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Instituted 1857.
Patrons — His Grace the Duke of Hamilton, His
Grace the Duke of Argyll, His Grace the Duke of
Athole, His Grace the Duke of Montrose, His Grace
the Duke of Sutherland, the Earl of Seafield, the
Earl of Perth, Lord Strathallan, Sir M. R. S.
Stewart, Bart. ; R. Dalglish, M.P. ; Sir J. Campbell
of Stracathro ; the Hon. Captain Drummond ; C.
Macpherson, &c. Chief, His Grace the Duke of
Athole ; president, J. Matheson, Esq. of Ardgare ;
vice-president, Captain J. Dewar; directors, Messrs S.
M'Lennan, J. Elder, N. M'Eachran, A. Gow, D.
Wilson, Dr T. D. Buchanan, W. Gilchrist, Dr. J.
M'Laren, A. Macpherson, W. Mathison, G. M'Leod,
and D. M'Master; honorary treasurer, J. Elder, 138
St. Vincent Street ; honorary secretary, W. Mathi-
son, 38 West George Street.
The objects of the society are — (1) the preservation
of the language, literature, music, poetry, dress,
antiquities, and athletic games of the Highlanders of
Scotland ; (2) to found bursaries, or make annual or
other grants of money in aid of diligent or distin-
guished students, natives or sons of natives of the
Highlands of Scotland ; and (3) the affording tempo-
rary aid to deserving and destitute persons from the
Highlands in Glasgow. The society has upwards of
1100 enrolled members.
Instituted 5th November, 1814.
Office, 108 Hope Street.
Object. — The entire abolition of thedrinking system.
Mode of Action. — (1) The drink — including the
pernicious nature of alcoholic liquors; creating a
public sentiment against them ; urging the people to
abstain from their use.
Traffic. — (2) The League seeks the entire legisla-
tive prohibition of the traffic ; at the same time, be-
lieving that every restriction of the traffic is a help
towards the attainment of this desirable end, the
League advocates all such restrictions, whether se-
cured through the means of our licensing courts or
the legislature.
Operations. — The travelling agents deliver in the
aggregate two thousand lectures annually, and
otherwise promote the objects of the association.
The League circulates yearly about twenty millions
of pages of carefully-prepared temperance literature.
Position. — The League has upwards of seven thou-
sand members and adherents, each being an abstainer
and subscribing annually to the funds. It has also
connected with it above four hundred total abstinence
Office-bearers, 1870-1 — R. Smith, president; Rev.
J. Brown, D.D., Rev. A. Wallace, D.D., Rev. P.
M'Dowall, M.A., Rev. W. Reid, Rev. T. C. Wilson,
Rev. D. Russell, Major J. T. Geils, J. M'Gavin, R.
Lockhart, W. Govan, jun., G. Rough, J. Gilchrist,
M.D., W. Menzies, M.D., C. Macfie, D. J. Macfie,
W. Collins, A. Allan, G. M'Callum, vice-presidents ;
Rev. J. A. Johnston, A. Thomson, J. Johnston, D.
Clark, A. Clark, A. Bow, R. Annan, J. Fulton, A.
Buchanan, board of directors ; N. M'Neill, chairman,
L. Mackay, vice-chairman ; J. H. Watt, 6 Dixon
Street, treasurer; W. Johnston, 108 Hope Street,
secretary, G. Turnbull and J. Mann, C.A., auditors.
The income of the association last year was £5988
19s. 8Ad.
Members under 30 on joining the society pay £4
of entry money, either at once or in four quarterly
instalments of =£1 each, and 6s per quarter of contri-
butions thereafter. Those above 30 pay a propor-
tionately higher entry-money, according to the age
at which they enter. Members who have been three
years in the society receive when unwell aliment at
the following rates : — If confined to bed or unable to
walk abroad, £1 per week for first twelve months ;
and 15s. per week thereafter ; if walking about, but
unable to attend employment, 15s. for first twelve
months, and 10s. per week thereafter. At the de-
cease of a member his representatives receives£10 10s.
as a funeral allowance.
A. Dickie, 11 George Square, president ; T. P.
Hosie, 23 Stockwell Street, treasurer; G. W. Snod-
grass and T. Kennedy, directors ex officio ; G. Black,
secretary; Dr. A. Patterson, surgeon; W. Kirk-
wood, officer.
Instituted 22nd Dec, 1835.
The principal object of this society, the qualifica-
tion for membership of which consists of a small sum
of entry-money, is to afford relief to persons in in-
digent circumstances, natives or widows of natives
of Perthshire, and their children resident in Glasgow
and the neighbourhood, or passing through the city,
unexpectedly falling into distress.
J. J. Grieve, Esq., MP., patron; J. Dewar, pre-
sident; W. M'Cullocb, late president; D. Tod, G.
Gray, J. Dewar, J. Craig, J. Stewart, J. M'Gregor,
M. Ferguson, N. Smith, J. M'Ruer, J. Blair, W.
Russell, and C. Blair, directors ; D. G. Spence,
secretary and treasurer; G. Gray, 111 Brunswick
Street, acting secretary and treasurer ; and J. Blair,
21 Virginia Street, honorary treasurer.
Instituted 1832.
The Hon. W. Rae Arthur, Lord Provost, president ;
T. O'Beirne, vice-president ; J. H. Patterson, T.
Menzies, H. Campbell, L. H. F. Liddle, R. M'Lean,
J. Younger, A. Lauchlan, G. Gray, W. Watson, W.
Hilson, T. G. Dougall, J. Gardner, R. T. Macfarlan,
and A. Dickie, directors ; J. Stodart, A. Ferguson,
and A. Arrol, trustees ; Dr. J. Morton, 199 Bath
Street, medical adviser ; J. Mann, C.A., manager.
This society possesses a large and ample capital.
Its members (after one year's probation) are entitled
to 10s. 6d. or 21s. per week sick benefit, according
to contribution, for whatever length of time they may
be unable to attend their usual avocations. Imme-
diately after the entry money is paid, the society
becomes liable for the funeral money of £10 or £20,
as may have been contributed for. For the year ending
31st December, 1869, £710 7s. was paid on account
of sick benefit and funeral money from the funds of
the society, and from the society's origin a total of
£10,152 2s. 5d. has been so paid. The entry-money
is one quarter's contribution (which ranges from
4s. lOd. at 19, to lis. 7^d. at 45), with 2s. 6d. for
certificates, &c. Parties wishiug to enter the society,
may have copies of the rules, reports, &c, and every
information, on application at the office, 83 West
Regent Street.

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