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Brown, Robert I. (of Jas. Bron-n & Son, stationers),
liouse, 29 South Portland street.
Brown, Eobt., commercial traveller, 102 Montrose st.
Brown, Robert, & Son, Ferguslie Fireclay works ;
depot, 158 Eglinton street.
Brown, Robert, & Co., commission mercliants and
agents for Ind, Coope, & Co., Burton-on-Trent;
Colville, Greenlees, & Co., Campbeltown ; Macnalr
& Co., Leitb ; P. & Y,. Siveetman, Dublin; Louis
O'Lanyer, Bordeaux ; and Riviere, Gardrat, & Co.,
Cognac; 51 Alston street ; stores, 45 do. ; house,
2 Elmbank place.
Brown, Robert, & Co., storekeepers, 51, 55 Alston st.
Brown, Robt. Langton, writer (of Galbraith &
Brown, 153 Queen street), house, 24 West Cum-
berland street.
Brown, Robert, letter carrier, house, 95 Rose st, s. s.
Brown, Robert (at J. & R. Pritchard & Co.'s), ho.
20 Minerva street.
Brown, Robert, classical master, 30 Elmbank st. ;
house, 3 Commercial road.
Brown, Robert, grocer, 51 Grove st. ; house, 40 do.
Brown, Robert, wine merchant and agent for Edin-
burgh & Leith Brewing Co , 212 Canongate,
Edinburgh ; Henry & Co., porter brewers, Newry,
Ireland ; and Henry Thomson & Co.'s Irish
whiskey, Newry, Ireland; 7 Stockwell place;
house, Edina house, Uddingston.
Brown, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 8 Ander-
ston quay.
Brown, Robert (of Kenny & Brown), house, 1 Athole
teiTace, Victoria road.
Brown, Robert, contractor, Port-Dundas, Canal
Bank ; house, 244 Parliamentary road.
Brown, Robert (of Robt. Brown & Co. , 45 Alston St.),
house, 2 Elmbank place.
Brown, Robert, dairyman, 126 Parliamentary road ;
house, 134 do.
Brown, Robert, bedding and furniture warehouse,
350 Argyle street; house, 356 do.
Brown & Sharp, cotton brokers, 163 Ingram st.
Brown, Steven, & Williamson, sugar merchants, 41
Virginia street.
Brown, Stewart, & Co., paper makers. Dalmarnock
Paper Slills, Springfield road, Bridgeton.
Brown, Thomas, letter-carrier, Post-office ; house,
126 Rottenrow.
Brown, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 9, 11
Cathedral street ; house, 7 do.
Brown, Thom.as, surveyor (Buildings), G.C.W.W., 23
Miller street.
Brown, Thomas, cork manufacturer, 2 Anderson st.,
Brown, Thomas, accountant (Canal office, Port Dun-
das), house, 204 Sandyford buildings.
Brown, Thomas, jun., & Davies, accountants and
stockbrokers, agents for the Scottish Widows Fund,
Liverpool, London, and Globe, and Plate Glass
Insurance Co., 135 Buchanan street.
Brown, Thos., jun., A.LA., F.S.S. (of Thos. Brown,
jun., & Davies), residence, Ebenezer field, Busby.
Brown, Thomas (of Brown & Co.), house, 325 Dum-
barton road.
Brown, Thomas, joiner and cabinetmaker, 18 North
Portland street ; house, 7 Hopetoun place.
Brown, Thomas W. (of James & Thomas Brown &
Co.), house, 83 Hamilton drive.
Brown, Thomas, jun. (of J. and T. Brown & Co.),
house, Glenard, Uddingston.
Brown, Thomas H. (of Brown & Crawford), house-
14 West Prince's street.
Brown, Tliomas S., merchant, 97 West George street :
house, 5 Wilton crescent.
Brown, Thomas, & Son, wholesale stationers, 20
Glassford street; house, 510 Gallowgate.
Brown, Thomas, commission merchant and manufac-
turer of Scotch bonnets, &c., 118 Queen street:
residence, Brisbane house, Bellahouston hill.
Brown, Thomas, umbrella manufacturer, 484 Argyle
street ; house, 4 Elliot street.
Brown, Tliomas, tailor and clotliier, 104 Cowcaddens.
Brown, Thomas, teacher of music, 10 Avon street.
Brown, Thomas, grain clerk, Buchanan Street Sta-
tion ; house, 6 Crossburn street.
Brown, Thomas, writer, 163 St. Vincent street :
residence, Baillieston.
Brown, Thomson (of Brown Brothers, chemists),
house, Mrs. Stewart's, 21 Apsley place.
Brown & Torrance, grocers and wine merchants, 41
Cumberland street and 52 Apsley place, S.S.
Brown, Walter, 406 Duke street.
Brown, Walter, bootmaker, 49, 61 Trongate ; house,
108 Wellpark terrace, Ark lane.
Browne & Watson, ship and insurance brokers, 10
Bothwell street.
Brown, William A. (of Brown, Downes, & Co.), house,
135 Wellington street.
Brown, William (of Wm. & Alfred Brown & Co.),
house, 15 Hamilton drive.
Brown, William & Alfred, & Co., merchants, IG
St. Vincent place.
Brown, William, corn and commission merchant, 79
Robertson street ; house, 149 North street.
Brown, W^illiam, grocer, 193 Dalmarnock road ; lio.
3 Ruby street.
Brown, William, Wellpark Brewery ; residence. Fern
villa, Westercraigs.
Brown, William, Glasgow and S. W. Railway ; ho.
107 Pollok street.
Brown, William, draper and hosier, 501 Gallowgate :
house, 454 Duke street.
Brown, William (of Brown & M'Neill), house, 15
S. Apsley place.
Brown, William, draper and clothier, 22 Watt street,
Kinning park ; liouse, 15 do.
Brown, AVilliam S. (at And. & James Stewart's),
house. East Park buildings, Shawlands.
Brown, Wm., merchant, 107 Sandyfaulds st. ; house.
8 Struthers street.
Brown, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, 740
Brown, William, grocer, 127 Hospital street.
Brown, William, spirit merchant, 166 Main st. and
88 John St., Bridgeton ; house, 78 Muslin st.
Brown, Wm., factor, 60 Lyon street ; house. 58 do.
Brown, Wm., Sons, & Co., oil mercliants and colour
manufacturers, 22 St. Enoch square ; branch retail
warehouse, 28 Stockwell st. ; works, Parkhouse.
Paisley road.
Brown, William, commission agen!', 40 St. Enocli
square ; house, 6 Hilton terrace.
Brown, William (of Brown, Downes, & Co.), hou.';e,
30 Corunna street.
Brown, William (at Wilson & Christie's), liouse, 115
South Wellington street.
Brown, William, C.A. (of Moore & Brown), house,
13 Westbourne gardens, Great Western road.
Brown, Wra.. spirit merchant, 97 George street.

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