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C.iineron, William, bookseller, stationer, and printer,
123 St. George's roaJ.
C.imeron, Win., spirit meroliant, 55 CaT.dcn street;
house, 47 G Crown street.
Cameron, Win., broker, 297 High street ; house, 26
George street.
Cameron, William, provision mcrcliant, lOG Renfield
street ; liouse, 24 Claremont street.
Cameron, Mr.-. Anne, spirit dealer, 118, 120 Main
street, Bridgeton ; house, 122 do.
Cameron, Mr?. Colin, grocer, 184^ Castle street;
house, 178 do.
Cameron, Mrs. C, grocer, 154 Houston street ; house,
158 do.
Cameron, Mrs. John, draper, 185 Main street,
Bridgeton ; house, 1 Franklin street, do.
Cameron, Mrs. John, oil and colour merchant, 201
Main street, Bridgeton.
Cameron, Mrs. J., pawnbroker, 51 Dale st., Bridget.
Cameron, Mrs. John, wine and spirit merchant, 73
Green street, Calton, and 23, 25 Reidvale street ;
house, 10 BeHi^rove street.
Cameron, Mrs., 28 Park circus.
Cameron, Mrs., 27 Park circus.
Cameron, Mr-'., 7 Burubank terrace.
Cameron, Mrs., teacher of drawing and painting, 24
Elmgrove place.
Cameron, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 14 Richard street.
Cameron, Miss A., milliner, 77b Saucliiehall street.
Cameron, Miss Jessie, milliner, 21 Trongate ; house,
52 Rose street, Garnethill.
Cameron, Marion, pawnbroker, 4 Sauchiehall street.
Cameron, Mary, furnisliings, 318 St. George's road.
Cameron, Sarah, greengrocer, 25 Vermont street ;
house, 38 N«lson street, Tradeston.
Camlaciiie Foundry, 817 Gallowgate, James Mit-
chell & Co.
Camlaciiie Weaving Co., 42 Coalhill st., Parkhead.
CAMMELL, C, & Co. (Limited), Slieffield, manufac-
turers of rolled iron armour plates to the Admiralty,
Ordnance forgings, &c. Cast steel rails to any
section, bni'S, plates, &c. ; cast steel straight and
crank axles, shafts, piston rods, crank pins, con-
necting rods, &c. ; solid cast steel tyres without
weld ; railway springs and buffers of every descrip-
tion'; cast, shear, German, spring, and blister steel,
and best refined cast steel files. Sole agent, Wm.
Lester, 25 Bath street.
Cx\MPBELL, Abraham, confectioner, 43 Nelson st.,
south ; house, 49 do.
Campbell, A. & J., bootmakers, 235 Cowcaddens.
Campbell, Alexander, & Son, engineers and boiler-
makers, 29 Anderston quay ; house, 57 do.
Campbell, Ales., grocer and provision merchant, 14
Myrtle street and 77 Cedar street ; house, 73 do.
Campbell, Alexander (of Campbell & Tudhopej, ho.
Annfield cottage, Bishopbriggs.
Campbell, Alexander (of Malcolm Gialiam & Co ),
house, 42 Hill street, Garnethill.
Campbell, Alexander, plasterer, 15 Surrey street ;
house, 4 South Cumberland street.
Campbell, Alex., & Co., shawl manufacturers, 16 St.
Vincent place ; house, 406 Duke street.
Campbell, Alex., jun , & Co., merchants and com-
mission agents, and sole manufacturers of Camp-
bell's dipping composition for sheep, lambs, &c.,
83 Pitt street, off Argyle street.
Campbell, Alexander (of Crosbic. Campbell, & Co.),
house, 26 Lilybank road.
Campbell, Alex, (of R. & A. Campbell), 1 Prince's sq.
Campbell, Alex, (of Stewart & Cainpbell), house, 97
West Graham street.
Campbell, Alexander, eating house keeper, 412 Argyle
street ; house, 414 do.
Campbell, Ales., foreman of ice works, 32 Rose st.,
Garnetliill ; house, 100 David street.
Campbell & Alexander, cotton thread manufacturerp,
Clyde Thread Llills, Rutherglen ; office, 51 St.
Vincent street, Glasgow. Makers of the celebrated
"six cord" for hand and machine sewing ; also,
three cord and glace threads in the usual variety of
lengths, now well known in home and foreign
markets. Trade mark, a stag's head on each spool.
Campbell, A. B. {A.. Fullarton & Co.), house, 19
Alexandria terrace. Crossbill.
Campbell, Allan, accountant, house factor, and insur-
ance agent, 157 Hope street ; house, 13 Lome
place. Mount Florida.
Campbell, Allan, manager (at Arch. Smith's, 46
Orchard St., Partick), ho. 6 Arthur st. Overnewton.
Campbell, Andrew (of Campbell, M'Donald &. Co.),
house, 11 Shields road.
Campbell, Andrew, provision merchant, 73 North st.;
house, 186 do.
Campbell, Angus, assistant inspector of letter car-
riers, G.P.O. ; house, 49 Surrey street.
Campbell, Archibald, & Co., brewers, Edinburgh ;
Wright & Muir, agents, 46, 48 Bath street.
Campbell, Archibald, musical instrument maker, 104
Stockwell St.; house, 14 Ashfield terrace. Billhead.
Campbell, Archibald (of WiUiam Kerr & Co.), 42
Hope street.
Campbell, Archibald, insurance broker and commis-
sion merchant, agent for Scotland for the Albion
Life Assm-ance Society, 135 Buchanan street ; ho.
2 Thornville terrace, Hillhead.
Campbell, Archibald, draper and hosier, 101 Dum-
barton road ; house, 3 Minerva street.
Campbell, Archibald, bootmaker, 72 Maxwell street ;
house, 39 Cadogan street.
Campbell, Archibald (at C. Tennant & Go's.), house
14 Balgray terrace, Springburn.
Campbell, Archibald, cabinetmaker, 22 Surrey street ;
house, Bread:dbane place, Strathbungo.
Campbell, Archibald, grain and bay merchant, SO
Hope street ; house, 11 Albert drive. Crossbill.
Campbell, Archibald, baker, 9 Burrel's lane, 37 Duke
sireet; house, 49 Duke street.
Campbell, Arthur, herbalist and druggist, 14 H.U st.,
Campbell, A. L., 79 Scott street, Garnethill.
Campbell, A. L, jun., warehouseman and commission
agent, 15 Madeira court, 257 Argyle street ; house,
79 Scott street, Garnethill.
Campbell, A., 2 Hamilton drive, Hillhead.
Campbell & Balloch, shawl and woollen manufac-
turers, 28 Royal Exchange square.
Campbell Brothers, wholesale clothiers 28, 30, 32
Steel street ; house, 11 Monteith Row.
Campbell, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 5 Dun-
das street.
Campbell, Charles, jeweller, watchmaker, and opti-
cian, 6 Stockwell street; house, 400 Crown street.
Campbell, Colin (of Campbell & Balloch), house, 13
Parkgrove terrace.
Campbell, Colin (at R. Mackay & Co.'s). houKP, 9 "
AUanton terrace.
Campbell, Colin, 14 Stanley street.

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