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Cairns, Walter, manufacturing stationer, paper ruler,
and bookbinder, 93 Virginia street ; house, G Doon
terrace, Pollokshield?.
Cuirns, William (of Cairns & Laing), house, 99 South
Portland street.
Cairns, Mrs. Cath., milk dealer, 3-1 Blackfriars st.
Cairns, Berthina, hardware, &c., 13 St. George's
terrace. Paisley road.
Cairsqtable Gas Coal Co. (Limited), 116 St. Vin-
cent street.
Calcutta Line of steamships (via Suez Canal),
George Smith & Sons, "200 Argyle street.
Calcutta Line of sailing ships, George Smith & Sons,
200 Argyle street.
Calcutta Steam Packet Office, Burrell & Son, 141
Buchanan street.
Calcutta Steam Packet Oince, Henderson Brothers,
agents, 47 Union street.
CALDER, Alexander (of Calder & Holmes), house,
2 Warwick street.
Calder & Cameron, tailors and cloths., 137 George st.
Calder & Holmes, plasterers, 31 Portugal st. ; house,
2 Warwick street.
Calder, James, spirit merchant, 18 Cleland street ;
residence, Keppoch house, Possil road.
Calder, James, grocer, 144 Possil road ; residence,
Keppoch house, Possil road.
Calder, John, merchant, 203 Hope street ; house, 7
Burnhank terrace.
Calder, John, commission agent, 77 West Nile street.
Calder, Rev. John, the Manse, Partick.
Calder, John, Royal Restaurant, 254 Hope street ;
house, 80 Scott street, Garuethill.
Calder, Robert, assistant to H.M. inspector of schools,
296 Renfrew street.
Calder, Wm. (of JPAllister & Calder), house, 5 Win-
ton terrace, Crossbill.
Calder, Mrs. Charles, furnishings and hosiery, 313
Paisley road.
Caldee, Carfin, Cleland, Blantyre. and Wilsontown
Colliery Office, 1 Dixon street.
Calder Ironworks office, 1 Dixon street.
CALDERWOOD, Alexander (of Clyde Jute Co.),
house, 37 Burnbank gardens.
Calderwood, David, surgeon, 49 North Albion street,
and 5 Sauchiehall st. ; house, 310 St. Vincent st.
Calderwood J. H., umbrella, portmanteau, trunk,
travelling bag, waterproof, and cabinet case manu-
facturer, 28 Union street; house, 79 South Port-
land street.
Calderwood, Robert, bank and insurance agent, 2
Bridge street ; house, 116 Woodlands road.
Calderwood, Robert W., pastry baker, 114 Garscube
road, 402 Argyle street, and 122 New City road ;
house, 410 Argyle street,
Calderwood, Thos., mason and builder, 18 Camden st.
CALDWELL, Alexander, sculptor, 434 South Wel-
lington street ; house, 197 Cumberland street.
Caldwell, Ales., H.M. customs, 162 Dumbarton rd.
Caldwell, Andrew (of Caldwell Brothers), house, 235
Berkeley street.
Caldwell Brothers, fancy skirt manufacturers, Vir-
ginia buildings.
Caldwell, David, house factor, 21 Bath street; bo.
188 Pollokshaws road.
Caldwell, David (of John and Robert Harvey & Co.),
house, 94 Hill street, Garnethill.
Caldwell, Geo., & Co , plumbers and gasfitters, 458
Argyle street ; house, 38 Carrick street.
Caldwell, Geo. (of W. & G. Caldwell), house, Here-
ford place, 148 Renfrew street.
Caldwell, Hamilton, currier and leather manufactur.,
Scotia Leather works, Boden street, London road ;
house, 292 London road.
Caldwell, Hugh, manufacturer, 25 South Frederick
street ; house, 7 Radnor street.
Caldwell, Hugh, watchmaker and jeweller, 141
Trongate ; house, Rosehill, 160 Pollokshaws road.
Caldwell, Jackson, grocer, 135 Surrey street.
Caldwell, James (of Muir and Caldwell), house, 6
Park Grove terrace.
Caldwell, James, grocer, 188 Garscube road ; house,
29 Scotia street.
Caldwell, John, provision dealer, 27 Green street,
Calton ; house, 4 Sidney street.
Caldwell, .John, spirit dealer, 37 Milton street and
Keppochhill ; house, 14 Shamrock street.
Caldwell, John, butcher, 213 Main street, Bridge-
ton ; house, 143 do.
Caldwell, John, glazier and window cleaner, 21 Char-
lotte street.
Caldwell, John R. (of James M'Aulay & Co.), house,
256 Renfrew street.
Caldwell & Middleton, merchants and drysalters, 57
West Nile street ; stores, 5 York street.
Caldwell, Peter, slater, 29 North street ; ho. 97 do.
Caldwell, Robert F., draper, 226 Main street; house,
228 do.
Caldwell, Robert, grocer, 72 Stewart street ; house,
39 Shamrock street.
Caldwell, Robert, church ofiicer, 30 West Campbell
street, R. P. Church; house, 86 M'Alpine street.
Caldwell, Thos. (of Caldwell Brothers), house. Over-
land place. New City road.
Caldwell, Walter (at W. & G. Caldwell's), house,
Hereford place, 148 Renfrew street.
Caldwell, Wm., Hereford place, 148 Renfrew street.
Caldwell, W. & G., cabinetmakers and upholsterers,
137 Sauchiehall street ; works, 87 South Wood-
side road, corner of Park road.
Caldwell, William H., ironmonger, 242 Buchanan
street ; house, Gourock.
Caldwell, William M., commission merchant, 72
Virginia street ; house, 10 Franklin terrace.
Caldwell, AVm., provision merchant, 93 Maitland st ;
house, 25 Shamrock street.
Caldwell, Wm., house factor, grocer, and tobacconist,
166 Main street, Anderston ; house, 1 Perth St., do.
Caldwell, William, writer (of Wilson & Caldwell),
house, 9 Kelvingrove street.
Caldwell, William, confectioner, 331 J Gallowgate.
Caldwell, Jliss, draper, 226 Main street, Anderston ;
house, 228 do.
Caldwell, Miss, dressmaker, 86 Sauchiehall street.
Caldwell, Miss, stationer, 11 Grove street.
Caledonian Bottle Works Co, 72 Garngad hill;
office, 128 Ingram street.
Caledonian Distillery Office, 83 Jamaica street ;
James Drysdale, agent.
Caledonia Fire Clay Depot, 47 Commerce street,
south ; D. B. Miller, agent.
Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance Co., 64 St.
Vincent st. ; R. Maconechy, secy., Glasgow ;
Adam Knox, surveyor; agents, W. Stirling, 20
St. Vincent pi. ; M'Clure, Naismith, Brodie, and
Macfarlane, 87 St. Vincent st. ; Q. Dick & Robert-
son, 104 W. Regent st. ; J. Mann, C.A., 83 W.
Regent st. ; J. Goodwin, 235 George st. ; J.

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