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Brown, Duncan, morchaiit, 48 Windsor terrace.
Brown, Duncan, City Hall keeper; lio. 92 Candler.
Brown, Duncan, tea merchant and grocer, 230 Lon-
don road ; liouse, 246 do.
Brown, Dunlop, & Lindsay, writers, 87 W. Reg. st.
Brown, Eben , export bottler, 93 W. Campbell street ;
house, 9 Jane street, Blytliswood yquare.
Brown, Francis, quarrier, Williamwood, Cathcart.
Brown, Francis, marine superintendent (at George
Smith & Sons), house, 1 Claremont street, North.
Brown, Gavin (of Brown & Co., 116 Candleriggs),
house, 7 Somerville place.
Brown, Gavin, joiner and cabinet maker, 18 N. Port-
land street ; house, 7 Hopetoun place.
Brown, George, & Co. (and Brown & Co., Havana,
and Brown, Thomson, & Co., Pernambuco), mer-
chants, 7 Royal Bank place.
Brown, George (of George Brown & Co., 7 Royal
Bank place), residence, Burnside, Irvine.
Browne, George (of Browne & W^itson), ho. Beoch-
holm, Crosshill.
Brown, George, grocer, 71 Nelson street, Tradeston.
Brown, George, tobacco and small wares, 28 Mel-
ville street.
Brown, George, grocer, 377 Paisley road.
Brown, George A., pianoforte tuner, 49 Buchanan st.
Brown, George, boot and shoe maker, 61 Charlotte
lane; house, 50 Gra3me street.
Brown, George, accountant, 208 West George street ;
house, 48 Old Dumbarton road.
Brown, George C. (of James Brown and Co.), house,
15 O.xford street.
Brown, George (at John Fergusson & Brothers'), ho.
11 Park Grove terrace.
Brown, George (at A. Bost & Co.'s), house, 7 Cal-
lander place, Cathcart road.
Brown, George W., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 71
Great Western road ; house, 17 Steven street.
Brown & Green, round silk boot lace manufacturers,
Derby ; A. J. Larke, agent, 51 Buchanan street.
Brown, Hamilton (of Brown & Rennie), resid. Kilsyth.
Brown, Hugh, saw cutler and ironmonger, plane, edge
tool, gun, and mathematical instrument maker,
213 Argyle st. ; ho. Lansdowne pi., Shawlands.
Brown, Hugh (of John Houston & Co.), house, 5 St.
John's terrace.
Brown, Hugh, 137 West George street ; house, 9
Clairmont gardens.
Brown, Hugh (of IM'Coll & Brown), ho. 100 North
Frederick street.
Brown, Hugh, & Son, grocers, wine merchants, and
Italian warehousemen, 17 Eglinton street.
Brown, H. M., boot and shoe merchant, 264 Main
street, Anderston.
Brown, James, engraver and stencil plate cutter, 26
Green st., Brldg.; ho. 162 James' st., Greenhead.
Brown, Jas. & Thos., & Co., wholesale tea and coffee
merchants and importers of fruit, 77, 79 James
Watt street, off Argyle street.
Brown, James (of James & Thomas Brown & Co.),
house, Viewtield, Bellahouston.
Brown, James (of Robert Brown & Son), residence,
Brownhill House, Helensburgh.
Brown, James, jun., Venetian blind manufacturer, 30
Surrey street; house, 163 Hospital street.
Brown, James, house factor, property and insurance
agent, 8 Gardner street. New City road.
Brown, James, Caledonian Railway carting depart-
ment; house, 93 Pitt street.
Brown, James, optician, mathematical, and philoso-
phical instrument maker and importer of fancy
goods, 76 St. Vincent street and 33 West Nile
street; house, 161 Sandringham terrace, Great
Western road.
Brown, .James, shipowner, 11 Somerset place. (
Brown, James, bootmaker, 284 Argyle street ; house,
16 Adelphi street.
Brown, James, butcher, 32 Canning street, Calton :
house, 8 Craignestock place.
Brown, James, cabinetmaker, 39 Surrey street;
residence, Cremona House, Sandbank.
Brown, James (of G. P. 0.), house, 189 Hunter st.
Brown, James, teacher of English, geography, &c.,
280 George street ; ho. 10 South Portland ttreet.
Brown, .James (of Baird & Brown)', house, 1 Melrose
street, Queen's crescent.
Brown, James, commission agent, 77 Queen street ;
house, 51 Arlington street.
Brown, James, & Co., cabinetmakers and upholsterers,
makers of Venetian blinds and wooden sign letter.
33 South Portland street.
Brown, James, ironmonger and cooper, 121 Cam-
bridge street ; house, 123 do.
Brown, James, coal merchant, 2 Oswald street ; ho.
583 Duke street.
Brown, James (of M'Gillivray & Browu), house, 82
George street.
Brown, James, council officer, City Chambers ; house.
93 Pitt street.
Brown, James, ironmonger, 99 St. Vincent St.; house,
7 Hampden terrace. Mount Florida.
Brown, James F. (of John Brown & Son, 145 Ingram
street), house, 1 Annfield place.
Brown, James K., Son, & Co., merchants, 13 Royal
Exchange place.
Brown, James K. (of James K. Brown, Son, & Co.),
residence, Avon Grange, Hamilton.
Brown, James Kay, jun. (of James K. Brown, Son, &
Co.), residence, Avon Grange, Hamilton.
Browne, James P., watchmaker and jeweller, 2 Carl-
ton court. Bridge street ; house, 91 Pollok street.
Brown, James, & Son, mercantile stationers, book-
sellers, publishers, artists' colourmen, and dealers
in drawing paper and material, 23 Bridge street.
Brown, James, hithsplitter, 33 Jlelville street, S. S.
house, 67 St. James' street, Kingston.
Brown, Jame.9, spirit merchant, 116 Main street,
Bridgeton ; house, 5 Clydeview terrace.
Brown, .James (of James Brown & Son), house, 10
South Portland street.
Brown, .James, slater, 125 Barrack street; house,
4 St. Ann's place, Duke street.
Brown, James, furnishings, 202 Kolvinhaugh street.
Brown, James, boot and shoe merchant, 313 Argyle
street; branches, 101 George street, 67 Eglinton
street ; house, 15 Derby street.
Brown, J. A., quarrier, 13 Annette st., Crosshill.
Brown, James C, Dalmarnock Dye Works ; house,
1 Green Lodge terrace.
Brown, J. M., boot merchant, 332 Gallowgate ; house,
15 Derby street, Sandyford.
Brown, J. & J., hosiers and glovers, 116 Trongate.
Brown, J. W. (of Dunn, Brown, & Co.), house, 198
Cumberland street.
Brown, J. W., 100 Buccleuch street.
Brown, John, 25 Gladstone street.
Brown, John, (of Robert Brown & Son), hoa.se,
Norwell, Castlehead, Paisley.

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