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Blackwood, Isaac, grain and flour mercliant, 11, 13
M'Farlane street ; house, 32 do.
Blackwood, .James, & Son, clotliiers, outfitters, and
boys' suit-makers, 2 Jamaica street and 211
Argyle street.
Blackwood, James (of James Blackwood & Son),
house, 105 Douglas street.
Blackwood, James, jun. (of James Blackwood & Son),
house, -102 Paisley road.
Blackwood, .John, carrier to Helensburgh daily from
85 Ingram street, 6 p.m.
Blackwood, John, dairyman, 283 Argyle street.
Blackwood, John, wholesale and retail tea merchant
and grocer, 22 and 24 JIain street, Gorbals, and
189 Duke st. ; ho. 2 Chatham place, Stirling rd.
Blackwood, Mathew, & Son, thre:id & yarn bleachers,
Artliurlie Bleach works, Barrhead. Orders left at
John Smith's, 8 Ingram street, Glasgow.
Blackwood & BI'Lean, merchants, drysalters, and
commission agents, 42 Howard street.
Blackwood & Ramsay, joiners, vat and tun builders
and packing bos makers, 8 Risk street, off Great
Hamilton street.
Blackwood, William (of Blackwood & Ramsay), ho.
22 South St. Mungo street.
Blackwood, William, & Sons, bleachers, starchers,
and polishers ; works, Craigton, Milngavie. Orders
left at 1 George square ; house, Craigton.
BLAIK, A. N., ironfounder, Strathclyde Fofeidry,
Arthur st., Dalmarnock ; ho. 235 G. Western road.
BLAIKIE, James, commission agent, 1 Prince's sq. ;
house, 95 St. George's road.
BLAIKLEY, A. & M., paper box makers, 44 South
Portland street.
Blaikley, Samuel (at James Muirhead & Son's), ho.
44 South Portland street.
BLAIR, Alex., agent for Nevill, Druce, & Co.'s
vellow metal sheathing, &c., and E. Mapplebeck
& Co.'s copper and condenser tubes, 136 Hope
street ; house, 11 Derby terrace.
Blair, Allan, president of Scottish Legal Life As-
surance Society ; house, 89 North Frederick street.
Blair, Archibald, grocer, 162 Kelvinhaugh street
Blair, Archibald, inspector of agencies, Xorth British
Insurance Company, Edinburgh ; house, 96 Re-
gent terrace, Stirling road.
Blair, Bryce, gardener and grocer, 2 Portman street.
Blair, Campbell, & Maclean, makers of vacuum pans,
other sugar refining, brewing, and distilling .appa-
ratus, marine and locomotive copper and brass
â– work, Scotland street, Tradeston,
Blair, Campbell, wholesale and retail te.i and
wine merchant and grocer, 38, 40 -Jamaica st. ;
ho. 36 Elmbank crescent. — See Advt. in Appen.
Blair & Co., brewers, Townhead brewery, Alloa.
Charles Tyrer & Co., agents.
Blair, David, Stirling's Library, Miller street ; house,
3 Holmhead street.
Blair, Donald, hosier, 198 Main street, Anderston ;
house, 4 Gray street.
Blair, Duncan, builder, 41 Mair street, Paisley road.
Blair & Finlay, clothiers and hatters, 42 Queen st.
Blair, George M'L. (of P. & W. M'Lellan), house,
3 Woodlands terrace.
Blair, George, iron and metal merchant, agent for
Newton, Keates, & Co., copper smelters, 38 Queen
street ; house, 6 Alfred terrace, Hillhead.
Blair, Harry, architect, 68 Bath street ; house, 98
Montrose street.
Blair, Horatius, 62 St. George's place ; house, 6 Vic-
toria terrace, Dowanhill.
Blair,' Hugh, baker and confection., 85 Sandyfauld st.
Blair, James, chartered accountant," agent for the
Lancashire Fire and Life Insurance Co., manager
of the Caledonian Savings Investment and Build-
ing society of Glasgow, 160 Hope street; house,
Kelvinbank terrace, 276 Dumbarton road.
Blair, James, sugar broker, 21 Virginia street ; ho.
46 Windsor terrace, St. George's road.
Blair, James, & Co., cloth and Jacquard loom card
cutters, 59 Montrose street.
Blair, Jas., tobacconist and stationer, 77 Hospital st.
Blair, James, stationer and news agent, lOOi Gars-
cube road ; house, 173 Gairbraid st., Maryhill rd.
Blair, James, cartwright, 2 Cumberland lane ; house,
77 Hospital street.
Blair, James, bookseller, 45 West Nile street.
Blair, James (of Blair & Miller), house, 15 Scotia st.
Blair, James (of Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean), house,
Rosebank villa, Pollokshields.
Blair, James, civil engineer, 175 Hope street.
Blair, James M., engineer; house, 8 Cecil place,
Paisley road.
Blair, James (of Watt & Blair), house, 4 Derby st.
Blair, John (at W. Crum & Co's.), house, 1 Battle-
field crescent, Langside.
Blair, John (of John Blair & Co.), residence, Knowe,
Blair, John, grocer, 42 Carrick street.
Blair, John, tobacconist, 11 St. George's terrace,
Paisley road ; house, 12 do.
Blair, John, dairy, 29 Raglan street.
Blair, John, & Co., hat manufacturers and ware-
housemen, 34 Howard street.
Blair, John, brassfounder, 190 Dumbarton road;
house, 105 do.
Blair, John, sen., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 15
Renfield street.
Blair, Matthew (of JI'Lennan, Blair, & Co.), house,
Lilybark villa, Langbank.
Blair & Miller, archite'ctural and artistic ironfounders,
70 Port Dundas road.
Blair, Rev. Robert (of St. Culumba Church), house,
97 Hill street.
Blair, Robert, grocer and contractor, 6 Vermont st.,
Kinning Park.
Blair, Thomas, joiner and cabinet maker, 54 Welling-
ton street ; house, 65 Dale street, Tradeston.
Blair & Thorp, bakers and confectioners, 457a Paisley
road ; house. 6 Maxwell cross, Pollokshaws.
Blair, Williamj surveyor. Sun Fire Ofiice, 98 West
George street.
Blair, Mrs., Blair's Hotel, 80 Bath street.
Blair, Misses C. & M., underclothing and fancy goods,
13 London street ; house, 166 Great Hamilton st.
Blair, Miss, boys' dressmaker, 51 Shamrock street.
Blair, Misses, teachers of music, 86 Bath street.
Blair, M. & A., fancy goods, 35| Argyle arcade; ho.
166 Great Hamilton street.
Blair Iron Works, Dairy ; oflice, 168 West George
Blairdaedie Colliery Office, 127 St. Vincent st.
BLAKE, Alex. N. (of Lawson & Blake), house, 235
Great Western road.
Blake & Mackenzie, lithographic and steam printers,
64 Howard st , and at School lane, Liverpool.
BLANE, James (of Watson & Blane), house, IG
Albert drive, Crossbill.

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