
Campbell, Donald, spirit dealer, 46 New Dalmarnock
road; house, 15 Newliall terrace.
Campbell, D., & Co., manufacturers, 82 West Regent
street ; manufactory. Dunning.
Campbell, D. A. (at Glasgow Locomotive Works),
house, 5 Albert place, Caledonia road.
Campbell, Donald (of Campbell & Hall), house, 5
Albert drive, Crossbill.
Campbell, Dugald, typer and printcutter ; all kinds
of stamps coppered and cut, or typed on the
shortest notice, 119 Virginia street; house, 71
Waterloo street.
Campbell, Dugald, clothier and outfitter, 20 Eglin-
ton street ; house, 11 Harmony place, Cathcart
Campbell, Duncan, & Son, manufacturing stationers,
96 St. Vincent street.
Campbell, Duncan (of D. Campbell & Son), house,
14 Burnbank gardens.
Campbell, Duncan, & Co., lathsplitters, 359 St. Vin-
cent street.
Campbell, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 38, 40
Hutcheson street.
Campbell, Duncan, jun. (of D. Campbell & Son), ho.
14 Burnbank gardens.
Campbell, Edward, boot maker, 56 Commerce st. ;
house, 54 do.
Campbell, Rev. George, minister, Wynd Free Church ;
house, 5 Queen's square, Strathbungo.
Campbell, George, shirtmaker, hosier, glover, and
ladies' outfitter, 63 St. Vincent st. ; ho. 42 Hill st.
Campbell, Gilbert, surgeon, 239a Dalmarnock road,
Bridgeton ; house, 211 do.
Campbell, Captain G. M. (at G. & J. Burns'), house,
4 Lome street. Paisley road.
Campbell & Gilmour, whip and thong makers, 114
Campbell & Hall, ship chandlers and flag makers,
136 Broomielaw.
Campbell & Henry, wholesale grocers and tea mer-
chants, 75 Argyle street.
Campbell, Hugh, detective officer, 15 Tobago street ;
house, 166 Great Hamilton street.
Campbell, Hugh, plumber, Haymount, Cambuslang.
Campbell, Hugh, Greenock earner, 7 St. Enoch sq.
Campbell, James, & Co., packing-bos, zinc, iind
tin-case makers, 76 High John street.
Campbell, James, & Co., publishers, 16 Hope street ;
house, 6 Albert drive. Crossbill.
Campbell, James Alexander (of J. & W. Campbell
& Co.), house, 3 Clarcmont ten-ace.
Campbell, James (of James Campbell & Co.), house
3 South Apsley place.
Campbell, James (of 'i'homas B. Campbe & Sons),
house, 8 Windsor terrace, west.
Campbell, James, tinsmith and gas-fitter, 41 East
Rose street and 98 Abercromby st. ; house, 141 do.
Campbell, James, teacher of drawing and painting,
Glasgow Athena>um and Deaf and Dumb Institu-
tion ; house, 34 St. George's road.
Campbell, James, chemist and druggist, 127 Main
street, Anderston.
Campbell, James E. (at G. & J. Burns), house, 3
Black street.
Campbell, James, provision merchant, 348 St.
George's road ; house. 111 New City road.
Campbell, James, wright and builder, 18 Portman
street, off Paisley road ; house, 12 Pollok street.
Campbell, James, clothier, 34 Eglinton street.
Campbell, James, hosier and draper, 8 Park place,
Paisley road ; house, 6 do.
Campbell, James^(of John Rogan & Co.), house, 150
Stockwell street.
Campbell, James A., jun. (of Campbell & Co.), 47
Cochran street.
Campbell, James F. (of John Campbell &Sons), he.,
296 Crown street.
Campbell, James, M.B., L.R.C.S.E., Anchor Line,
and 40 Dumbarton road.
Campbell, James, jun. (of J. & W. Campbell & Co.),
residence, Tilliohewan cnstle, Dumbartonshire.
Campbell, Sir James, of Stracathro (of .J. & W.
Campbell & Co.), house, 129 Bath street.
Campbell, James, spirit merchant, 216 Broomielaw;
house, 3 Carrick street.
Campbell, James (of Stevenson & Campbell), 26 So.
St. Mungo street.
Campbell, James (at Wm. Sloan & Co.'s), house, 135
Kent road.
Campbell, James, tailor, 433 Argyle street ; liouse,
8 M'Intyre street.
Campbell, James, coal agent, 153 Renfield street.

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