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. , president ; R. H. Macdouald, vice-
president ; J. Nicolson, J. M. Macqueen, J Munro,
J. M'Kinnon, J. M'Rae,W. M. Macqueen,R. Macaskill,
H. M'Rae, M. Macaskill, and A. Nicolson, directors;
J. M'Kinnon, treasurer ; W. M. Macqueen, secretary.
Objects — To assist young men from Skye in pro-
curing employment in Glasgow, the affording of
temporary relief to necessitous natives of the island,
the encouragement of education by means of prizes
sent to the schools, &c.
Instituted, 1868.
The principal object of this society is to promote
the advancement of natives of the Athole district and
neighbourhood by means of educational prizes and
bursaries, and any other available means calculated
to promote their advancement at home or abroad,
and to cultivate social intercourse among the mem-
bers and natives of the district.
Patron, His Grace the Duke of Athole ; vice-presi-
dent, A. Macpherson ; directors, P. Fisher, A. Malcolm,
jun., P. M'Donald, A. Robertson, J. Menzies, D.
Campbell, A. Conacher, P. M'Gregor, J. M'Gregor,
J. M'Lean, G. R. Stewart, and R. M'Farlane; J.
Stewart, treasurer; J. M'Intosh, secretary, at Mr.
Blank's, 1 Prince's Square.
Instituted 6th January, 1837.
Composed of gentlemen in Glasgow connected
with the counties of Edinburgh, Linlithgow, and
Haddington — the Lothians. Entry money, £3 3s.
Object — to afford relief, by annual pensions, to indi-
gent and deserving persons resident in Glasgow, and
natives or connected with the Lothians, in terms
of the regulations. Amount of society's funds,
£829 10s 4d.
D. Hutcheson, president; J. W. Guild and G.
Hardie, vice-presidents ; M. Sprot, J. Somervail, J.
Marshall, jun., R. C. Todd, A. J. Penn, R. B.
Handyside, Sheriff Logie, J. Wilson, D. C. Rait,
and T. Hill, directors; J. Mitchell, treasurer; J. H.
Watkins, writer, 173 St. Vincent Street, secretary.
R. Paterson, of Birthwood, president; T. Men-
zies, vice-president; T. A. Anderson, treasurer; T.
A. Anderson, vice-treasurer ; F. W. Allan, D. Lean,
R. Frame, J. Martin, C. B. Aikman, R. Brownlie,
T. T. Brown, T. Frame, W. Gillespie, W. Macfar-
lane, J. Stodart, J. Scott, directors ; J. H. Watkins,
â– writer, 173 St. Vincent Street, secretary; R.
Mackenzie, 7 Surrey Street, officer.
This society was instituted in 1785, and now
possesses a capital of £1698 Is 0£d. Its members,
who must be parties connected by birth, parentage,
or marriage with one of the Upper Ward of Lanark-
shire parishes, or have resided therein for ten years,
are entitled to 8s. per week when confined to bed ;
5s. per week when unable to attend their employ-
ment ; and 3s. per week when superannuated. After
being on the roll of members for seven years, these
amounts are increased to 10s. 6d and 7s. weekly
respectively ; and the money so bestowed last year
amounted to £233 16s. The entry-money is 10s.
6d., and the quarterly payments range from 2s. Id.
at 15, to 4s. 6d. at 60 years of age.
Office-bearers for the year from 18th September,
1869, to 17th September, 1870 :— W. Johnston, 52
Howard Street, deacon; R. Gourlay, 12 Howard
Street, collector; J. Mair, J. Downie, F. Frew, J.
Gourley, A. Marshall, G. Thomson, H. Bruce, W.
Scott, J. Anderson, P. Burn, G. Gibson, J. Alexander,
A. Begg, J. Downie, jun., master court ; W. M'Lean,
writer, 157 St. Vincent Street, clerk ; W. Speirs,
2 St. Andrews' Square, officer.
Instituted in the year 17-13, and incorporated by
Seal of Cause from the Magistrates and Town Coun-
cil of Glasgow, 6th May, 1746. The society gives
pecuniary aid to reduced stocking-makers, stocking-
makers' widows, and other indigent persons con-
nected with the trade. Entry-money £1 Is., which
(upon a recommendation approved of by the society)
entitles to membership. J. Loudon, preses ; W. R.
Findlay, treasurer ; W. Millar, late preses.
Established 1859.
The object of the society is to afford relief to
members who may be rendered incapable of attending
to business by disease, accident, or infirmity, and for
securing a reversionary payment at death. The
meetings are held on the first Thursday of each
month, at 8 p.m., in Angus' Temperance Hotel, 127
Argyle Street.
B. Lawrie, 29 Argyle Street, president; W. Hood,
56 Howard Street, treasurer; J. M'Gill, 29 Argyle
Street, secretary ; H. M'Kellar, J. Dempster, W.
Galbraith, D. M. Craig, T. Stewart, L. Maxton,
directors; Dr. J. B. Hislop, 292 Argyle Street,
medical officer ; P. Prentice, officer.
Instituted in 1854.
Office-bearers for 1870-71.
A. Macdonald, president ; T. Stirling, J. Maclean,
vice-presidents ; W. Hamilton, 40 Jamaica Street,
secretary; R. Ferguson, 177 Cowcaddens Street,
The objects of this association are the furtherance
of the Early Closing Movement, and the promotion
of the literary and mental powers of its members.
Meeting Rooms, Waverley Temperance Hotel,
Buchanan Street.
Office, 18 Renfield Street.— Instituted 22nd
March, 1854.
Schemes of Operations. — Sermons in the City Hall
every Sabbath evening during the winter months
Lectures on Temperance and Social Progress ; City
Hall Saturday Evening Concerts; Railway excur-
sions; Morning Coffee Stands on th& -streets; Six-
penny Soirees ; Penny Readings ; Band of Hope ;
Temperance Library; Tract Distribution; Female
Missionaries on the "Missing Link" system ; Recrea-
tion for the People, &c, &c. H. Tosh, president ;
J. Lindsay, T. Laurie, and D. Ferguson, vice-presi-
dents; J. Gourlay, treasurer; J. Airlie, secretary;
H. Gooding, collector.

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