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The Lord Provost and Magistrates, the ministers
of the High Church, St. John's, and College parishes,
Mr. Alexander's Testamentary Trustees, governors ;
Daniel M'Millan, head-master ; teachers, Miss Bell,
Messrs. Sheddon, Imrie, Davidson, Ferguson, and
Wilson ; janitor, Matthew Reid. — The object of this
institution is to afford a gratuitous education to — 1.
Children of the surname of Alexander. 2. Children
of the surname of Anderson. 3. Children who have
for three years previous to their admission, been con-
stantly resident in one or other of the parishes follow-
ing, viz., High Church, St. John's, and College. 4.
Such children as the governors may select and appoint.
Schedules of application furnished by the head master.
Instituted 1854.
W. Burns, president; A. Watt, vice-president;
J. Wight, hon. secretary; directors, J. Salmon, R.
M'Tear, Col. Dreghorn, J. R. Moyes, J. Maxton, F.
Gibb Dougall, Dr. Calderwood, C. K. Rutherglen.
The object of this society is for the purpose of
preserving Scottish memories, and thereby cultivat-
ing the sentiments of patriotism. Mem bers proposed
for admission may receive the necessary forms from
the hon. secretary at 150 Hope Street, Glasgow.
The Hon. W. Rae Arthur, Lord Provost, honorary
president ; River Bailie, A. Anderson ; J. Burns, A.
Gilmour, R. Smith, honorary vice-presidents; A.
Anderson, A. Arrol, J. Burns, J. Burns, D. Sloan,
W. Gilchrist, R. Gow, jun., T. Haig, G. Ralston, A.
Small, G. Smith, jun., trustees; the Magistrates of
Glasgow, honorary directors ; J. Adams, W. Ander-
son, A. Arrol, A. S. Baird, J. Black, J. Craig, J. S.
Dickie, F. Duncan, G. Edward, D. Ferguson, T.
Forrester, Wm. Gilchrist, J. Goodwin, R. Gow, jun.,
J. Grierson, T. Haig, Wm. Henderson, A. B. Hood,
J. Lamont, Captain Laing, T. Low, Jas. M'Isaac,
S. Murray, A. M'Kinlay, G. Ord, J. Robertson, H.
Robley, A. D. Rutherford, A. Small, R. Speirs, R.
Stark, A. M. Stewart, H. Watson, Captain A. Watt,
directors; Captain Andrew Small, 12 James Watt
Street, honorary treasurer ; Alexander S. Baird, 14
Queen Street, and Henry Watson, 107 Buchanan
Street, honorary secretaries. Chapel, 9 Brown Street,
near Broomielaw. Rev. R. Weir, 8 Douglas Street,
chaplain ; H. Burt, missionary ; Wm. Groundwater,
5 Rosehall Street, church-officer and collector; Wm.
M'Lagan, 93 Cadogan Street, precentor, keeper of
Reading Room and Depository for Scriptures, British
and Foreign, Mercantile Marine Office, 1 2 James Watt
Street, Broomielaw. Mrs. Black, Mrs. Ferguson,
Mrs. Leslie, Mrs. M'Isaac, Mrs. Small, Mrs. Weir,
Miss M'Nair, Miss M'Callum, ladies committee ; Mrs!
Leslie, 9 Clarendon Place, treasurer ; Mrs. Small, 7
Elmbank Place, secretary.
Divine Service on Sabbaths, at 11, 2, 6.30 o'clock.
Divine Service on Tuesday and Thursday evenings,
at 8 o'clock.
The above society, instituted to promote the tem-
poral and spiritual interests of seamen, supports
chaplain and missionary, educates seamen's orphan
children, and supplies libraries to ships ; is entirely
supported by voluntary contributions. Legacies,
donations, and subscriptions earnestly solicited.
R. Bruce, president; R. Chrystal, vice-president;
J. Cathcart, W. Maclachlan, J. M'Q. Barr ; J.
Dewar, W. Connal, R. Baldie, J. H. Hewit, J. Rob-
ertson, directors ; J. M'Gregor, treasurer ; A. Pollock,
secretary, 161 Hope Street.
Instituted 16th November, 1756. Registered
9th March, 1860.
The- objects of this society are the relief of its
members in infirmity or old age, and to secure a
provision to the widows of members in indigent cir-
cumstances. Persons eligible for admission to the
society are burgesses, who are also the sons and
grandsons of burgesses. The entry-money is £1
2s. 6d., and there is no other charge thereafter.
Henry Reid, preses; W. Crawford, collector; J.
Yuill, late preses; A. Cunningham, late collector;
W. M'Queen, J. Smith, preses directors ; D. Wright,
W. Kyle, J. Ewing, C. Moffat, J. Stirling, J. Hutchi-
son, society directors; R. M. Norrie, clerk, 33 Ren-
field street ; A. Mackie, officer.
OF CLYDE" LODGE.— No. 2736.
Oddfellows' Hall, 175 Buchanan Street.
Instituted 1841.
(Registered under Friendly Societies' Act.)
The members of this society (after six months'
probation), are entitled to 10s. per week, during
sickness, for first six months ; 7s. 6d. per week for
next six months, and 5s. per week thereafter. Medi-
cal attendance and medicine free. At the death of
a member, £10 is paid as funeral money to the
nearest relative, and £5 at member's wife's death.
Yearly contribution according to age, from £1 6s.
There are other four Lodges of the Order in Glas-
gow ; the number of members is upwards of 1100.
Instituted 1769.
Members of this society must bear the name of
Brown, or be connected with persons of that name,
as husbands, or sons, or sons-in-law, or grandsons.
Each entrant shall contribute at least two guineas on
becoming a member, but a larger contribution may
be given by any one so disposed. Donations are
received from persons of any name, and every con-
tributor of one guinea, at least, shall be considered an
honorary member. The Annual General Meeting is
held on the second Tuesday of March each year ;
Managers' meetings on the first Thursday of March,
June, September, and December. The annual pro-
duce of the capital stock is from time to time applied
towards relieving necessitous members, or their widows
or children, and may be employed in placing the
children of indigent members at trades or schools.
T. Brown of Waterhaughs, Ayrshire, patron ; W.
Brown, president; T. W. Brown, treasurer; J.
Brown, P. Clouston, H. M'Pherson, W. Brown, jun. ;
D. Brown, J. Brown, jun.; H. Brown, jun.; J.
Brown, Haghill ; T. Duff, directors ; W. M'Lean,
writer, 157 St. Vincent Street, secretary.

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