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Baxter, David, warehouseman, 61 Miller st. ; liouse,
19 Elmgrove place.
Baxter, H. (at W. G. Blackie & Co.'s), house, 190
St. Gaorge's road.
Baxter, Henry (at Wm. Brown, Sons, & Co.'.s),
house, 121 South Wellington street.
Baxter, James (of Allan & Baxter), house, 18 Bel-
grave street.
Baxter, John, china and glass dealer, 57 Jamaica
street ; house, 14.8 Renfrew street.
Baxter, John, joiner and builder, 20 Catherine st. ;
house, 2 Canning Place.
Baxter, Joseph, brickbuilder, 732 Gallovrgate.
Baxter, Richard, greengrocer, 215 St. George's road.
Baxter, Wm., last and boot-tree maker, 38 Stock-
well street.
Baxter, Miss Joan, teacher, St. Enoch School, 43
Eope\York lane ; house, 73 John street.
Baxter, Miss, housekeeper. Eye Infirmary, Berkeley st.""
BAYLEY, Joseph, warper and winder, 100 John
street ; house, 21 Rodney street.
Bayley, Joseph, grocer, 23 Rodney street ; ho. 21 do.
BAYLIS, Chas. H., French polisher, 16 Royal Ar-
cade ; house, 29 Steven street.
Baylis, Mrs. J. S., proprietris Theatre-Royal, Royal
Alexandra and Scotia Music Halls, 116 Stockw. st.
BAYNE, A. Slalloch (of C. & J. Malloch), house, 7
Blythswood square.
Bayne, Annand, & Co., licmp, linen, twine, and yarn
merchants, 136 West Nile street.
Bayne & Duckett, wholesale boot and shoe manufac-
turers, 68, 60, 62 Brunswick street.
Bayne & Duckett, bootm.akers, 86 Argyle street.
Bayne, James, teacher of pianoforte, 60 Elmbank st.
Bayne, James, pattern designer, 23 George street.
Bayne, .las., surveyor, Corporation Gas office ; house,
78 Kent road.
Bayne, James, hardware merchant, 273 High street;
liouse, 23 George square.
Bayne, James,- toy and hardware merchant, 85 North
street ; house, 23 George street.
Bayne, John, draper, 91 Nelson street, city ; house,
Shawhill, Pollokshaws.
Bayne, John, agent for John & Edwin Wright,
manufacturers of hemp and wire ropes, &c., Bir-
mingham, 123 West George street.
Bayne, Robert (of Bajme, Annand, & Co.), house,
214 St. George's road.
Bayne, Thomas, teacher of pianoforte, CO Elm-
bank street.
Bayne, Thos., baker, 434 Argyle street ; house, 5
Douglas street.
BAYNES, James, surveyor, Gla'^gow Corporation
Gas, 42 Virginia street ; house, 78 Kent road.
Baynes, John, Glasgow Iron Works ; house, 31
i\I'Aslin street.
BAYNHAM, George Walter, public lecturer and
teacher of elocution, Ladies' College ; house, 18
Shaftesbury terrace.
Bayonne Steam Packet Office, John & Peter Hut-
cheson, 69 Great Clyde street.
Bazaae, Candleriggs Public V«''eigh-house.
BEALE, John W. (of Beale & M-tavish), messenger-
at-arms and sherifl-ofticer for the counties of
Lanark, Renfrew, Stirling, and Dumbarton, 49
Virginia st. ; ho. 4 Franklin terrace, Sandyford.
Beale & M'Tavish, messengers-at-arms and sherifi'-
ofBcers for the counties of Lanark, Renfrew, Dum-
barton, and Stirling, 49 Virginia street.
BEARDMOEE, Isaac (of W. & L Beardmore), ho.
6 Broompark terrace, Dennistoun.
Beardmore, W. & I., manufacturers of ship and
boiler plates, and forgings fur marine engines, &c.,
Beardmore, William (of W. & I. Beardmore), house.
10 Oakley terrace, Dennistoun.
BEATON, C. M, (of Beaton & M'Crindle), house, 9
Winton terrace.
Beaton & M'Crindle, beam, scale, and weighing
machine makers, beer engine manufactars., copper-
smiths and pev,'ter measure manufacturers, grocers,
and spirit dealers' outfitters, wholesale and retail
ironmongers, 6 Clyde place.
Beaton, Roderick, tobacconist, 403 Argyle street :
house, 67 Cadogan street.
Beaton, Walt , & Co., warehousemen, 172 Cowcads.
Beaton, Miss, dressmaker, 12 Dalliousie street.
'I'BEATSON, G. B. M., secretary, Royal Exchange.
BEATTY, Harcourt, professor of elocution, 24 St.
George's road.
Beattie, James, colporteur, 146 Rottenrow.
Beattie, James, bootmaker, 42 Brunswick street.
Beattie, Jas., provision merchant, 26 Marlborough st.
Beattie, .John, & Co.'. tea merchants, 31 Virginia st. :
residence, Rocklee house, Helensburgh.
Beattie, Peter, inspector of poor, Barony parish, 38
Cochran street ; resid. Florence Villa, Crossbill.
Beattie, Mrs. Mary, teacher, mission school, 6 Rot-
tenrow ; house, 22 Kirk street.
Beattie, Wilhelmina, bedding wareho., 131 London rd.
BECK, George, commission agent, 10 Newton street.
Beck, Samuel, pattern bookmaker, 31 Miller street.
Beck, William S., 12 Derby street.
BECKETT, Hugh (at R. Dalglish, Falconer, and
Co.'s), house, 3 Windsor terrace, west.
Beckett, James, (of Beckett's & Co.), house, 11
Windsor terrace, west.
Beckett, James R. (at Downie & M'Clure's), house,
71 Moray place, west.
Beckett, Rev. Wm., senior minister U.P. Church,
Rutherglen ; ho. 71 Jloray place. Queen's crescent.
BECKEITS & Co., calico printers, 16 St Vincent pi.
Bedford Hotel, 54 St. George's pi. ; John Charles.
Bedford Street Loan Co., pawnbrokers, 1 Charlotte
place, off Bedford street.
BEGAN, Owen, French polisher, 87 Pitt street :
house, 56 Miller's place.
BEGBIE, W. M., teacher, 1 & 2 Crown circus.
BEGG, Adam (at Merryton Coal Co.'s), house, 6
Douglas place Crosshilh
Begg, Alex, (of Alex. Begg & Co., 253 Argyle St.),
house, 1 Argyle terrace, Crossbill.
Begg, Alexander, shirt and outfitting manufacturer,
34 Glassford st. ; ho. Broomhill, Hopehill road.
Begg, Alexander, & Co., bonnet shape and skirt
manufacturers, 263 Argyle street.
Begg, Andrew (of A. & T. Begg), house, 163 Comely
Park street, Dennistoun.
Begg, A. & T., joiners and builders, 14^ Clyde St.,
Begg. David, Hundred Acre Hill dairy; ho. 381 St.
George's road.
Begg, Ebenezer, manufacturing stationer, 76 John st.
Begg, H. A., & Co., wholesale outfitters and shirt-
makers, 34 Argvle street.
Begg, Hugh Alexander (of H. A. Begg & Co.), house,
\ 121 Blythswood terrace.

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