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Ailkeii, James (of Aitken & WaJdoH), house,
j\lanse(ield, Busby.
Aitken, James, tea merchant, 550 Gallovvgato ; house,
27G Paisley road.
Aitken, James, private detective, 15 ;\Iacrarlane st.
Aitken, James, wine and spirit meroliant, 98 East
John St. and 2 \Vilkie St.; ho. 574 Gallowi^ate.
Aitken, James, broker, 73 Carrick street.
Aitken, James, shiter, 97 Cathedral street; house,
110 North Frederick street.
Aitken, James, briekmaker and builder, MaUomiro
Red Brick Works, Hangingshavv road.
Aitken, James (of Aitken & Co.), house, 259 Ren-
frew street.
Aitken, James, jun. (of Aitken & Co.), house 259
Renfrew street.
Aitken, Jolin, tailor and clothier, 15 Macfarlane st.
Aitken, John, wine and spirit meroliant, ol7, 319
Dalmarnock road, and 35G, 3G0 Nuneaton street ;
house, 9 Binnie place, Monteith row.
Aitken, John (of Glass & Aitken), ho. 290 Duke st.
Aitken, John, cashier (at Canal Brewery), house, 32
Gladstone street.
Aitken, John, olHoer, Corn Exchange ; house, 35
Cadogan street.
Aitken, John, spirit dealer, 4U Ruthorglen road ;
house, 48 do.
Aitken, John, wine and spirit merchant, 378 Gallow-
gate ; house, 215 Duke street.
Aitken, John (at G. & J. Burns'), ho. 26 Minerva st.
Aitken, John, merchant and commission agent, 85
Queen street; house, -11 Rose street, Gariiethill.
Aitken, John, grocer, GO Cornwall street.
Aitken, John, Temperance Hotel, Hi. Argylc street.
Aitken, Lilbuni, & Co., ship and insurance brokers
— monthly line of clipper packets from Clyde to
Australia (agents for P. II. I\Iuntz & Co.'s patent
yellow metal sheathing, &o.), 80 Buchanan street.
Aitken & Mansel, Whiteinch Shipbuilding Yard and
Kelvinhaugh Slip Dock.
Aitken, Matthew, boot and shoe maker, 51 South
Albion street ; house, 47 do.
Aitken, Michael (of Bl'Plierson & Aitken), house,
344 St. Vincent street.
Aitken, Peter, jeweller and gas engineer, 21 Egyp-
tian Halls ; house, 100 Elderslie street.
Aitken, R. Easton, CA. (of JIackonzIe, Aitken, &
Barclay), house, 5 Somerset place.
Aitken, R. C, & Co , manufacturers, Dalmarnock
Road Factory, Briiigeton.
Aitken, Robert, ace )uiit;\iit, GG St. Vincent street ;
residence, Laiubiur, Largs.
Aitken, Robert (of narailtou & Aitken), house, 377
Bath crescent.
Aitken, Robert, pastry baker and confectioner, 41
JIain street, Ander»ton.
Aitken, Robert (of .folin Smith & Co ), house. Croft-
bank, New Kilpatrick.
Aitken, R. Cross (of R. C. Aitken & Co.), house, 2
Claremont terrace.
Aitken, Robert T. (of Aitken & Fairie), house, 2
Woodlands terrace.
Aitken, Sawers (at George Grant & Sons'), house, 5
Westercraigs, Denuistoun
Aitken, Thomas M. (at W. & A. M'Ouie's), house, 4
Roslyn terrace, Nithsdale road.
Aitken, Thomas, 31 Cedar street.
Aitken, Thomas, commission agent, 30 Hope street;
house. Grove Bank place, 193 West Prince's st.
Aitken, Thomas, spirit dealer, 25 Rodney street.
Aitken, Thomas (of Gilmour & Aitken), residence,
Fernbank, Crossbill.
Aitken, Thomas, baker, 88 G.arscube road ; house,
58G Debbie's loan.
Aitken & Wadded, commission merchants, 3G Os-
wald street.
Aitken, William (at J. & A. Scott & Co.'s), house,
486 St. Vincent street.
Aitken, William (of Aitken, Wilson, & Co.), house,
18G New City road.
Aitken, William, brassfounder and gasfitter, 24
Renfrew street ; house, 3 Killermont street.
Aitken, William, grocer and provision merchant, 4G
Jlilton street and 44 Findlay street ; house, 171
West Nile street.
Aitken, William, warehouseman, 46 Hutcheson st. ;
house, G Chatham place.
Aitken, Wm., merchant and commission agent, 13
Di.xon street ; house, Crosshill.
Aitken, William, briekmaker and builder, Roseknowe
Brickwork, Hangingshaw ; house, 18 Calder st.
Aitken, William Y., commission agent, 107 Virginia
place; house, 39 South Apsley place.
Aitken, Wilson, & Co., power-loom cloth manufac-
turers, SawmiUfield street.
Aitken, Catherine C, teacher. Green street school;
house, 6 Chatham place.
Aitken, Mrs., 290 Duke street.
Aitken, Mrs., furnishings, 54 Gloucester street.
Aitken, Mrs., lodgings, 114 Blythswood terrace.
Aitken, ]\Irs. Edward, tea and confectionery ware-
house, 117 Sauchiehallst. ; ho. 370 St. Vincent st.
Aitken, Mrs. James, 41 Rose street, Garnethill.
Aitken, Miss, dressmaker, 20 Burnside street.
Aitken, Jane, grocer, 18 Margaret street.
Aitken, Janet, spirit dealer, 30 Forth street ; house,
24 do.
AITKENHEAD, Alex., grain storekeeper, 90, 92
Alston street; house, 20 ]\Iinerva street.
Aitkenhead, John, grocer and house factor, 40 Little
street, Calton ; house, 3 Bell street, do.
Aitkenhead, Margt., grocer and victualler, 19 Broad
street, Jlile-end ; house, 160 New Dalmarnock rd.
AITON, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 264 Argyle
street ; house, 5 Douglas street.
Alton, John, salesman (at Stevenson & Coats'),
house, 46 Dundas street, Kingston.
Alton & Robertson, iron manufacturers, Milnwood
Iron Works, Holytown; office, 173 St. Vincent st.
Alton, Wm. (at Carslaw & Henderson's), house, 388
Rutherglen road.
AKROYD, Jas., & Son (Limited), Halifax, Thomas
B. Crossley, agent, 71 Queen street.
Albany Academy, 328 Sauchiehall street; Junies
N. M'Graith, teacher; house, 4 Queen's square,
Albany Bowling Green, entry by Chatham place or
Provan place, otf Montrose street.
Albert Hall, 285 Bath street.
Albert St. U. P. Church, Parliamentary road; Rev.
Alex. Brunton, minister; church officer, Andrew
ALBERTI, De, Brothers, wine shippers. Port St.
Mary; Thos. Sharpe, agent, 101 West Nile st.
ALBERTE, DavM De, medical doctor, 312 Argyle
street; house, 310 do.
ALBIN, Thomas, hairdresser, 67 Trongate ; house,
17 Washington street.

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