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Buchanan, Win., dairyman, 37 Centre st. ; ho. 39 do.
Buchanan, William E. (of J. & W. Buchanan), ho.
13 Park circus.
Buchanan, William, stationer and news agent, 370
and 486 Paisley road ; house, 482 do.
Buchanan, William, tobacconist, 3 Taylor place,
Govan road ; house, 482 Paisley road.
Buchanan, William, stationer, 2 Easton terrace,
Paisley road ; hous?, 482 Paisley road.
Buchanan, William S. (at George Buchanan & Sons),
house, 23 Clarendon place.
Buchanan, William, measurer, 214 Thistle st., S.S.
Buchanan, William, hay, grain, and seed merchant,
.■!91, 393 Parliamensary road ; house, 395 do.
Buchanan, Wilson, & Co., brokers and commission
merchants, 81 St. George's place.
Buchanan, Mrs. John, 13 Park circus.
Buchanan, Mrs., stay and underclothing warehouse,
289 Paisley road.
Buchanan, Miss, 13 Woodlands terrace.
Buchanan, Miss, 14 Lynedoch crescent.
Buchanan, Miss, cloakmaker, 51 Castle street.
Buchanan, Misses, dress and cloakmakers, 390 St.
Vincent street.
Buchanan, Miss M. A., teacher of music, 16 Apsley pi.
Buchanan Institution, Endowed Industrial School,
Rev. Wm. Leggatt, governor, 47 Greenhead st.
Buchanan's Temperance Hotel, 20 Carlton place.
BUCKIE, W. F., letterpress printer, 62 Argyle street ;
house, 33 M'Neill street.
BUCKINGHAM, Augustus, brassfounder, 19 Victoria
street; house, 350 Eglintou street.
Buckingham, James, mill furnisher and importer of
American and tinsmiths' tools, 19 Victoria street,
BUDGETT, H. H. & S., & Co., provision merchants,
Bristol ; J. R. Cunningham, agent, 41 Ann street ;
house, 7 Kerrsland terrace.
BUEHL, A., & Co., wine growers, Coblentz ; agents,
A. Stewart & Co., 106 West Regent street.
Buenos Ayres Consulate ; G. Gilmour, 160 Buchanan
Buenos Ayres Steamship Office ; Donaldson Brothers,
agents, 67 Great Clyde street.
BULENS, Rev. Innocent, St. Francis Friary, 205
Cumberland street, S.S.
BULLOCH, Archibald (of Bulloch, Lade, & Co.),
house, 6 Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park, London, W.
Bulloch, James (of Cunningham, Bulloch, & Co.),
house, 9 Bellgrove street.
Bulloch, John (AVm. Ewing & Co.), house, 13 Allan-
ton terrace, Crossbill.
Bulloch, Lade, & Co., commission merchants and
agents for Bass & Co., Burton on Trent ; office, 4
Bothwell street.
Bulloch, Lade, & Co., distillers from malt only at
Loch Katrine Distillery, Camlachie, Glasgow, and
Caol Isla Distillery, Islay, and Benmore Distillery,
Campbeltown ; office, 4 Bothwell street.
Bulloch, Matthew (of Bulloch, Lade, & Co.), house,
1 1 Park Circus.
Bulloch, Miss, stationer, 54 Cambridge street.
BUNNETT & Co., engineers, 24 Bath street.
BUNTEN, James, & Co., timber merchants, 168 St.
Vincent street.
Bunten, James C. (of Anderston Foundry Co.), ho.
24 Park circus.
Bunten, James (of James Bunten &, Co.), residence,
New Club.
Bunten, James (of Wm. Bunten & Co.), house, 26
Carrington street.
Bunten, Laurie, & Co., wine merchants, 76 Gordon st.
Bunten, Laurie (of Laurie Bunten & Co.), residence,
1 Brougham place, Ayr, and New Club, Glasgow.
Bunten, Robert A. (of Wm. Bunten & Co.), house, 40
West-end Park street.
Bunten, Robert (of Edward Simpson & Co.\ house,
262 Bath street.
Bunten, Wm., & Co., drysalters and oil merchants.
33 Montrose street.
Bunten, Mrs., 4 Park quadrant.
BUNTING, James (at John Lean & Son's), house,
Greenlodge, 159 Greenhead street.
Bunting, Mrs. James, draper, 22 Stobcross street.
BURDEN, James, joiner, 90 M'Lean st, Paisley rd.
Burden, John, lamp oil and colour merchant, 35
Bureau Veritas, international register of shipping,
29 Waterloo street.
BURGESS, James, cashier. Tontine House, Cross ;
house, 1 Darling street, Strathbungo.
Burgess, Robert, provision merchant, 177, 246
Garscube road ; house, 410 St. George's road.
Burgess, Shaddick, & Boyd, ship and insurance
brokers and commission merchants, 19 Wellington
street, and at Swansea, Liverpool, and Cardiff.
BuKGH Sasine Office, 66 Hutcheson street.
BURKE, John, hairdresser, 155 Castle street ; house,
151 do.
BURLEY, Bennet B. (of P. Mackay & Co.), house,
190Slateiield street.
Burley, James, dairyman, 14 Vermont street,
Kinning park.
Burley, Robert, & Co., wood merchants, hammer and
pick-handle manufacturers, Great Wellington st. ;
house, 5 Walmer crescent.
BURNE, J. C, photographer, 184 Saltmarket ; ho.
9 Adelphi street.
Burn, P., Son, & M'Coll, auctioneers and valuators,
108 West Nile street. •
Burn, William (of P. Burn, Son, & JI'CoIl), house,
110 Hill street, Garnethill.
BuRNBANK Bowling Club, South Woodside road.
Burnbank U.P. Church, Carrington street. Rev.
David Pirret, minister ; ho. 4 Windsor terrace.
BURNETT, Alexander, plumber, 145 New City rd. ;
house, 10 Rosehall street.
Burnett, Archib., plumber, 17 Abercorn St.; ho. 29 do.
Burnet, Frank, inspector of buildings, office of
public works, 4 South Albion place.
Burnet, James M. (at Johnston, Watt, & Co.'s),
house, Duncairn cottage. Myrtle Park, Crossbill.
Burnett, James, wine and spirit merchant, 122
London road.
Burnet, James Boaz, writer, 153 Queen street; house,
22 S. Cumberland street.
Burnet, John, I.A., architect, 167 St. Vincent st. ;
house, 14 Victoria crescent, Dowanhill.
Burnett, Sir Robert, & Co., vinegar makers and dis-
tillers, Vaushall, London; agents, W. & H.
Potts, 132 West Nile street.
Burnett, Miss E., post office receiver, and money
order office, 2 Kennedy street, St. Rollo.x.
BURNLEY, William F. (of Wm. F. Burnley & Co ),
24 Ainslie place, Edinburgh, & ErichtBank, Kirn.
Burnley, Wm. F., & Co., merchants, 11 Victoria
place, West Regent street.
BURNS, Aiken, & Co., writers, 151 St. Vincent st.

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